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Using a skateboard backpack allows you to carry your electric skateboard comfortably and balance the weight on your shoulders. There are plenty of options to choose from, but not all can properly protect your skateboard from scratches and dents! If you don’t want to purchase something that tears apart after a few uses, our expert team tested and reviewed the best electric skateboard backpacks available today. 

Premium Option
Simbow Skateboard
Editor’s Choice
GoRide Elite Electric Skateboard Backpack
Best for Budget
Rollie Pack Skateboard Backpack Bag

Reviews of the Best Electric Skateboard Backpacks


GoRide Elite Skateboard Backpack

This GoRide Elite Skateboard Backpack is the perfect choice for travelers and adventure seekers out there. It has a universal design that can accommodate electric longboards of up to 44 inches and 24 lbs. This model is also versatile, as it can be quickly converted into a travel bag or a backpack.

Stuffed with extra quality foam padding, this backpack will ensure that your electric longboard is kept safe and secure from scratches and dents. It also has a hidden laptop slot that can accommodate devices of up to 15 inches. 

It’s no surprise why this is a top choice of skaters who not only use it for their boards, but also for business or school!




Simbow Skateboard Backpack

The Simbow Skateboard backpack is packed with multiple functions and ergonomic compartments. Your skateboard can be attached to the backpack through three double straps to ensure that it won’t fall off. It has a laptop sleeve and a built-in charging port that can instantly replenish your board or other gadgets’ battery supply. 

If you’re into extra security, this longboard bag also features an anti-theft password lock and a hidden compartment. It also doesn’t fall short on pockets—our team appreciated these compartments that can accommodate water bottles or umbrellas. 

This longboard backpack is made of high-density fabric, making it a solid option if you want extra durability.




Rollie Pack Skateboard Backpack

If you have Boosted Board Minis, Evolve, or skateboards and longboards from the same brand, Rollie Pack Skateboard backpack is an excellent option. It is exceptionally spacious, easy to carry, and takes up only a little space when folded so you can fit it in your other bag.

This longboard bag is also highly durable as it is mainly made of a 600D polyester [1] material that is resistant to grip-tape abrasions. The skateboard straps are also cushioned so your shoulders, back, and neck to assure you’re well-protected from strain. 

There’s also an added set of protection with velcro straps in the bag that prevent the skateboard from falling. 




Inktells Electric Skateboard Backpack

This Inktells E-Skateboard Backpack is another budget backpack that can cater to electric skateboards with less than 80cm in length, 20cm in width, and 9cm in height. For a budget price, this offers three compartments for e-boards, shoes, and other small trinkets. 

Our testers appreciate this travel bag’s wide adjustable straps which distribute the weight evenly to ensure comfort and safety. A protection pad at the bottom of the backpack protects your electric skateboard as well as your hips and back when you carry it. 

You won’t have to worry about your e-boards getting soaked because it is made with encrypted polyester 900D. This fabric material protects your bag from tears and scratches.




IWONDER Electric Foldable Backpack

IWONDER Electric Foldable backpack features a straightforward, no-fuss design with velcro board straps that envelops the e-skateboard. With this, your skateboard is firmly secured and you won’t worry about carrying it around while running. It also offers a curved shoulder strap to provide more comfort to the skater. 

This longboard backpack can accommodate regular skateboards and electric skateboards of up to 15.5 lbs and is designed to hold most designs, even mini-sized e-skateboards.

The travel bag is mainly made of polyester material for guaranteed durability and resilience.  However, one of the biggest drawbacks of this e-board backpack is the straps. Since it is not padded, it might not be comfortable to wear for longer durations. 




Themoteck Skateboard Backpack

The Themoteck Skateboard backpack offers plenty of compartments and pockets that are not only perfect for your longboard but also for many other items. This can carry your board with two velcro straps on the front pocket of the backpack. For added comfort, the chest and shoulder straps as well as the backside are also thoughtfully padded. 

This longboard bag has three spacious compartments that can carry your laptop, notebook, water bottle, and other items. If you want to secure several precious belongings, this backpack also features an anti-theft pocket and lock.

