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So you want to step up your e-skateboarding hobby by taking it off-road? Our team is here to list the best all terrain electric skateboards to make sure you are off to a right start. We would not want you to waste money, or worse, injure yourself by choosing an electric skateboard that could not sustain you in toughest off-road adventures.  

Premium Option
Teamgee H20T
Editor’s Choice
JKing Electric Skateboard
Budget Option
Urban Pro Electric Skateboard

Reviews of the Best All-Terrain Electric Skateboards


JKING Electric Skateboard

If you are new to the hobby and would like to switch to off road electric skateboards, JKing is a good brand to start with. The JKing Electric Skateboard has ample motor power that can run a max speed of 26mph for 19 to 21 miles depending on the rider’s weight.

JKing off road electric skateboards are known to have integrated design catering safety and durability. This model has an intelligent e-skateboard feature with LED safety light bars perfect for low-light conditions. 

Its 8-ply maple and carbon fiber deck will not let you down on your off terrain adventures. It has a non-slip surface, and shock-absorbing PU wheels to keep you stable. 




Urban Pro Electric Scooter

If you are new to electric skateboarding and would want to try an off road terrain, UrbanPro is a wonderful budget board to start with. For less than $400, you get to experience riding a quality electric board with powerful hub motors that can take you places. The bigger wheels and double kingpin trucks help you remain stabilized in rough terrains.

It comes with a multifunctional remote that helps you accelerate and decelerate freely. Its brakes prevent you from propelling carelessly on surfaces, and help you avoid injuries.

Moreover, the UrbanPro Electric Scooter is crafted with 11 composite layers of maplewood and fiberglass that can accommodate a maximum load of 265lbs.




Teamgee H20T 39" Electric Skateboard

The Teamgee H20T 39” electric skateboard was built with comfort and stability in mind, especially on off-road trips. The special TeamGee W-shaped foot socket integrated in this board helps stabilize the rider firmly as they stand on the platform. 

Additionally, its 8-ply Canadian maple wood and fiberglass built deck will help balance the rider even at high speeds, while its concave design makes it shock and vibration proof especially in uneven off-road surfaces.

Thus, this 1200W dual motor H20T 39” is an ideal choice for skaters who opt to explore all-terrain adventures while on a budget.




ECOMOBL ET2 All Terrain Electric Skateboard

The ET2 boasts Ecomobl’s latest all terrain electric skateboard line. It is integrated with a double drop down deck that gives the rider a lower center of gravity, which helps for better control. It also has an 18” truck that promotes stability, clearance, and exceptional off-road performance.

With its two powerful 74mm brushless motors, it can reach up to 30 to 35mph max speed at a 25-30miles range. It has 4-speed modes and 4-brake settings controlled by a responsive remote and state of the art motherboard and power ESC. The ECOMOBL ET2 is an ideal companion in both cityscapes and off-road tracks alike.




SKATEBOLT Breeze II Electric Skateboard

If you are looking for an off road electric skateboard with powerful 900W dual motors that can easily deliver a max speed of 30mph, the Breeze II may be right for you. It comes with a 6000mAh Samsung 30Q lithium battery that is fast charging and can travel up to 15miles on a single charge.

Its dual motors are not only powerful, but also replaceable. It has a 30% climbing angle and large 100mm street wheels for all terrain needs. The SKATEBOLT Breeze II also has a bamboo deck and two layers of fiberglass to ensure a blend of flexibility and strength.




MotoTec 1600W Dirt Electric Skateboard

The MotoTec 1600W dirt electric skateboard comes with dual motors—one on each rear wheel. This allows the board to be flexible enough yet avoid twisting too much during acceleration and better traction on dirt. This all terrain electric longboard is designed with large, treaded tires to allow maximum control and grip especially on off road adventures.

The MotoTec off road electric skateboard can attain a top speed of 22mph with a riding time of 60-90 minutes depending on the rider’s weight. It also has an integrated braking system and a responsive wireless remote that allows smooth deceleration.




LLP LM Off Road Electric Skateboard

If you are in search for an off-road electric skateboard that can endure long distances while ensuring a comfortable ride, then LLP LM electric skateboard is a wonderful choice. The LLP LM e-skateboard has an 8-ply bamboo and maple-blended deck reinforced with anti-slip features and a secure foot strap to avoid injuries. For an all terrain electric longboard, it is lightweight and portable.

The LLP LM Off-road electric skateboard can reach a top speed of 40km on its optimum ride performance. It has a powerful motor with a double drive feature controlled by a responsive wireless remote, making it the perfect companion for your all-terrain adventure.



