How Fast Does a Boosted Board Go? — Learn Their Models’ Max Speed

If you don’t know how fast a Boosted board goes, you can’t schedule your commutes and rides properly. Plus, you may end up spending money on a board that’s slower than your expectations. Our team of experts reviewed several Boosted boards to find out their top speed and help you plan better. Here’s what they found.

How Fast Does a Boosted Board Go

The fastest Boosted board is the Boosted Stealth. It can reach speeds of up to 24 mph and travel several miles before requiring a recharge. The Boosted Mini S is the slowest board with a top speed of 18 mph.

When answering ‘how fast does a Boosted board go?’, you also have to consider other factors like the rider’s weight, terrain, and even battery level. Later in this article, our team of experts will discuss the various factors that affect a board’s speed.

Boosted Models Speed and Features

Boosted offers five electric boards, ranging from affordable to premium. In this section, we answer the question, ‘how fast does a Boosted board go?’ for each board.

Boosted Plus V3

The Boosted Plus v3 is a high-powered board that can reach speeds of on level surfaces. It can also travel 14 miles on a single charge and climb 25% grade hills. Even though the Plus V3 isn’t a budget board, it delivers exceptional value with a versatile remote control, flexible deck, and a 2000 watt motor. The Plus V3 is the second most powerful Boosted board, after the Stealth.

Boosted V3

Boosted V2 Plus

The V2 Plus has a top speed of 22 mph and a travel range of 7 miles. The board costs less than the Plus V3, even though it has tons of incredible features. Some include a four-speed remote, a 2000 watt motor, high weight capacity, and safety ratings. The Boosted V2 Plus also has high grip wheels and a flexible deck.

Person standing on Boosted Plus V2


The Boosted Stealth can reach top speeds of 24 mph and travel up to 14 miles on a single charge. It is the most expensive Boosted board, as well as the fastest. The remote controls your riding speed and brakes, and tells you the current battery level. The Boosted Stealth also has regenerative braking, 5 ride modes, and a durable build.

boosted stealth

Mini X

The Mini X is Boosted’s most affordable board. Despite its cheap price tag, it delivers a stellar performance, with a top speed of 20 mph and an extended 14-mile range. The Mini X has a belt drive system driven by a 1000 watt motor and three riding modes. It can climb 20% grade hills and has a sturdy construction.

Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

Minis S

Boosted Mini S costs half as much as Stealth, and it has decent performance features. It can reach a top speed of 18 mph and travel up to 7 miles on a single charge. The Minis S can also climb steep hills thanks to its 80mm high grip wheels and powerful motor. Other features include an ergonomic remote control, three ride modes, and a deep dish composite deck.

boosted mini s

Contributing Factors to Skateboard Speed

Battery and Power

In terms of power, are Boosted boards worth it? Motor power is the most critical determinant of speed in a skateboard. Boosted [1] boards are fitted with powerful 1000 W or 2000 W motors, depending on the model you get. These, in combination with other features, can reach ridiculous speeds in a short time.

Battery charge is another critical part of a board’s performance. You’ll reach the top speed on a board with a 100% charge — however, the lower the battery level, the lesser the performance. Boosted boards are designed to preserve battery, to give you the longest possible travel time.

If you combine a full battery with a powerful motor, you’ll get remarkable performance from your Boosted skateboard. The performance also tends to be better with new boards. The older the board, the weaker the motor and battery. As a result, you may not reach the top-rated speed.


A Boosted skateboard will travel much faster on level ground than it does on an incline. The model determines how fast you scale inclines. For example, the Boosted Stealth can tame 25% grade hills, while the Mini S is only limited to 20%. That’s why you can reach higher speeds with the Stealth than you could ever get with the Minis S, even though their top speeds aren’t so different.

boosted skateboards

The road condition also plays a critical role. Boosted boards sport 80mm polyurethane wheels. They are great for surfaces like asphalt, concrete, and wood. However, they don’t fare so well on grass, sand, and loose gravel. Besides losing grip, the lack of friction reduces power delivery, making you go slower.


Electric skateboards are very similar to regular boards, despite their motors, batteries, and remote controls. Their performance is completely dependent on the rider. That’s why even though the Boosted V2 plus has a top speed of 22 mph, most riders will never reach it. It takes skill, experience, and balance control to maximize a board’s potential.

Everything comes down to balance. Boosted boards have sensors that respond to your body weight. You lean forward to go faster and backward to slow down. You need proper balance to get the most out of the electric board. Thankfully, all Boosted boards come with ride modes. You can use lower modes to practice until you master balance.

(Single-wheel board will also test your balance, if you are planning to get one, this is the price of a OneWheel board

Weight Capacity

Our team of experts found that all Boosted boards have a weight capacity of 250 pounds or 113 kg. The heavier the rider, the slower the board will go. Riders with an average weight of 154 pounds will get the most out of the board. But as your weight goes up, the top speed will drop.


What is the top speed of a Boosted board?

The top speed of the Boosted Stealth board is 24 mph. It’s the fastest board manufactured by Boosted, and it has a travel range of 14 miles.


Boosted boards have a top speed of between 18 mph and 24 mph depending on the model you get. According to our team of experts, you’ll also need to consider the rider weight, motor power, and terrain when answering the question, ‘how fast does a Boosted board go?’

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