Are Boosted Boards Waterproof? — Mini S, Stealth, & More

Picture this: you are out for a trip with your board and it suddenly rains, what do you do? Getting your expensive e-board wet can cause your battery and motor to be fried, and that is the last thing anyone would want. Are Boosted Boards Waterproof? Our team of experts is here to help guide you figure that out.

Are Boosted Boards Water Resistant or Waterproof?

Boosted Boards are water-resistant. Boosted has made a serious effort in protecting their boards against water by making the most essential parts like the battery and motor safe from water damage.

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It is very hard to manufacture a fully waterproof electrical device, especially if it is not technically built for use on water surfaces. Boosted has safety measures when it comes to the product’s water exposure, but that hardly means that your board will not suffer damage if continually exposed over time. 

Wet roads would mean more unpredictable and slippery terrain, and it would be safer for both you and your board to opt for walking or riding a car instead.

Boosted Boards

Boosted Mini

Boosted Mini is the more compact, price-competitive prototype from Boosted. The brand firmly stresses that the Mini, albeit smaller, does not fall short on performance. It uses a belt-driven motor system that gives it an edge over other hub-drive electric skateboards from the same price range.

It also has a deep dish deck and water-resistant board that make it easier to clean and maintain. When compared with similarly sized and priced electric skateboards, Boosted Mini is still able to deliver performance that greatly exceeds its competitors.

Boosted Mini S

The small and mighty Boosted Mini S is 29.5 inches long, and fits perfectly almost anywhere, thus delivering an easy stash-and-go experience. It has a custom-designed composite deck that provides superior control and a kicktail design that allows quick pivoting especially in close quarters. Most of all, it has the same powerful acceleration with smooth and reliable braking comparable to higher-end Boosted board models.

boosted mini s

Boosted Stealth

Boosted Stealth is a 17-pound longboard built for comfort, performance, and durability. With its adaptive Super Flex composite deck, effortless riding in various landscapes is easily feasible

Going from a steep 25% grade to a crowded city feels uncomplicated, and e-skaters vouch for Stealth’s reliability in the long run; thanks to Boosted’s latest drivetrain improvement mechanisms, which feature rigorous CNC trucks for bigger push and pull when you need it most.

Boosted Plus V3

Carved from the original Boosted Board (longboard), the plus offers a smooth and powerful performance that electric skateboard enthusiasts crave for. It has a sleek design that lets you cruise around in a swift and safe manner.

Boosted Plus V3 boasts on the fact that every element in the board is built for durability that yields a reliable electric skateboarding experience. It has an improved Super Flex composite deck and deep carving capabilities that deliver strength and vibration dampening.

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As for its safety measures, it has an industry-leading remote and firmware for safe, secure braking and absolute control, making it an instant classic.

Boosted V2 Plus

The Boosted V2 Plus can get you around with incredible speed and ease. Its standard battery range can get you from 6 to 7 miles with the stock motor driver. V2 Plus also has a 4-speed remote and regenerative braking that can provide absolute control in acceleration and deceleration. It has a 25% grade hill climbing and can hit 22mph top speed.

IP Ratings

IP Ratings [1], or Ingress Progression Ratings, determine an object’s levels of sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures against exposure from foreign bodies including dust and moisture.

The first digit after the IP indicates their resistance level to dust and other particles, and ranges from 0 to 6, with 6 being the most effective. Meanwhile, the second digit indicates their rating against water and other liquids and ranges from 0 to 9.

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As reliable as this rating system is, many electric skateboard manufacturers do not use this system. Boosted Boards is one of these manufacturers. They do not have certified IP ratings, but their loyal users vouch that they can tolerate a limited amount of exposure.

Essentially, electrical wiring and water really do not go together. It is also important to note that there are no true IP68 rated electric skateboards, as they really cannot tolerate being immersed in water.

Waterproofing your Boosted Board (DIY)

Switching your Boosted board to a completely waterproof board in the market might deem to be counterproductive and unnecessary. After all, Boosted Board still holds the standard of electric skateboards in the market.

Boosted V3

Here are a few tips to waterproof your Boosted board instead:

  • Use a high-rated waterproof silicone or sealant to fill gaps, cracks, or any opening in the rear and base of the deck. Make sure not to obstruct any wirings as you do so.
  • Use neoprene foam. This is a waterproof material and it is one of the best ways to prevent any water exposure in your gear. Not to mention, it also looks sleek and goes well with most base designs.


Is the boosted mini S waterproof?

No, Boosted Mini S not waterproof. It is only water-resistant, which means that it can withstand puddles, splashes, and even light rains, but it could not fully submerge in the water as it would fry its motor.


Are Boosted Boards Waterproof? No. But so are most of the e-boards out in the market. They are built for drylands and made reliable in uneven terrains, but are hardly the vehicle for water-related trips. Additionally, our experts vouch that Boosted boards are water resistant to some extent. But without having IP ratings to certify, it is best not to risk these expensive boards.

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