All-Terrain Electric Skateboard Buyer’s Guide

Design and Material

When purchasing an electric skateboard, our team suggests to note how sturdy it will be and for how long you will be able to use it. Guaranteeing that your off road boards are able to tolerate steep and rough terrain, including forest rails over a period of time will depend on their overall build quality.

Frequently used materials include aluminum, bamboo, and maple. It is also usual to see hybrid blends like bamboo and maple, so you can obtain the strength of one as well as the flexibility of the other. You can also estimate the board’s capacity and sturdiness by looking at the materials used on its build.

While regular electric skateboards do not necessarily need aircraft-grade decks, off road boards need high quality build to ensure that it will not be flimsy and avoid injuries during trips to rough terrains.


The best electric skateboards require powerful motors to be considered as exceptional. Electric off road skateboards must have powerful motors enough to sustain all terrain roads, may it be forest trails or dirt tracks with ease and comfort.

An off road board must have ample motor power, thus our team suggests checking the wattage when making a purchase—in most cases, the higher, the better. The torque and acceleration of the skateboard will also be dependent on the motor power. Going uphill and riding on uneven terrain will be smoother and easier with high-powered motors.

The only downside of higher motor powers is their usually expensive price, but one should look at it as a form of investment. An all terrain board should be able to withstand difficult pavements, and having powerful motors will allow that to happen.

Weight Capacity

It is important to note that the same rule applies for all vehicles: the bigger and heavier the weight load, the slower it will be. This means that if the rider is heavier than the average, the less torque, acceleration, and hill-climbing power the electric skateboard will get. A board’s decrease in performance because of the heavier load will be apparent especially if it is used in its peak, top speed performance. 

Thus, if you are a bit on the heavier side, you should take into account if your electric boards can accommodate your weight. It is also best to set your expectations accordingly as heavy duty boards will be more pricey and higher-end than your usual entry level skateboards.

Battery and Range

How fast and how far you will go with your board all depends on your battery and its range. If you are intending to use your skateboard frequently and over long periods of time, it is best to make sure that your battery is able to deliver.

It is important to note that the speed and range of most electric skateboards will be less than advertised. Thus, if you wish to bank on your longboard’s speed, chances are you will not get good range because your battery will drain faster. 

An off road electric skateboard’s feature like regenerative braking may help a bit with the fast battery drain, but if you wish to be able to use your board without minding its limits that much, invest in a board with high battery capacity.

Other factors that can affect the performance of your battery is the rider’s weight as well as the terrain and surface.

Speed and Speed Controller

You can usually set apart good electric skateboards from the rest by checking its top speed capacity. For more advanced riders, having fast electric skateboards can make all the difference in their riding experience.

An Electric Speed Controller (ESC) acts as the brain and main unit in an electric off road skateboard in charge of its computational functions. It is the mechanism that regulates the drive and speed capacity of the motor. The ESC supplies the motor with a certain amount of power, and in turn controls the acceleration and braking curve of the entirety of the board. It is a determining factor to measure how fast your off road electric skateboards can go.

Most often than not, the actual speed and range of off road electric skateboards are less than advertised. Our experts suggest that when manufacturers give you numbers, there are controlled factors like the rider’s weight, terrain, and smoothness of pavement.

If you are the type of rider who wishes to prioritize speed over anything else, it is likely that you will not get as good of a range due to your board battery depleting faster. Driving at max speed means draining the battery faster.

Wheels and Trucks

Aside from the motor power, the wheel and truck specifications are important to ensure that your board can accommodate your skating needs. Compared to other electric skateboards, off-road skateboards require wide trucks and big wheels as standard. Their big size will help you remain stable during bumps and rough travels.

If you are new to the hobby, you would usually see air-filled or pneumatic wheels. Most riders prefer this because it delivers smoother rides with better shock-absorption capacities. However, solid tires have benefits too especially in off road riding so it is better not to discount this option solely because it is not pneumatic.

As a rule of thumb, exceptionally big rubber tires, a wide, flexible deck, and a powerful motor can get you through off-road terrains—may it be rocky forest trails or rough asphalt.


Riding in uneven terrains requires both skills from the rider and durable build from the board itself. As it is easy to lose balance especially in off-road surfaces, a skateboard’s suspension is vital. Suspension keeps the rider’s weight distributed evenly to absorb shocks and vibration that avoid road accidents.

In simple terms, suspension helps one remain stable and balanced. It is important to keep in mind that without a reliable suspension mechanism, your chances of being injured even with protective gear on is high. 

