What is the Best Skateboard Light? (2024) — For Your Safety and Convenience

For small vehicles like electric skateboards, even a small stone can be dangerous when left unforeseen. To avoid injuries to you or your longboard, it is best to see what is ahead of you at all times, especially during lowlight conditions. Our experts curated a list of the best skateboard lights to guarantee your night rides are safe and hassle-free.

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Reviews of the Best Skateboard Lights

1. Eggboards LED Skateboard Lights Underglow

The Eggboards LED Lights Underglow comes with a front and back kit: a white LED front light, and a red LED backlight. Its ergonomic design allows quality performance while still being highly affordable—truly good value for its price. 

It comes with straps and can easily be put on and off. It has four different modes, and is also equipped with a rechargeable battery that avoids draining power from your main board. 

The Eggboards LED lights is responsive and user-friendly so it is an optimum choice especially for beginners and casual skaters.



2. Third Kind Skateboard Lights

If you wish to have multi-color display lights, this product is perfect for you. The Third Kind Skateboard Lights have 7 color modes and a flash mode feature in every kit. It comes in red, green, blue, white, pink, gold, and purple.

Additionally, it is also water, weather, and vibration resistant ideal for electric skateboards like Kaly NYC XL 2.0. It is lightweight and compact to avoid interfering with your board mechanism, and is easy to mount like a 3mm riser. It also comes with a built-in battery that is micro-USB rechargeable, and can last up to 10 hours on a single charge.



3. IWONDER V2.0 Skateboard Light

The iWonder V2.0 Skateboard Light is tailor-fit for a typical skater’s needs. It is super bright and is equipped with micro-COB chips for optimum usage. It boasts of an extraordinary 210-degree wide-beamed light which is a step up compared to competing brands.

The V2.0 also has 5-lighting modes to cater to one’s preference. As for its mechanism, it has a built in lithium battery that has a good running time and is fast charging at 2 hours. The manufacturer also has an excellent after sales service if the consumers’ expectations are not met.



4. Board Blazers Crazy Color LED Skateboard Lights Underglow

If you are looking for cool underglow lights to improve your e-board aesthetics, then the Board Blazers LED Lights is perfect for you. It is compatible and easy to attach to almost all types of longboards, and its adhesive features are built to last. 

Because the Board Blazers is subtle yet versatile, it caters to a spectrum of riders who either want practicality or aesthetics alike. The Board Blazers only shortcomings may be the fact that it only comes in one color display, and does not have an IP rating.



Skateboard Lights Buyer’s Guide

Power and Lumen Rating

Skateboard lights not only guarantee that the rider can see what is ahead of them, but also ensure that they will be visible to other people and vehicles on the road.

As such, the higher the lumens, the brighter the light. Our experts suggest looking at the lights’ lumen rating [1] instead of its wattage.

Battery Life and Weight

It is best to choose skateboard lights that have their own battery to prevent draining your board battery that can easily be charged with a standard USB cable. In addition, skateboard lights must be lightweight, portable, and bulk-free.

Water Resistance

Wet roads should not be an ultimate obstacle not to ride your board, and your board lights should at least be water-resistant, if not waterproof. An item’s waterproof or water resistance are rated by an IP standard.

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Our Top Pick For a Skateboard Light: Eggboards LED Skateboard Lights

The Eggboards LED Skateboard Lights boasts its bright, multicolor feature that allows riders to be highly visible in lowlight conditions. It is equipped with a rechargeable battery, and comes in a kit with a front and tail light. The Eggboards light’s versatility and ergonomic design at such an affordable price point establishes it as our team’s top pick for the best skateboard lights for 2024.

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