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Do you want to enjoy the benefits of an electric skateboard but are on a tight budget? There are a lot of cheap options online but you must be careful so you won’t need to return the item and buy another. Don’t worry, our team of experts have compiled a list of the best DIY electric skateboard kits.

Premium Option
Hub Motor Kit
Editor’s Pick
Vanpro DIY Electric Skateboard Wheel Kit Set
Best for Budget
Benchwheel Drive Pulley Motor Pulley Kit

Reviews of the Top Electric Skateboard Kits


Vanpro DIY Electric Skateboard Wheel Kit Set

The Vanpro DIY E-Skateboard Kit Set product is one of the best electric conversion kits as it supports longboarding as well as rough terrains and hill climbs. Since this electric skateboard can be used in rough terrains, its shock absorption is pretty good. 

This skateboard conversion kit does not come with wheels so it can be paired with any as long as the wheel size hole and, style, and motor shaft diameter are compatible. 

Vanpro also carries a wireless remote control receiver that can transmit up to 80 meters away. However, it is sold separately from this kit. This is frequently bought together with other kits like the Premium DIY Electric Skateboard Motor Mount.




Demeras Hub Motor Kit

The Demeras Hub Motor Kit is compatible for all skateboards with a board length less than 910mm. It is very practical and useful as it provides strong power due to its external brushless hub motor of 350W power. 

One of the best things about this electric skateboard kit is that the whole motor is dust-proof and water-proof so you are guaranteed for long use of the product. This electric skateboard has a top speed of 25km/h. 

Demeras also has reliable customer support as consumers can message them anytime. Technical representatives will be deployed to help you solve problems with the product.




Benchwheel Drive Pulley Motor Pulley Kit

Benchwheel Drive Pulley Motor DIY Kit is not only one of the best electric skateboard kits but also one of the cheapest ones available online. It has high-performance wheels, with a wheel size of 80x45mm. One wheel is a power wheel, while the other is not, so these electric skateboard parts are only for a mellow drive. 

The electric skateboard conversion kit also includes high strength, wear resistance 608 bearings, and a PU belt to support its performance. 

These are also very compatible with any standard skateboard as long as the wheel size and hole size fits. The wheels come assembled so this is easy to install even if you are a newbie.




Focket Electric Longboard Skateboard ESC Kit

Focket Electric Longboard Skateboard ESC Kit features a remote control which other electric skateboard kits lack. It is made of high quality chip and electronic components which is sure to provide stable performance to the user. 

The circuit board is easy to install in the electric skateboard and once properly installed, can provide varying speed and driving mode. It can support up to 35km/hr with up to 120kg load. 

This DIY electric skateboard kit is already a good buy for its price since it offers protection against over-voltage, under-voltage, overheat, stall, over current and even speed control. 




IWONDER Electric Skateboard Wheels and Pulley Conversion Kit

IWONDER Electric Skateboard Conversion Kit provides a high-strength and durable pulley that is sure to give you a good ride. The Cloudwheel Discovery technology provides thicker and better spokes of wheel core, hence better impact resistance. 

Aside from that, its patented damping foam core technology removes almost all vibration in the wheels, providing a better riding experience. Mounting it on an Exway board will give faster speed and a better riding experience. 

This set comes with one pulley conversion kit and four pieces of cloud wheels. 




JKING Brushless Motor Hub Kit

JKING Brushless Motor Hub Kit has a PU material wheel which provides good elasticity and shock absorption. This greatly reduces the vibration, hence provides a smooth ride to the user. 

The brushless motor provides a high torque and high speed response so it can support a hill climb. It also provides a stable and reliable performance that can last the entire summer even if used constantly. 

The 83MM 450W motor drive kit provides a good input voltage for a long ride. 




Puaida Dual Hub Motor Kit

Puaida Dual Hub Motor Kit is really for the hill climb as it can climb a 25% steep hill at 26mph, thanks to its dual motors. Its black longboard wheel is made of high elastic PU material, providing a more durable and longer life of the product. 

Delivery is also excellent as you can receive this within 6 business days. As this does not come with a remote control, this is best purchased with the Vanpro Wireless Remote Control or the Focket ESC Kit. The best part is that it is easy to install. 



Electric Skateboard Kit Buyer’s Guide

Now that you are familiar with the best DIY kits for electric skateboards, our experts summarized the things that you need to look out for to have the best electric skateboard conversion kit. 

