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Who Makes Kymco Scooters

Kymco Scooters are highly fuel-efficient and cost-effective for local commuting. They’re also fun. Check out this article to learn more


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Prepping for Skateboarding: Best Practice for First-Timers

Skateboarding is one of those things that people either love with a passion or dislike depending on the situation. Although, in most cases, people grew up in the skateboarding culture of the 90s—even the current generation enjoys skateboarding due to the lasting legacy of the skating culture. Of course, it


Our team


Lucas Travis

Founder & Owner

Lucas Travis was something of a thrill seeker when he was younger. He could ride bikes, skateboards, scooters, and even rollerskates. The world has changed since then as more and more of these devices have become electric.

Over the years, Lucas has become an expert on electric skateboards, scooters, and other devices. Lucas created Inboard Skate and assembled a team to help people make the right purchase. He shares his expertise through blog posts and reviews in hopes that enthusiasts will find the perfect product for their needs.

Sofie Parker_circle

Sofie Parker

wellness expert

Sofie is a young mom of two and the main mind behind wellness and occupational health programs in Inboard Skate. Also an advocate of electric scooters and bikes for modern transportation, Sofie looks beyond the economical advantage of these gadgets by recognizing their immense social and mental benefits.

Nick Hayes_circular

Nick Hayes

Marketing Director

Nick is the main man behind all brand campaigns and marketing strategies that made Inboard Skate well-known today. His initiatives from the beginning of the business development up to this day propels the company forward to achieve its mission and vision. He also spends his spare time skating or visiting place with his bike.

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