Lastly, this bag has reflective straps so the user can be easily seen at night or in the dark.




xxiaojun Skateboard Backpack

The Xxiaojun Skateboard Backpack utilizes the lightweight Oxford fabric that is comfortable and water-resistant. Despite its unique and silky material, it offers three storage compartments: one for your e board, another for your small items, and the last one for items like shoes and hats. 

For your electric skateboard, it uses an adjustable shoulder strap and waist strap so the weight is distributed evenly. The bottom is also made of wear-resistant material so your skateboard will not fall off from the bag.

This electric skateboard bag can accommodate e-boards up to 31 inches in length, 8 inches in width, and 3.5 inches in height.



Electric Skateboard Backpack Buyer’s Guide

With all the possible choices of a backpack, you might lose track of what you should purchase for yourself. Thus, our expert team shares the important factors to consider in choosing the best electric skateboard backpack. 

Size and Capacity

Electric skateboards come in different sizes. The longest boards are about 38 inches to 44 inches so before purchasing an electric skateboard backpack, you have to check if your board can really fit in it. 

We suggest purchasing a board backpack with a larger capacity than your skateboard so it can fit perfectly inside or have extra allowance for space.

A board bag that features attaching the board externally through belts and velcro straps usually can accommodate all sizes. However, for a safer board, it is better to use backpacks where boards are placed inside.

In terms of capacity, it would really depend on the person who will carry the backpack. If you are a student or a professional, the carrying capacity should be larger as you’d need to carry other things like a laptop, mobile devices, extra sets of clothes, or a water bottle. 

You can also choose to bring a different bag for your other belongings so you can choose an electric skateboard backpack with a lower carrying capacity. 

Most electric skateboard backpacks have compartmentalizations, with the main compartment serving as the storage for the electric longboards and at least one compartment for other belongings. 

Choose a heavy duty electric skateboard backpack which can provide plenty of space for items other than the skateboard.

Material Quality

Just like any other product, material quality is very important. Imagine that you have a very precious thing in your bag, naturally, you’d like to protect it by placing it in a sturdy and safe bag.

Your electric skateboard is a precious thing that needs all the love and protection it deserves. Hence, it is only apt to get the best electric skateboard backpacks with high-quality materials. 

In choosing the right material for your skateboard backpacks, you should consider these factors.

First, the material should be of high strength as electric skateboards’ weight can range up to 28 pounds. If the material is not of high quality and strength, the board can pierce through it. 

Other considerations are the ease of care, resistance to molds and mildew, and sometimes even water resistance. 

There are several materials usually used in electric skateboard backpacks and one of them is polyester. This is often the material used not only for electric skateboard backpacks but for hiking bags and the like. 

Polyester has a finer thread so they can be woven together to increase the fabric thickness. Thickness is very important as it is equated to the capacity of the bag to carry the electric skateboard. 

Polyester also has a high resistance to tearing so it would take a number of uses before you can catch tearing on its threads. It is also excellent in holding colors, so the user can dye the bag with different colors aside from black. 

Another material usually used in electric skateboard bags is the Oxford fabric which is composed of pure cotton, or with a combination of polyurethane. It is usually used as it is lightweight, and with the combination of polyurethane, it can provide water and wind resistance. 

Overall, the choice of fabric in a board backpack is crucial for additional protection to your electric longboards. Therefore, make sure to carefully consider this when choosing the best electric skateboard backpacks. 

Belt, Straps, and Pockets

Comfort is very important when you carry your board using a backpack. If you’re someone who travels for long periods of time while carrying the board, you need belts and straps in place for extra comfort.

A wide adjustable shoulder strap is needed to customize the fit of the backpack to his back. An ill-fitting backpack can result in improper posture and back pain. So make sure to adjust everything accordingly and test the fit while you carry the bag, before long walks or travel.

Another important property of a board backpack is the shoulder strap. It should be padded to add additional comfort for the shoulders to lessen numbness. 

Chest belts and hip belts are also available in some backpacks to help distribute the weight of the board. Some of the backpacks mentioned in this review have adjustable padded shoulder straps as well as hip belts and chest belts. 


As mentioned previously, padding provides extra comfort while carrying the board. The padding in the shoulders prevents numbness and pain in the shoulder area as this is where most of the weight of the electric skateboard is allocated. 