Our team suggests getting an electric skateboard with a reliable suspension system to ensure safe trips especially on off-road adventures. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned rider, a board’s suspension mechanism is not something to overlook and not pay attention to. 

Remote Control

One of the most overlooked essentials in purchasing an electric skateboard is its Remote Control (RC) specifications. Our team strongly suggests finding out the remote specs prior to purchase to ensure that the board will be easy to control and responsive in the long run. 

A poorly designed RC will make it difficult for the rider, no matter how exceptional the electric skateboard’s build is. It all comes down to control when riding any vehicle, and the acceleration and braking is precisely the RC’s function, so it is highly vital for a safe and smooth ride.

Water Resistance

A few puddles here and there should not stop your all terrain skateboard from performing reliably. When going off-road, you are most likely dealing with unpredictable surfaces, some of which may be water-related disasters waiting to happen.

Experienced riders would guarantee a safe, hassle-free trip by making sure their off road electric skateboards can handle not only steep hills, but also water puddles in unpredictable terrains. 

It is important to note that no electric skateboard, no matter how heavy duty, is designed to fully submerge in water. There are no completely water-proof boards, only water-resistant.

An electric skateboard’s water and dust resistance is measured by an IP rating. You might come across a normal electric skateboard with an IP54 rating. The first number (5) refers to the board’s protection against dust. The higher its number, the better. Meaning, a 5.5 gives the board partial protection, whereas a 6 protects it from dust completely.

The second number (4) indicates the board’s water protection. An IP rating of 4 indicates that the board is water-resistant, meaning it can withstand water puddles and splashes, while an IP rating of 5 indicates protection from “low-pressure jets”.

Price and Warranty

When making a purchase, one should ask what their intended use for the item is. Chances are, when more is expected on it, it would be pricier. This is true for electric skateboards as well. Pricier boards are built to be heavy-duty and versatile, so you can use them confidently on most occasions.

The second question to ask is how much you are willing to spend. Daily use of the board would mean you need to invest in higher quality build to make sure it is sustainable over a period of time. If you are on a budget, it is ideal to look into price ranges and the manufacturers’ backgrounds to figure out which line they excel at.

Moreover, it is also important to have a responsive customer service at the end of your chosen brand to talk to you about the product’s warranty and usage. It is relieving to know that once something goes wrong with the board, you can always seek assistance on how to proceed, and even return and refund it if necessary.

Advantages of an All-Terrain Electric Skateboard

Riding electric skateboards is a good way to work up some sweat and improve your balance. Compared to mountain bikes, it is smaller and easier to carry around. As for all-terrain boards, they are usually heavier because of bigger wheels and bulkier motors. However, they have an advantage on different terrains, including rough or steep surfaces. 

While regular skateboards perform well on urban spaces, off-road boards have better carving ability and higher motor power which can deal with more diverse terrains.

As the name implies, all-terrain electric skateboards can do cross-country trips, and would not restrict you to cityscapes. These boards are heavy duty and would allow you to ride on asphalt, gravel, dirt, grass, beach and even rocky forest trails, almost comparable to a mountain bike. Riding in the woods or mountains can be hard, but plausible for experienced skaters, and these all-terrain boards will help you achieve that safely and comfortably.

Safety Tips and Reminders

If you are intending to do off road electric skateboard trips, it is best to guarantee that you can handle unpredictable surfaces, and ample grasp on maneuvering and balancing. Steep or uneven terrains have a high chance of injuries, which is why aside from utmost concentration and skillset, one needs to have complete gears and reliable brakes to get through these patches.

Always bear in mind that the kinetic energy of a moving object is directly proportional to the square of the speed. That means that if you are traveling at a top speed of 20mph, you are 4 times the damage to someone riding at 10mph, which could be fatal in many circumstances.

Although injuries are common to riding any form of vehicle, it is best to wear protective gear such as helmet, gloves, elbow and knee pads, and flexible clothing that can cater to your road needs. 


What is the best all terrain electric skateboard?

The best all terrain electric skateboard is the JKING model per our team of e-board experts. The price is justifiable and you will get your money’s worth with its durable build and high-quality specifications.

Our Top Pick For an All-Terrain Electric Skateboard:
JKING Electric Skateboard

The JKING Electric Skateboard is our expert’s top pick for the best all-terrain e-skateboard. This model boasts a powerful 900W dual motor that can deliver a max speed of 26mph. Cruise around effortlessly with its 30-degree climb angle capacity and ergonomic deck specifically built for stability and comfort. You get your money’s worth with its rugged, shock absorbing PU wheels that can withstand challenging surfaces.

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