How much Does a Onewheel Cost? — Know the Reason Behind its Hefty Price Tag

Knowing how much a OneWheel costs can help you budget effectively. Without this knowledge, you may overpay for the product and end up regretting it in the long run. Our team of experts has come up with a cost estimate, as well as the reason behind the price to help with your purchase.

How Much Does a OneWheel Cost?

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Onewheel boards are motorized personal transportation vehicles designed to balance on one wheel without tipping the rider over. They cost between $250 and $400.

According to our team of experts, the motor and balancing technology is responsible for most of the motor’s cost. This is why it’s difficult to find a model that’s as affordable as hoverboards or even electric scooters.

Models Compared

Even though OneWheel refers to a kind of board design, the name is proprietary and owned by the OneWheel company. Only a few other manufacturers – mostly Viro and SkootRider – create boards with single-wheel designs, and they use the names like Free-style.

There are currently four leading OneWheel board models today, and they are the OneWheel Plus XR, OneWheel Pint, SkootRider Single Wheel, and Viro Free-Style.

OneWheel Plus XR

The OneWheel Plus XR is the best model on the market today. When riders ask ‘how much does a OneWheel cost?’, this model answers the question by delivering a wide range of features, including a mobile app, top speed of 19mph, and a powerful battery. The OneWheel Plus XR is also one of the most expensive OneWheel models.

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OneWheel Pint

The OneWheel Pint offers incredible value for money. It weighs less than 25 pounds, has a magnetic handle for easy transportation, and high versatility. The board also sports sensors that respond to your body weight. The OneWheel Pint has a top speed of 16 mph.

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SkootRider Single Wheel

The SkootRider board is highly rugged with a water resistance rating and all-terrain wheels. It can ride through gravel, sand, water, snow, and even climb up 15-degree inclines. The board also has riding modes for controlling speed and a max weight capacity of 265 lbs.

Viro Free-Style

The Viro Free-Style actually has two wheels. But they are side by side, and the board has the same design as a OneWheel. It can carry riders up to 220 pounds and has a top speed of 7mph. Other cool features include an anti-slip deck, LED steering lights, and a Bluetooth speaker.

Add Ons

Most OneWheels don’t have a remote. Instead, they have a mobile app that lets you pre-set riding preferences. These include maximum speed and sensor responsiveness. You can also monitor your charge level, distance traveled, and other metrics on the mobile app.

Factors Behind its Costly Price Tag

According to our team of experts, the price of OneWheels comes down to two factors: Balancing technology and performance.


Before they became mainstream, people were skeptical of OneWheels because no-one believed they could balance on a single tire. However, their balancing technology won the hearts of buyers, and even though it made the prices steep, people were more than willing to pay.

These boards also have spectacular performance, reaching top speeds of up to 19 mph and traveling 18 miles on a single charge.

Is this Board Worth it?

If you’re looking for a fun way to get around, the OneWheel [1] is your best bet. It is surprisingly easy to ride thanks to the balancing technology. It also gives you a sense of adventure and exploration that you won’t get with many other personal transportation devices.

However, you also have to ask how much does a OneWheel cost, in relation to your budget. If you can afford the price tag, the board is the perfect option for you. If you can’t, it may be helpful to look at other types of boards.


Why is the OneWheel so expensive?

The OneWheel is so expensive because of the materials and technology required to balance on a single wheel, despite the rider’s weight. Other factors that influence the cost include the design and performance.

Is OneWheel worth the money?

The OneWheel is worth the money thanks to its balancing technology, performance, and overall durability. It also has a visual appeal that most other electric boards don’t match.


The OneWheel offers tremendous value for a board with a single wheel. According to our team of experts, the balance, material build, and performance all account for its steep price. But if you can afford it, the OneWheel is a great investment.

If you are looking for another alternative for your One Wheel device, then knowing the speed of a running Boosted Board is worth your time.


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