How Much Is a Scooter?
All You Need to Know + Guide

Electric scooters ease one’s daily commute. They are lightweight, portable, and can access pathways big vehicles just could not. 

However, spending on something you are unsure about can be counterproductive. Fortunately, our team of pro riders and experts have put together this guide to help you determine how much do scooters cost and everything you need to consider to get started. 

Scooter Types and Prices

Electric Scooters for Adults

Most electric scooters for adults have brushless hub motors with direct current (BLDC) built in the hub of the wheels. Electric kick scooters have at least one motor, while higher quality ones usually have dual motors. 

Depending on your needs, electric scooters for adults can range from $200 to $400 for entry-level, and $500 up for mid-range and pro-quality models.

Electric Scooters for Children

Electric scooters for children run on motors and batteries, unlike push scooters. Just like e-scooters for adults, there are plenty of options for kids as well. Quality e-scooters for children have built-in safety features like brakes, suspension, and anti-slip material to prevent accidents, which are always best to consider for your growing child.

boy riding a Razor RX200 Electric Off-Road Scooter

Electric scooters for children range from $100 to $400.

Electric Scooters For Commuting

If you are purchasing an electric scooter with the intention of using it for your daily commute, its portability, weight, and build must be prioritized. Our engineers recommend going for a lightweight scooter that you can easily fold and carry with ease, as this will be easier to bring with you in case you need to ride a train or bus.

You can get a decent electric scooter for commuting at around $400 and up, while heavy-duty ones can go for a thousand bucks or more.

Gas Scooters

Gas scooters have drastically low emissions compared to most cars and trucks on the road, making them an ideal alternative for an environment-friendly transport mobile. These gas scooters range from $500 and up depending on their make and specs.


Mopeds have the luxurious edge and performance arguably on par with motorbikes and are generally more accessible. Mopeds are comfortable, practical, and easy to ride—an ideal choice for beginners. It tends to be pricier at around $900 and up.

Coleman Powersports JL50QT-14 49cc Moped on a ride

Kick Scooters

Kick scooters are a fun alternative means of transport that requires less cost and maintenance and allow you to squeeze in more exercise than the usual powered vehicles. A kick scooter’s parts require little to no maintenance, and its parts are easily replaceable. The price range of adult kick scooters can go as low as $300, while those for kids can even go for less.

Seated Scooters

Adding a seat on an e-scooter adds a new layer of usefulness and versatility to the whole design. While some models are sold with built-in seats, some e-scooter models allow the seats on an add-on basis. These scooters range from $300 and up on average.

How to Choose a Scooter: Important Points to Consider

Power and Speed

How much is a scooter relative to its power and speed? It varies depending on the specifications. An e-scooter starts at a 200W motor and may go as high as 6, 270W on multiple motors. Meanwhile, top speed is not a huge factor for most riders as long as the scooter has a good range. Some laws may prohibit going over 24km for e-scooters.

Safety Features

E-scooters may not be as accident-prone as bikes or motorcycles, but it is still important to go for models with built-in safety features. A brake, anti-slip material, head and tail lights can save you from unprecedented injuries along the road.

Size, Design, and Weight Capacity

It is important to account how heavy you are and if you will be using the scooter to transport other items such as groceries or travel equipment. Going for one with a wide deck and compartment slot design can come in handy. Note that the average scooter can accommodate up to 220lbs. 

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lady riding an electric scooter

Extra Features

With the advent of technology, recent e-scooter models have integrated various features that can upgrade user experience. 

LED screens, Bluetooth connectivity, and smartphone compatibility allow users to have better control over their scooters and maximize their potential.

Price and Warranty

The higher the price, the greater the quality—this is the general rule when making any purchase. This is also true for e-scooters. Depending on which type you would go for, there are price brackets that can fit your budget. 

Ensuring your e-scooter has a sound warranty [1] will also save you from the hassle that might occur after your purchase.


May it be to run errands or cruise around town, e-scooters are a fun, convenient way to get around. Whatever you intend to use them for, electric scooter types are diverse and will surely cater to your needs. We hope this expert-led guide gave you a better idea on how much is a scooter as well as other points to consider when buying one.


Lucas Travis
Lucas Travis
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