How to Charge an Electric Scooter — Everything You Need to Know

Although an electric scooter adds great value to one’s personal transport experiences, it also requires proper handling and care. So if you don’t want your e-scooter to malfunction in just a few months of usage, you must know its proper charging process. Let our experts guide you through each step to help you manage your electric scooter’s battery levels. 

How to Charge Electric Scooters

Step #1: Allow Your Scooter to Cool Down Before Charging

It’s no secret that most modern electric scooters come with user manuals. However, not all manufacturers include the process of cooling the battery down before deciding to plug them in any standard outlet. 

Some people may think this is a trivial matter, but our resident e-scooter experts urge you to do this before you charge your scooter to protect the power source and the chargers. Batteries and extreme temperatures are a dangerous match, so most scooters suggest at least 30 minutes of cooling down.

Step #2: Plug the Charger into the Wall Socket

Unlike the typical procedures, electric scooters require getting the charger plugged into the wall outlet before plugging it into the unit itself. By doing this, you’re not only protecting the scooter’s battery, but you’re also ensuring the safety of your outlet. 

wall charger for Gotrax Scooter

But before you do anything, don’t forget to turn it off. You should practice this procedure because it helps users avoid constant charging that could eventually lead to the damage of the unit’s battery. 

After the scooter charger gets plugged, do not fret if it gets slightly hot because it’s a normal occurrence. Instead, our team recommends securing the charger on the wall outlet and ensuring that it has plenty of airflow.

Step #3: Plug the Charger into the Scooter

Once the charger is on the outlet, it’s time to get your electric scooter plugged. First, gently remove the protective cover from your electric scooter’s charging port. While it may look easy, its charger orientation could be tricky for new users. 

You see, most chargers can only be keyed to charging in one way, but some with poor designs may give you a hard time. After figuring it out, carefully plug the wire into the charging port. 

Step #4: Check if the Scooter is Charging

Part of learning how to charge an electric scooter is knowing when it’s already fully charged. Most electric scooters on the market include an indicator light that will flash a green light once the batteries reach their full charge. 

Electric Scooter Speed and Other Factors

However, some electric scooter chargers would turn green even before reaching the full battery charge. These instances are seen on units with battery displays or voltmeters. Through these features, you can monitor the overall battery level of your electric scooter. 

You’ll need a long battery life if you’re going for longer rides, so our team recommends charging the batteries until 100%, regardless of whether the green light is flashing or not. 

Step #5: Disconnect the Charger from the Scooter Once Charged

After the electric scooter battery has reached full charge capacity, don’t forget to plug it off from the electricity source and the charging port. Although it’s good to have the battery fully charged, overcharging it can also cause damage. 

Tips and Tricks to Care of Your Scooter’s Battery

#1: Charge Your Scooter in a Cool Dry Space

It’s true that most electric scooter manufacturers make their units with water-resistant materials, but not all of them are waterproof. If you ride through rain or snow, there’s a possibility that the surface of your scooter is wet. You should wipe the water or any other liquids in the unit before deciding to plug it in with a charger. 

charging scooter inside

Sometimes, wiping isn’t enough to ensure safety. So if you can, our e-scooter experts highly suggest letting it dry off for at least 30 minutes before charging. 

#2: Ensure it’s 40% Charged for Long-Term Storage

In all honesty, storing lithium-ion batteries with a fully charge capacity is the worst decision one could make. You may not know, but this battery type works well with a partially full charging capacity[1]

Leaving it drained or full in your scooter can easily cause battery degradation. But if you must really store it for a long time, the best scooter battery life you can leave it at is around 40%. 

The battery level can stay at this percentage for approximately four to eight weeks. You should also check the battery heat. If it reaches over 30 degrees celsius, expect the depletion of your unit’s battery life. 

#3: Remove Your Charger From the Plug After Charging

As previously mentioned by our e-scooter specialists, both the battery and charger are at risk when charged over its capacity for an extended time. If you’re not taking your scooter anywhere far, charging your battery up to 80% is enough reason to plug it off. 

charging the electric scooter

If you leave your electric scooter charging in the plug even after the battery is done charging, your scooter’s negative terminal will gradually corrode.

#4: Don’t Allow Your Scooter to Discharge in Less than an Hour

Besides knowing how to charge an electric scooter, being well-informed when and how to discharge an electric device is especially crucial. 