Padding in the bottom of the backpack also provides additional protection to the board on accidental bumps to hard surfaces while you carry your skateboard.

The best electric skateboard backpack has padding both in the shoulder straps and in the body of the bag for full protection. If you want to carry your electric skateboard for a long time, consider getting a bag with ample padding. 

Water Resistance

Some skaters look for water resistance in their electric skateboard backpacks for peace of mind in case of sudden rain or accidental water splashes. 

Most electric skateboards are not water-resistant. In order to protect them, especially during long travels, a water-resistant longboard bag will do the job. After all, the main purpose of the backpack aside from carrying the skateboard is also to provide protection.

Commuting vs Travel Backpack

A commuting backpack is designed to carry your electric skateboard as well as other items like laptops and shoes. They also usually have different slots for these items. They are meant for professionals and students who carry other things aside from a skateboard. 

Travel backpacks, on the other hand, usually have single compartments for the skateboard or have the skateboard attached to the bag using velcro straps or double straps. They provide easier access to the board but also give lesser protection to it as it is more exposed externally. 

Remember that you cannot just convert your available travel bag into an electric skateboard bag, or use a regular skateboard bag for your electric skateboards as you need to carry something heavier than the regular one. 

If you want to carry a 10-kilogram worth of objects, you cannot carry a travel bag that is designed for 5 kilograms and expect it to work, much less last for more than a couple of uses. That is why it is very important to use and carry backpacks meant for electric skateboards. 


Electric skateboard backpacks should be cleaned every once in a while, and most fabrics are cleaned by using a washing machine. However, before shooting your bag into the washing machine, you must check for the launderability of the fabric. 

Some board backpacks with cotton fabrics can be placed in the washing machine with some precautions on drying so the cotton won’t produce lints. Other fabrics need extra care so washing them in a washing machine won’t be possible. 

For these kinds of fabrics, dry cleaning can be an option. This is so extra care can be imposed and color intensity can be preserved. 

Price and Warranty

Most skateboard backpacks come with a one-year warranty. Quality comes with the price so usually, the higher the price, the better the quality of the backpack. 

This applies to the GoRide Electric Skateboard Backpack that has a higher price than the rest, but provides the best quality of among the products. 

Some electric skateboard backpacks may be cheaper, but some features are excluded like padding in the shoulder straps and in the bottom of the backpack. Sometimes, hip belts and chest belts for distribution of weight are also not included. 

Therefore, if you want to experience the utmost convenience and comfort in a skateboard backpack, you need to invest more, and check thoroughly if it has the features you’re looking for. 

Cleaning Your Electric Skateboard Backpack

Handwashing the backpack is the best option to clean it. First, remove everything from your longboard bag and soak it in a bowl with soapy water. Air-dry the backpack after washing. Drying it under the sun is an option but may lead to bleaching of colors. 

Some fabrics used in electric skateboard backpacks are stain-resistant and dirt resistant so cleaning the backpack can be done by wiping it using a damp cloth. For worse dirt, dry cleaning, hand washing, or using a washing machine can be done to clean it. 

And as we previously mentioned, it is imperative to read through the launderability of the bag, through the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Some bags may need extra attention because of the fabric, while some undergo the washing machine.


How do you carry an electric skateboard on a backpack?

You can carry an electric skateboard on a backpack in several ways. Some backpacks allow the electric skateboard to fit inside the back so the skater can just carry it like a normal backpack. This provides complete protection for the board. 

Some need a pre-existing backpack where the electric skateboard can be taped to using velcro belts or double belts. Other bags allow the skateboard to be attached to the front of the bag, while some allow the board to be attached at the back, between the user’s back and the backpack. The latter provides less comfort as movement is more restrained. 

Our Top Pick For an Electric Skateboard Backpack:
GoRide Elite

After rigorous tests, our expert team picks the GoRide Elite Electric Skateboard Backpack as the best electric skateboard backpack. It provides all-encompassing protection for your electric skateboard and ticks all boxes for durability and versatility for our testers. This GoRide backpack offers highly functional compartments for other objects like laptops, water bottles, and more. Its padded straps and good weight distribution score A+ for user comfort. 

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