How to Buy a Used Electric Scooter? Everything You Need to Know

Operations of various public modes of transport have changed throughout the years. Many have shifted to other modes like an electric scooter. Buying one is easy, but you need to be wary as second-hand items can have some issues. Our team of experts has listed the things that you need to know in buying a used electric scooter?

Is Buying a Used/Second-Hand E-Scooter Worth it?

Buying a second-hand e-scooter comes with risks. Generally, when buying second-hand items you should manage your expectations. That said, there will be some wear and tear in second-hand e-scooters.

However, if the original price of the e-scooter is at a higher price range then you are getting a sweeter deal compared to its cheaper counterparts. 

How Much Should You Pay?

The price of used e-scooters varies depending on the brand, current quality, and the modifications that were done to it. However, it should not be as high as the original price of the e-scooter. 

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As a rule of thumb when buying used items, you should never pay more than half of the full price. So if the item was bought at $500, then your maximum should be at $250.

How to Buy a Used Electric Scooter: 7 Tips to Save Money

Tip #1: Identify Your Requirements and Budget

You should consider a number of factors prior to purchasing a second-hand e-scooter, which include your proportions (weight, height, and feet dimensions) and your budget. 

Our pro riders strongly recommend identifying your proportions so you will be able to choose an appropriate e-scooter for you. One that provides you with complete support and comfort. Check your cash reserves as well in order to check whether a second-hand e-scooter for sale is within your budget. 

Tip #2: Familiarize Yourself with E-Scooters (For Beginners)

Before purchasing an e-scooter make sure you learn the basics first. Be familiar with the basic parts and specifications of electric scooters. 

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Read all guides that you can get your hands on. Whether it be online or printed materials such as an electric scooter guide, and other guides on its motor, battery, and brakes. You may also want to ask a friend or colleague who owns one or who is familiar with one. 

Tip #3: Ask Questions

Do not be shy and ask questions directed towards the owner. This might be uncomfortable and awkward, but this is a very necessary step. 

In terms of the price, do not be shy to ask and try to negotiate. You may ask questions similar to the following:

Tip #4: Ask for Photos

Before purchasing the e-scooter, be sure to ask for some photos from different angles. 

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Once the owner is adamant in giving out these photos it would be best to back out from the sale.

Tip #5: Request for a Test Drive

If want to be safe, you may ask the seller for a test drive so you will get a feel and idea of how the e-scooter works. Make sure to request to test drive it for 3 to 4 hours, if possible. 

Tip #6: Ask for a Return

Ask or negotiate for a return period once the sale pushes through. Three days to a week is a fair return period for a second-hand e-scooter.

Tip #7: Ask for a Transaction Receipt

Make sure to keep all documentation leading to the sale. This documentation may be in the form of texts, email, and mail, among others. In addition, ask for proof of the sale. These can help clear up misunderstandings that may arise after the sale. 

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Where to Find Reputable Sellers

Usually, reputable sellers are those who are within your circle of influence. This assures you of quality items even if the e-scooter is second-hand. 

There are also online marketplaces where you can purchase these which include: Amazon, Facebook, and eBay. 

Safety Equipment (For Beginners)

If you’re starting out, know that some equipment necessary for your safety, which includes helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, tire slime [1], safety vest, gloves, phone holder, lock, front light, eye protection, and rear light, among others.


Regular and preventive maintenance of the e-scooter reduces major problems. Consult a professional mechanic to help you determine the frequency of maintenance. 

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There is some quick maintenance that you can do without the help of a mechanic, such as charging it regularly, keeping it clean, avoiding the rain, checking the screws and bolts, and checking spare parts.

Refurbished Models

Consider purchasing refurbished models of e-scooters as well, especially when these come from a reputable brand. These are products that have been returned to the seller and have been fixed and tested again which are sold at a discounted price. 


Purchasing a second-hand e-scooter comes with its pros and cons. However, it is generally a good idea to invest in one due to its convenience and versatility. Our resident riders and experts shared all the things you need to know on how to buy a used electric scooter and how to maintain it.

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