What is the Best 49cc Scooter? — Reviews of Fast and Durable Models (2024)

Looking for creative ways to commute is a real saver, but no one wants to spend on something pricey that won’t hold up to your needs in the long run. May it be beating the rush hour or running errands, our team of experts is here with our list of the best 49cc scooters for you to make a reasonable purchase.

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Reviews of the Best 49cc Scooters

1. Coleman Powersports JL50QT-14 49cc Moped

Coleman Powersports JL50QT-14 49cc Moped No Background

If you are looking for an inexpensive scooter by a well-known manufacturer that can get you around smoothly, then this JLQT-14 gas-powered scooter may be the one for you.

This scooter is a reliable, air-cooled, 4-stroke engine with a CDI ignition system. It is simple to operate with its easy electric start and a backup kick start. It is built with a durable steel frame that is designed to withstand different road adventures over time. This product also has a front dual hydraulic fork and rear mono-shock which guarantees a safe, smooth and stable ride.



2. Renegade TPGS-805 49cc Scooter

Renegade TPGS-805 49cc Scooter No Background

The Renegade TPGS-805 is for those who are looking for a scooter with ample storage capacity at an affordable rate. Its sizable trunk feature can fit bags and other personal items that you need on your travel.

As for its build, this scooter is equipped with 10-inch steel rims, a suspension and twist throttle, and a disc brake mechanism. For safety features, the TPGS-805 has a fully automatic light signaling system that works to its advantage especially at nighttime. It can speed up to 35 miles per hour and is more affordable compared to its same-range competitors.



3. Tao Tao CY50 B Blue 49cc

TaoTao CY50 B 49cc No Background

When looking for an affordable scooter with competitive specs, Tao Tao is the recommended brand by experts. They are known for building straightforward scooter products that are operable even to beginners, at a very reasonable price—so much that buyers claim that this product is a more affordable version of Vespa in terms of power and performance.

The CY50 B from TaoTao USA features a reliable GY6 mechanism and has a top speed of 35-40 mph. It has all the basic components from a standard scooter—turn signals, front and disk brakes, a head and tail light, a speedometer, and an odometer. Additionally, its sleek, Italian brand-inspired design is sure to entice anyone.



4. Dirt Dog ScooterX 49cc Stand-up Scooter

49cc Dirt Dog ScooterX Stand-up scooter

This dirt bike is gas-powered and has a wider bar to provide better balance. Its bars are also highly adjustable and foldable. This scooter has a powerful engine that can top to 22-25 miles per hour and is easily upgradable to meet one’s needs.

This stand-up scooter’s wheels are meant for both on and off the road. It is built with durable aluminum and can accommodate riding doubles and doing tricks and wheelies. The carburetors are preadjusted and may need to be readjusted and maintained. But overall, there is only minimal assembly required and is always on the go.



5. MotoTec GT 49cc 2-Stroke Pocket Bike

MotoTec GT 49cc 2-Stroke Pocket Bike

The MotoTec GT is a pocket bike that is ideal for both kids and adults. This scooter runs on a 2-stroke engine that is powerful even on rocky trails and uneven surfaces. It comes with both front and rear brakes, and 11-inch pneumatic street tires, and a top speed of 35mph.

It might be a bit small for full-grown adults but is sure to be a hit with children 8 years old and up. It has a regulated speed limit to avoid injuries, but the scooter needs to be regularly checked to maintain its optimum state.



6. SAY YEAH Gas Scooter 49cc 2 Stroke

SAY YEAH Gas Scooter 49cc 2 Stroke

The SAY YEAH gas scooter is a gas-powered, stand-up scooter that can ride a maximum speed of 25mph and can support a weight load of 220 lbs. It also comes with an ergonomic seat for comfortable riding, as well as disc brakes for safety measures.

This gas scooter is ideal in urban areas and can take you almost anywhere with the littlest effort. Its sleek design is ideal for beginners and seasoned riders alike. It requires minimal assembly upon purchase and is quick and ready to go.

Moreover, if you are looking for an affordable scooter option with a good price point, then this might be the option for you.



7. ICEBear 49cc Street Legal Moped Scooter

ICEBear 49cc Street Legal Moped Scooter

If you are into outdoorsy, motorsports, or sports in general, chances are you’ve heard of ICEbear. They are known in the business as a trusted manufacturer of various lines of scooter products and ATVs that are priced for quality and value.

This ICEBear 49cc Moped Scooter is gas-powered and street legal, with a spacious design that can accommodate two adults, as well as a trunk compartment. It also has an automatic kick-start mechanism that can top to 120MPG, guaranteeing a smooth commute from point A to B. Additionally, it also includes front drum brakes and rear disc brakes, which can lodge a weight capacity of 220 lbs.



49cc Scooters Buyer’s Guide

49cc Scooters are the safer and easier option if you are only traveling at a short distance. Some of them do not even require any registration or license, and can easily be used as an alternative to walking when going about your daily routines and errands. However, if you are taking them on main roads or highways, then it is best to choose a scooter that is street legal.