Ease of Assembly

No matter what item you want to build, a DIY kit is a lot of hard work but is guaranteed to help you save money. For people looking to customize their own DIY electric skateboard kits, purchasing parts from different brand carriers shouldn’t be a problem. 

However, if you are a newbie and don’t want to mess up the wirings, stability or any internal connections, then mount and slide electric skateboards are for you. 

The best electric skateboard kits are in between of the two mentioned above. These are the skateboard conversion kits that allow you to tinker with the components but are not sensitive to minor changes in the build kit boards. 

It is best to purchase one with easy to follow step instructions so you can build your own electric skateboard with ease. 

Material and Durability

The best electric skateboard kit should be made of durable materials that can last multiple uses. Users should look for high quality parts to prevent changing them often. 

Most of the materials of the electric skateboards in this review are made of polyurethane [1] which is known to be heat resistant. It is important to have this kind of material in electric skateboards as this does not melt even with continuous use during summer time. 

Other durable materials include aluminum and iron. These are usually found in wheels as well as in direct drive motors. As these materials are quite sturdy, you won’t have issues with chipping or snapping. 

However, when used in wheels, aluminum and iron also have its disadvantages. At higher speeds and rougher terrains, these materials are not very good shock absorbers, hence more vibrations will be felt by the rider. 

As a user, you must take into consideration the benefits you can get from the materials the components of your electric longboard kits are made of. Remember, poorly built conversion kits would only lead you to spend more money on repairs and buying new components.

Motor and Battery

An electric skateboard conversion kit must have a good motor in order to run it. There are many types of motors you can choose from. 

The hub motor is the one attached to the wheels of an electric skateboard kit. The best thing about this is that it can provide a silent ride and you can still perform the kick push in case the battery life suddenly fails. 

Belt drive motors, which is the most traditional drivetrain, are also available for skateboard conversion kits. This one provides more options for speed vary based on the user’s preference, as well as torque and gear ratio. 

However, one disadvantage of this is that it is usually composed of many little parts that would need a lot of adjusting. Buying replacement parts would also not be very easy as these are quite small items. 

Direct drive motors are like the combination of the best of hub motors and belt drive motors. The electric conversion kit with this motor is best for uphill climbs as there is direct input from the wheels and it can also accommodate varying speed and torque input from the motor. 

As much as the motor is important in an electric skateboard conversion kit, the battery pack is also of equal importance. It is the battery that gives power to the motors so the choice of battery is a  big decision too.

There are two possible configurations for the batteries for your electric skateboard kit, which are the S or the P configuration. 

The S or series configuration can be of varying battery size. The 6s are best for short flat ground travels, 10s are for medium to high speeds, and 12s can provide longer battery life for faster speed. 

The P or parallel series can be of varying battery size too but usually pertains more to the possible distance travelled. The 2p batteries can provide a battery life for about 10-12 miles, 3p batteries for about 12-15 miles, while 4p for about 15-25 mile range. 

A charging cable usually comes with the electric skateboard so filling up the battery power will not be a problem. 

There is really no standard battery suggested for an electric skateboard conversion kit so the choice depends on how much power and the mode of use. 

Just remember that an electric skateboard diy kit needs to have a matching battery input for the motor so you can maximize its benefits.

Electric Speed Controller & Brakes

The speed controller of an electric skateboard kit is like the muscle of the body. It controls how fast or how slow you can go. 

However, the user should be informed of the top speed of the skateboard kit for going beyond it can put too much strain on the motors and even ruin its mechanism. 

The speed controller also affects the brakes of the skateboard kit. It can control how strong the brakes will be applied or how long it will be pressed to the wheels. 

For safety purposes, it is best to perform check-ups on the brake of the electric conversion kit yearly. 

Remote Control

Most of the skateboard conversion kits mentioned in this review do not come with a remote control. Hence, there is a need to purchase a separate remote control for the conversion kit. 

There is a need to choose a high-quality remote control that can transmit and receive signals, even at a distance. It should be made of high-quality chips so it can last for a long period of time. 

There are some electric skateboard remote controls which have a feature to check the power, low-voltage alarm function, under-voltage and power-failure protections. These features come in handy as not all users notice malfunctions on their electric skateboard immediately. 


