Your data privacy is important to us. This page contains everything you need to know about how we collect, store, use, and share your data. Please read through to get a comprehensive understanding.

The types of information we collect and use

We use your data to improve our service delivery. By using our service, visiting our website, or reading product reviews, you agree to let us use your data.

We collect and use various kinds of data to improve our site’s quality and service offering. Some of them include

Personal Data

These include cookies and usage data. While visiting our website, we may collect this personally identifiable information. We use these to identify your computer when you visit our website. They ensure that you only receive tailored suggestions and offers.

We may also request and collect personal information like your name and email address in comment sections and contact forms. These make it easier to identify you, and they give your requests and opinion more validity. If you do not wish to submit your information, you don’t have to.

Usage Data

We may also collect data on how you use and access our service. These are called usage data, and they range from your computer’s IP address to browser type, browser version, and the pages you visit. We may also collect data on the time of your visit, the date the pages were accessed, and how much time you spent on those pages. Finally, usage data may also include device identifiers unique to you and other diagnostic data.

Tracking and cookies data

We use cookies to track the usage of our website, and we may retain some information. Cookies help us identify your user signature. They are present on your pc and phone browser and stored on your device. These help us collect accurate information about how you use our service and help us analyze the data.

Some of the cookies we use include:

  • Session cookies: These record each session on our site to help us improve our service
  • Preference cookies: These track your browsing preferences, including which pages you like to visit and the kind of content you enjoy.
  • Security cookies: Security cookies help us maintain the security of our site and users.

Data usage

As we’ve already established, we may collect and use your data for various purposes. Some of these include:

  • To make our service accessible to users like you
  • To inform you about changes in our service
  • To give you the chance to participate in new features
  • To give you customer care
  • To monitor usage statistics
  • To identify and stop potential attacks

Data transfer

We may transfer the data we collect to computers outside your state, country, or governmental jurisdiction. Furthermore, the data laws in these areas may differ from those in your country. You automatically consent to this when you use our service in any of the ways specified above.

However, please note that we take the highest possible care in ensuring that your data is safe and treated according to the details in this privacy policy. We will not transfer your data to another organization or country unless we have adequate control measures in place. The transfer will also be based on unique circumstances, like a security breach or at the request of the government.

How we disclose your data

We take our data policy seriously and will only disclose your data under one or more of the following instances

  • In compliance with a legal request or obligation
  • To protect and defend our rights as an organization
  • To protect our service from possible malfeasance
  • To protect and investigate the personal safety of our users or the general public
  • To protect the website against legal liability

Data security

Our users’ data is very important to us. We take every precaution necessary to ensure that the data we collect is secure. However, please note that no method of data transmission over the internet is 100% secure. While we do our part to protect your data, we cannot absolutely guarantee its safety. You can also do your part to ensure that your data remains safe by confirming a secure connection before submitting any personal information.

We will notify you of any breaches in our systems immediately they are discovered. But rest assured that we follow standard security protocols and your data is safe with us.

Service providers

We may use third-party organizations and individuals to enhance our service delivery. These service providers may perform activities like analyze the data we collect and assist us in utilizing them. Please note that these third parties will only have access to the data we share. We will also only share necessary and non-private information with third-party service providers.

Furthermore, these third party agents are obligated to protect your data and keep them undisclosed. They are also forbidden to use it for any other purpose other than what was agreed upon.

Google Analytics

We may use Google Analytics to monitor and analyze the use of our service. Google Analytics tracks website traffic and creates reports based on its findings. Google may use the data collected to monitor our service’s use. It may also share it with other Google applications, like YouTube, for example.

Google may use the data to personalize its offerings and ad experience. That way, you get ads that are tailored to your preferences. You also consent to share your data with Google Analytics when you use our service. To opt-out, you can install Google Analytics opt-out browser add-on. It will prevent the Google Analytics JavaScript from sharing your information.

You can also learn more about Google’s privacy practice and how to opt-out by visiting the Google Privacy & Terms page at

Links to other website and services

In providing optimal service to you, our website may link to and be linked by other websites that we do not own. When you visit these websites, you are subject to their privacy policies, which may be different from our own. Therefore, we recommend that you review each of these websites’ policies when you visit before submitting any personal information.

We are not responsible for websites we do not manage, and we are not liable for any content or privacy malpractices.

Children’s privacy

Our website only serves individuals over the age of 18 or the legal age of adulthood in their country or jurisdiction. As a result, we recommend that only adults visit and use our service.

We do not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from individuals under the age of 18. This also extends to browser preferences, IP addresses, and other data listed above.

If you are a parent or guardian who has become aware of their child’s use of our service or submission of personal data, please contact us. If we discover that we’ve collected usage information from children without their parents’ consent, we will promptly delete the information from our servers.

Policy changes

Privacy is an evolving concept, and we may update our policy from time to time. All changes to our privacy policies will be published on this page for your education. If you’ve submitted your email or contact info for personalized information, we will notify you via the same channel.

Please be advised to review this page frequently to stay up to date on our privacy policies.