Our team of experts has done the legwork for you in noting all the components you must consider in purchasing the best kind of scooter out there.

Design and Size

The most important thing when purchasing scooter vehicles is to figure out what you would use them for. Some builds come in double seats that are great for people who need to drive around with someone else; while some have lockable trunks that are preferred for people who have luggage or bags that need to be stored.

 Whether you want a stand-up scooter, a wheeler, or a foldable one—49cc engines are versatile and have a variety of options to choose from. The color schemes are pretty diverse as well.

(If you are looking for portability, we also have the high-rated folding electric scooter here)


The power of a moped scooter is determined in CC or cubic centimeters. By rule, higher CC means a more powerful engine that allows faster speed, while lower CC scooters are used for more lax activities like errands and are preferred for younger or beginner riders.

SAY YEAH Gas Scooter 49cc 2 Stroke side view

This means that 49cc mopeds are just one cc different from 50cc scooters in terms of displacement. The two can sometimes be interchangeable as some scooters are marketed to have a 50cc engine, but can actually be one cc short when re-aligning the pistons during maintenance over time.

Low-powered scooters can reach speeds of about 30-35 mph on a flat surface, which allows you to drive around towns or cities with flat terrains. These scooters are recommended for leisure riding or daily commute and can go a long way with just one tank.

However, they are not for steep, uneven terrains, and are certainly not meant to carry heavy loads. The more weight put on these scooters can slow them down significantly, thus making them unideal for having passengers.

High-powered moped scooters on the other hand are suited for more advanced riders. They usually have 2-stroke engines, while low-power vehicles have a 4-stroke build.


Generally, a 49cc scooter ranges from 30mph to 45mph on average. Meanwhile, high-performance scooters can top 60mph to 70mph. This speed not only allows you to go from point A to B quicker but also ensures that you travel comfortably and safely without major problems.

Coleman Powersports JL50QT-14 49cc Moped on a ride

It is noteworthy, however, that these scooters are used for commuting convenience rather than speed. It is highly recommended to stick to a minimum speed of 25mph and a maximum of 30mph for an optimum ride. A 50cc scooter will perform rather similarly to its smaller engine counterpart.

Weight Capacity

Different scooters have different builds, meaning they also have different weight capacity loads. The average moped scooter is around 220lbs to 300lbs. This product is ideal for older kids and younger adults. It is important to note the weight of the rider when purchasing these mopeds as some builds are made to perform better in a heavier weight range than others.


When purchasing any vehicle, comfort is always one of the most important things to keep in mind. A product that you can ride comfortably for long hours as you go long distances is always preferred, The seats, the handle position, and your leg space should always be noted to make sure you can get the most of your purchase.

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Safety Features

Safety features are often integrated into most of the scooter vehicles out in the market. The most common features to list are the drum brake, head and tail light features, mirrors, back-up kick start, and handguards.

TaoTao CY50 B 49cc wheels

It is also preferred to go for a scooter vehicle that can safely get you through speed bumps with ease, and an emergency stop mechanism to avoid traffic injury.

Gas Mileage

A 49cc gas range is determined through MPG or miles per gallon [1] and is mostly dependent on their engine sizes. Small engines like 49 cc typically deliver up to 100mpg, depending on the terrain you are riding on and how much you weigh. 

A 50cc scooter can go up to 130-140mpg when being ridden as economically as possible. Generally, a lower weight load on flat surfaces means longer trips for the scooter.


It is always best to consider the terrain in your location to decide on your preferred scooter option. Some builds excel solely in flat surfaces, while others can be dynamic enough for rocky spaces.

However, it is important to note that a scooter is not the usual vehicle we carry on rocky, steep, and uneven terrains. Rather, it performs best in cityscapes and urban spaces where the terrains are flat and even.

MotoTec GT 49cc 2-Stroke Pocket Bike side view


What is the best 49cc scooter on the market?

The best 49cc scooter on the market is Coleman Power sports. It is easy to assemble and cost-efficient, and most buyers prefer it because of its durability in different terrains. Our team pledges that this scooter can really get the job done swiftly and hassle-free.

How fast can a 49cc scooter go?

A 49cc scooter can go as fast as 30-35mph. Its performance is legally limited to 35mph tops and can go flimsy as it speeds up. Typically, most motorized scooters have their sweet spot between 25-30mph.

Is a 49cc moped street legal?

Yes, a 49cc moped are generally street legal. In the state of California, motorized scooters, like electric skateboards and bicycles, are street legal and do not need to be registered with the DMV. Meanwhile, other states like Florida require any valid driver’s license and a license plate.

Our Top Pick For a 49cc Scooter: Coleman Power Sports 49cc Moped

Coleman Powersports JL50QT-14 49cc Moped No Background

The Coleman 49cc scooter takes the lead in our list of the best 49cc scooters. It is cost-efficient, made to last, and is truly the vehicle to deliver the most favorable results. With its 4-stroke mechanism integrated with a CDI ignition mechanism, our team is confident that this scooter will deliver an impressive speed and performance.

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