Kaly NYC XL 2.0 Review (2024) — How Well Does This E-Skateboard Perform?

Kaly NYC is known for their premium boards with stellar performance and positive feedback in the community. Like most things though, it is not for everyone. As it can be a bit pricey, we do not want you to spend on something that may not be 100% right for you. This Kaly NYC review  by our experts will cover the XL 2.0. 

Kaly NYC XL 2.0




The Kaly NYC XL 2.0 has 3 types of decks based on flexibility. It is a fully synthetic deck made out of carbon fiber, fiberglass and basalt. It also has an epoxy accent that adds durability and flexibility to the board. It has a tub-progressive concave to streamline its build, and make it water-resistant.

As for its tires, it has 8-inch pneumatic tires with a full-sized 16-inch CNC truck with softer springs for better carving and precision.

Kaly NYC 2.0 Features

Motor Power

The NYC XL 2.0 boasts of two drivetrain motor gears that allow for a maximum power of 4,585 watts and maximum torque of 5.25Nm. It is perfect for seasoned riders who crave a smooth off-road experience without having to worry if their longboard can make it.

Speed and Acceleration

Most Kaly NYC reviews you’d find would suggest that speed is definitely one of this line’s strong suits. At a top speed of 38mph for the V2.0, it can go up to 24miles or more depending on its weight load. Like most engines, its acceleration is proportional to its speed. Hence, it is only recommended to up the speed when you are sure you have ample control and experience. As an added feature, the XL 2.0 also has reliable regenerative brakes that make decelerating vibration-resistant and shock proof. 

Load Capacity and Battery

The Kaly NYC 2.0 operates on a helical gear drive system[1] with a capacity of 4,585 watts. This means that on a single charge, you can get a maximum range of 24 miles with a load capacity of 210 pounds.

Unity ESC is used to run this board, and its 7000W 12S-4P Sanyo battery pack gives it the powerful motor that is fast, durable, and highly recommended for all-terrain riding. Kaly NYC boards also have quality battery builds that makes sagging minimum.


Because the NYC 2.0 is built to be strong, reliable, and durable, it tends to be on the heavier spectrum of electric skateboards. It weighs 18kg which can withstand steep terrains without sacrificing its motor power. While it excels performance-wise and will not fail you in harsh conditions, the NYC 2.0 may not be appropriate if you are looking for a lightweight, portable board.

Kaly NYC XL 2.0 Close up

Water Resistance

The XL 2.0 is water-resistant, meaning it can withstand a few splashes here and there, but cannot be fully submerged in water. This does the job during light drizzles or unexpected puddles, but it is not recommended for heavy rains like most electric skateboards.

Connectivity and Remote

The board comes with a VX1 2.4 Ghz thumb throttle wireless remote. It has an active throttle response and an ergonomic design to encourage simplicity and efficiency. It can easily be hooked up to mobile gadgets for better display and control, and is significant if you are the type to track your trips.

Overall Performance

It takes an experienced rider to maximize the XL 2.0’s potential. When done correctly, it can be a beast especially in off-road trips, and its smooth acceleration and seamless regenerative braking is reliable and efficient. Because of its sturdy build, cracks in the pavement, drain covers, small cyclist deterrents, and unexpected puddles are no longer an obstacle during the ride. 

Price and Warranty

The standard price of XL 2.0 can be pretty expensive for a casual rider, but can be viewed as an investment for more experienced ones. It has standard warranty, and like most Kaly NYC boards, the 2.0 is highly customizable—and the after-sales customer service can readily assist you in the process.

Kaly NYC 2.0 Review Conclusion

Performance-wise, our team of seasoned skaters can guarantee that one can get their money’s worth with the Kaly NYC 2.0. With its ample speed and range, it is sure to be the perfect companion especially in rough and steep rides. We hope this Kaly NYC review can help you make the right choice in your e-skateboard endeavor.

Kaly NYC XL 2.0


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