Just like any other electronic device, the performance of an electric skateboard is an important thing to consider.

 As a buyer, you should identify first the specs and use of your electric skateboard in order to identify what is best for you. The user must decide whether he wants a fast electric skateboard, its riding mode, or if it needs to do steep climbs. 

However, most of the electric longboards available online are not complete and you may need to DIY and customize other components. This is no longer a hard task since there are many tutorials and component specs already available on the internet. 

The key indicators of the performance of an electric skateboard include speed, torque and power. Being able to identify the user’s preference before investing in an electric skateboard not only saves you time, but also money. 

Safety Features

The best electric skateboard conversion kit should be equipped with safety features that include the brakes, power safety and over-voltage. These features are embedded within the kit. 

The user must always remember that this equipment is an electric one with the input of power from a motor so the kinetic energy is far greater than the old-school manual kick and push skateboard. 

The top speed of electric skateboard conversion kits should not exceed 50mph as a sudden stop can throw the user off balance. It should also have a neat little feature of preventing the skateboard from overspeeding. 

A high quality grip tape should also be installed on top of the longboard to prevent the user from slipping in case the board gets wet. 

The safety features embedded in the electric skateboard may not be enough to keep the user completely safe. It is recommended to still wear a safety helmet when riding. 

Value for Money

The best electric skateboard kit is something that is customized to the user’s preference. Most users do not get the entire package from a single manufacturer, but instead buy components and enjoy all the DIY builds themselves. 

This also allows them to maximize the benefits the components can give. 

Pros and Cons of an Electric Skateboard Kit

Skaters build their dream skateboards. Although it is an exciting idea to DIY your own skateboard, there can be advantages and disadvantages to it. Here are some of the advantages of owning one: 

Portability and ease of use

Electric skateboard kits are easy to bring anywhere as they are handheld. Cars and motorcycles sometimes cannot move into narrow spaces but skateboard kits can fit almost anywhere. 

Aside from that, there is no need to exert so much effort in moving it since the motors provide the power to move the skateboard. 

Some electric skateboards are also equipped with a mobile app so you can control the riding modes. This increases the ease of use of the electric skateboard. 

Speed and Battery life

Many electric skateboard conversion kits promise fast speed, with the top speed reaching up to 25mph. This speed is already at par with a gasoline-fueled motorcycle so speed enthusiasts really enjoy this feature.

With the right battery, an electric skateboard conversion kit can cover more than an hour of continuous ride so this equipment can bring you to places at a decent speed. 

Handheld control

Electric skateboard conversion kits can be controlled using handheld devices like remote controls or transmitters. This is a unique feature as other electric equipment do not have the same remote control. 

When riding with a handheld controller, the rider can focus on the speed and direction, no longer on the need to kick and push the board. 

However, even with these advantages, there are still disadvantages of an electric skateboard kit. These can be the following:


Electric skateboards are more expensive than regular ones as they include more components such as batteries and motors to move the rear trucks. 

Also, if the user plans to not buy the complete electric skateboards already assembled, then the cost of assembling from different component manufacturers will increase the total price of the build.


Compared to the first electric skateboard, these new electric skateboards are heavier due to the increase in power which is brought about by the other working components. 

Hence, if you are not a fan of carrying a heavier than the regular skateboard, then this is not a good choice for you. 

How to Assemble an Electric Skateboard Kit

In order to assemble a good and working kit, you must first need to familiarize yourself with the components, wiring, batteries, and other DIYs. You need to have the right tools in order to put together your build kit boards. 

There are already a lot of DIY instructions available when you purchase your longboards so we suggest keeping these instructions in order to follow it once you have all the components. 

Just don’t forget to screw the board and the wheels tight so they will not spontaneously disassemble when you go on your rides. 

Safety Tips and Reminders

Though safety features are already in place in your conversion kits, it is still best to follow safety standards when riding. For the best safety during your rides, it is best to wear knee and elbow pads and helmets to protect you from any bruises in case of accidents. 

Our Top Pick For an Electric Skateboard Kit:
Vanpro DIY Electric Skateboard Wheel Set

Our top pick for an electric skateboard kit is the Vanpro DIY Electric Skateboard Wheel Set. This converision kit is very easy to install and maintain. It is also shock absorbent and can be paired with any wheels as long as it fits.


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