And while it’s normal for a scooter rider to want to go fast when riding, we don’t recommend it as it can cause your scooter batteries to discharge quickly. Draining the battery of your scooter could easily happen when riding up steep hills or speeding. Doing this often to your unit could cause damage.

#5: Charge Your Scooter When the Battery is Between 32℉ and 113℉

If your scooter is stored in cold temperatures, don’t think of grabbing your charger and plugging it into the outlet. Besides potential damage, this can be extra dangerous for the user as well. 

Gotrax Scooter Handle

You must let the battery cool down until it reaches the temperature between 32℉ and 113℉. Going over that range can also affect the battery itself. 

#6: Don’t Ride the Scooter Right Away After Charging

Riding your scooter right after pulling the charger out is another caution our experts would like to warn you about. Even if you have somewhere else to go in a hurry, it’s customary to let the battery rest for at least five to ten minutes. 

#7: Plug it in Directly to the Wall

It’s common knowledge that it may take hours to fully charge an e-scooter, so opting to use a power extension may not be the safest idea. As a preventive measure, plugging the charger directly into the wall outlets is the best practice out there for any electronic vehicle.

How Long Does it Take to Charge Electric Scooters?

The time it takes to charge your e-scooter depends on what kind of charger and battery you have. And as tempting as it is to buy cheap replacements, our experts only recommend charging your unit with its original charger to maintain the usual charging duration expectations.

Recommended Time Table

If your battery capacity is around 2.6 Ah, the recommended charging time could range from 30 minutes to 2.6 hours, depending on the output of your charger. On the other hand, the 5.2 Ah battery capacity has to charge 1 hour to 5.2 hours. 

SoFlow Air Carbon

For a 7.8 Ah battery, users can expect 1.6 hours to 7.8 hours loading time if the charger they’re using ranges around 1 amp to 5 amp. Basically, the higher output the charger can send to the battery, the lesser time it’ll take to charge the scooter.

How Long do E-Scooter Batteries Last?

Apart from figuring out how to charge an electric scooter, you should know the limitations of its electric capacity. If you ask our experts, it depends on the speed and range you’re going for. 

But approximately, it can take around 300 to 500 cycles before your battery needs your charger’s assistance again. 

Using a Quick Charger

There are many ways you can take on how to charge electric scooter batteries, and one of them is through a quick charger. First, you just have to set the appropriate voltage before plugging the charger into the wall outlets. 

testing charger of a scooter

And then, change the configuration according to the charger output. After adjusting the charge capacity, you’re free to turn the charger on and begin the process. 

Dual Charging

As the name suggests, this method is for larger scooters with two battery wires and ports. With a second charger, getting the scooter charged is faster than usual. 

Can you Charge an Electric Scooter Without a Charger?

Yes, you can. But we don’t recommend it if you have an available charger on hand as it can be a bit dangerous. This method includes using alternatives like the car battery and some jumper wires. 

Types of E-Scooter Chargers

Replacing a charger is a normal occurrence. However, our experts urge you to verify the charger’s voltage and current via the user’s manual if you have to do it. You may find it labeled as DC Output. 


DC Coaxial Power Plug

It has a coaxial and barrel-style connector structure. These are usually used for less-powerful scooters like GOTRAX and Ninebot.

Gotrax Scooter

USB Power Connector

Nor commonly seen in the market, but used for the likes of Unagi Model One. It’s a USB-style connector with a touch of yellow color.


This is another uncommon connector with two keyed pin tips. If you’re using a Mercane WideWheel, XT60 is a great option to consider.


For an Inokim e-scooter, it’s common to get an XLR connector for its circular structure. It’s also often used for audio configurations.


If you have mid to large-range e-scooters, GX16-3P should be your best bet. It has a threaded collar commonly used for Apollo models. 

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Can electric scooters be charged at home?

Yes, you can charge electric scooters at home. But ensure that the room you’ll put it in isn’t wet or damp, and it must have enough airflow. There should be no problem as long as you have an outlet there. You can also keep the place clean by adding covers to the wheels of your scooter. 

How do I know if my electric scooter is charging?

You’ll know if your electric scooter is charging when the indicator light turns red. If it turns green, your scooter’s battery is fully charged. However, some units flash green lights even when it’s not fully charged. So you can double-check its battery life through digital displays or voltmeters.


Discovering the tricks on how to charge an electric scooter is important, especially if you’re using it for everyday personal transport. Using and maintaining it are two different things, so always consult your user’s manual to keep your e-scooter in a tip-top condition no matter how trivial the issue.


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