What is a Motorized Unicycle/Electric Unicycle?
Everything You Need to Know!

You may think that unicycles are a thing of the past, but did you know that they have already evolved into efficient electric transport devices fit for the modern age? So if you’re thinking of buying one, the features you have to go through can be quite a lot. Fortunately, our experts are here to give you pointers before you buy your first motorized unicycle. 

What is a Motorized/Electric Unicycle?

When you think about unicycles, the first thought that may come to your mind are those made popular by the circus. It was a pedal bike with only one wheel, which performers used to ride across thin wires up in the air. Electric and motorized unicycles basically have the same structures, except they operate through electric power and a motor engine. 

How Does it Work?

Similar to how hoverboards and scooters function, motorized unicycles are known to work as a convenient personal transport alternative. However, this single-wheeled electric device requires constant movement and balance, unlike its competitors. Let our team go through its features one by one to make new users like you well-informed about its safe and easy usage. 


As we previously mentioned, motorized unicycles include an electric engine to make them move. It means that you no longer have to pedal for it to work. You may not know it, but it’s also engineered with an advanced motherboard that determines every angle during its motion. 

Like any other electric device, it has a battery capacity and limits. When buying, you have to be mindful of this component because the battery type and usage heavily vary depending on which brand you intend to buy. 

motorized unicycle close up

Generally, a typical motorized unicycle in the market can run at least 20 miles per charge or more. Compared to usual scooters that can only operate up to 5 miles, our pro riders agreed that electric unicycles are far better as an alternative. 

And did we mention that most unicycles have rugged wheels? It’s designed to handle harsh conditions like rain or snow. On top of that, you can also ride it up on rough terrain without any problem. 


The gear that makes a motorized unicycle function is the gyroscopes. As the device moves, it allows the unicycle to move back, forth, right, and left. With its sensor features, it can adjust the speed once it detects motion to help you maintain balance.

man riding motorized unicycle

If you want to stop the unicycle at ease, our resident experts recommend carefully leaning forward. The velocity adjustments of this unit also give extra balance and assure you that both the unicycle and you wouldn’t end up scattered on the floor. 

Top Speed

As one of the stars of personal transport, what are motorized unicycles for without top speed capabilities? Many electric ride enthusiasts applaud this feature along with the mileage it offers per charge. 

And while it’s widely known to reach up to 40 to 50 kilometers per hour for certain models, our team urges you to cap the top speed of your unit. 

History of Motorized Unicycles

When was the Electric Unicycle Invented?

The overall idea and structure of a unicycle were already known to the public way back 1930s. However, it wasn’t until 2010 that the monowheel transport device got reinvented with a modern touch by Shane Chen[1].

Riding motorized unicycle on a track

Later on, the man patented it around 2011. When it was invented, it was dubbed the “People Mover” and was hailed as the first commercialized self-balancing unicycle powered by electricity. 

Riding a Motorized Unicycle

If you ask our experts, riding a motorized unicycle offer different experiences depending on the make and model of the unit. You have to remember that each brand offers different top speeds, wheel material, and mileage. If you’re a beginner, we discourage you from riding a unicycle at high speed. 

Electric Unicycle Prices Today

One thing you must know about this mono-wheeled mode of transport is that its price range depends on how long and fast it can operate. However, many unicycles priced below a thousand dollars are already fast and capable enough to use in everyday transport. 


How does a motorized unicycle work?

A motorized unicycle works via one wheel operated by a rechargeable motor engine. Instead of the old-fashioned pedaling, the motor equipped in the unit provides power to the unicycle to make it move. It has an angle and motion sensor as well to help you keep balanced. 

Are motorized unicycles legal?

Yes, motorized unicycles are legal in certain countries. Since they’re new inventions, there are not many restrictions laid in the law about owning them. However, we highly advise checking the riding regulations in your area as some places restricts usage of such units. 


The portability and speed of a solo-wheel transport device will always offer great convenience. But what is a motorized unicycle if it’s not properly maintained and handled? So before you decide to buy one, our experts highly suggest assessing the features we mentioned above and your balancing capabilities to avoid undesirable accidents in the future. 


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