Are Boosted Boards Worth It? — What You Need to Know Before Buying

You have probably heard of Boosted boards and how it has been all the rave in the electric skateboarding community. You also heard how pricey it is, and we would not want you to spend on something you could not use or enjoy in the long run. Thus, our experts are here to help you answer whether the boosted board is a reasonable purchase.

Are Boosted Boards Worth It?

Company Track Record

Boosted Boards (now Boosted USA) was founded by Sanjay Dastoor, John Ulmen, and Matthew Tran with financial backing by StartX in mid-2012. They started as a Kickstarter campaign that pledges to deliver premium electric skateboards for a $100,00 goal. It launched with $467,000 worth of backing and was a massive success until its eventual dissolution in 2020.

Boosted USA logo

Customer Experience

Even though the production of Boosted boards has been discontinued, remaining stocks can still be purchased in Boosted USA [1] and customer-related inquiries can still be sent via

boosted skateboards

It is also noteworthy to add that since the discontinuation of their products, Boosted boards users across the world have stepped up in supporting each other by providing tips in building, maintenance, and usage, thus enticing more potential e-skaters in the present.


Boosted boards have a sleek design that is versatile and speaks of reliability and durability, The boards are the popular choice among many skaters.

Boosted boards are responsive and easy to maneuver. These boards have handheld remote, and regenerative brakes that can go forward or reverse for a safer and more sustainable means of transportation.

Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard Unboxing

Aside from being lightweight and portable, it is also eco-friendly. Boosted founder Sanjay Dastoor claims that using these skateboards uses 20 times less energy for every mile than traveling in a car. Thus, reducing the footprint of energy use in terms of transportation.

Safety Features

Are boosted boards safe to use? 

Since its discontinuation, new skaters, in particular, ask if Boosted pulled out of the market because of safety issues, and the answer is a hard no.

Person standing on Boosted Plus V3

Boosted Boards revolutionized the electric skateboarding community by bringing regenerative brakes to the next level. Our experts were consistently impressed by the accuracy of its forward and reverse braking. It is spot-on and really comes through on all occasions.

Boosted, like most electric skateboards, also have handheld remotes that coordinate with the motors. It can accelerate or decelerate depending on its user, and a Superflex composite deck integrated with a shock-absorbing mechanism.

Motor and Speed

With its state-of-the-art motors and range capacity, Boosted boards can go from 20-24mph with a hill-climbing range of 15% to 25%. The Boosted boards’ motors have a competitive build that can outlast and withstand most brands, and it is one of their main selling points.

Loyal Boosted users, including some from our team of experts, can verify that with the right upgrade and maintenance, Boosted boards have the ability to soar higher and achieve faster lengths.

To know more about the motor and speed of Boosted boards, here is a dedicated page about how fast a Boosted board can go.


Since it was founded in 2012, Boosted has prided on making electric skateboards with a vehicle-like quality. Boosted users attest that the board has longevity of 3+ years depending on how well and frequently it is maintained. Some known e-skaters claim to have traveled 3k miles using their boards and are still in their brand new-like condition. Our experts found that Boosted really did not cheap out on their materials if it would cost them to render inferior outputs.

To test the board’s durability, you should also determine whether boosted board are water resistant here

Boy using Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard


Boosted boards range from $749 – $1,599 with Boosted Mini S as the cheapest, and Boosted V3 plus as the priciest. 

Hence, are Boosted boards worth it then, considering it is one of the more expensive brands when it comes to electric skateboards? 

Yes, its pricing is highly affordable when compared to other vehicles. The features you get from these skateboards greatly compensate for their pricing.

Best Models in the Market

Boosted Stealth

The Boosted Stealth is the fastest, neatest, and most powerful e-board by Boosted. With a 24mph Top Speed, super flex composite deck, and extended range of 14 miles, it is the pinnacle of performance and e-board experience.

boosted stealth

Boosted Mini X

Boosted Mini X is the preferred board for old-school riders and those looking for affordable options. It has a deep dish composite deck, 14 miles extended range, and can top to 20 mph speed.

Boosted Plus V3

The Boosted Plus is carved from the original boosted board and is technically a longboard. Its design remains the same but its performance increases every upgrade. It has a top speed of 22mph, a 14-mile extended range, a super composite flex deck, regenerative brakes, and 85mm wheels.

Boosted V3


Is Boosted board the best?

Yes, Boosted board is the best. It offers some of the fastest and most durable electric skateboards among its competitors. It also offers a 25% superior incline speed compared to the top 5 electric skateboards to date.

Why is boosted board so expensive?

Boosted board is so expensive because it is built to be reliable not only for recreation but also for transportation. They are known for their premium performance and are engineered with safety as their number one priority.

What is the cheapest boosted board?

The cheapest Boosted board is Boosted Mini S. It is the smaller, more compact skateboard version, and was produced after the demand to release a more affordable option in the market.


Boosted’s stellar reputation for power and speed still remains untarnished to this day. Their boards give impressive control making it the perfect companion for any form of skateboard adventure.

Are boosted boards worth it? Yes, they still are the golden standard for the safest and most reliable electric skateboards available in the market.

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