Turboant X7 Pro — Speed, Range, Cost and More

The Turboant X7 Pro is a powerful and versatile electric scooter designed to provide a comfortable and reliable ride in any terrain. This sleek and modern scooter offers a maximum speed of 20 mph, a range of up to 30 miles, and a robust and durable design that can handle any terrain. 

Whether you’re a daily commuter, weekend adventurer, or just looking for a fun and efficient way to get around, the Turboant X7 Pro is a perfect choice. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the features of the Turboant X7 Pro and evaluate its performance, comfort, and overall value.

The Speed and Acceleration

In terms of speed, the X7 Pro is an excellent choice. The scooter strikes the ideal balance between accommodating novice riders and providing an exhilarating top speed of 20 mph. There are three available riding modes: Beginner, Eco, and Sport. The availability of all three modes makes the X7 Pro a versatile option – ideal whether you’re looking to have fun or have a long commute ahead. 

In conjunction with the 30-mile range, you will not have to worry about not reaching your destination. Additionally, the Turboant X7 Pro has cruise control, which can make driving even more enjoyable. Simply maintain a constant speed while depressing the throttle for ten seconds, and your scooter will take over.

The Range

With a maximum range of 30 miles, the Turboant X7 Pro is more competitive with more expensive scooters than those in the same price range. In my database of over eighty scooters, the average price of models with a range between 28 and 33 miles is $1,185. The Mantis Base, one of the scooters included in the average, costs $1,699, which is more than three times the price of the Turboant X7 Pro.

turboant x7 range1

Obviously, riding more aggressively can reduce this range, so it is important to monitor battery levels. However, the Eco mode does conserve energy. If you are a speed demon and push the X7 Pro to its absolute limits, you can expect a range of 14 to 16 miles. The X7 Pro additionally benefits from a removable battery. 

This is located in the stem of the handlebars and can be easily removed and replaced with a new, fully charged battery to double the range while on the move. The detachable battery also enables convenient charging at home or in the office. Within four to six hours of recharging, the battery will be fully charged.

Hill Climbing Test

The Turboant X7 Pro was not designed to tackle steep inclines, but it is perfectly adequate for ascending the average neighborhood incline – San Francisco’s steep slopes are on a different level. Despite the fact that you may not reach your top speed on an incline, it is essential to understand that the steeper the hill, the more power you will lose. 

The X7 Pro confidently ascends inclines of less than 10%. Anything between 11 and 15% will cause the scooter to slow down, and anything higher will cause it to crawl.


Although there is no suspension system, the ride remains comfortable due to the air-filled tires. Although it’s not designed for off-road scooterists, it’s ideal for urban environments and can easily handle less well-maintained paths and roads. The battery-free deck also means that it rides slightly higher off the ground, which provides additional riding comfort, as the deck does not scrape against the ground.

turboant x7 suspension

Braking System

As is the case with all quality scooters, the Turboant X7 Pro offers multiple braking methods to ensure a safe ride. There are three brakes that, when combined, can bring this scooter to a quick stop. First, there is the hand-operated brake that you can pull to engage the rear wheel disc brake. This will be your primary method of braking, allowing you to slow down smoothly. 

Second, if you need to stop more quickly in an emergency, you can step on the rear fender. Lastly, the scooter utilizes regenerative braking to recover battery energy during braking. In the grand scheme of things, the Turboant’s braking system falls somewhere in the middle between electronic braking and hydraulics. 

The X7 Pro’s brakes are more than adequate for the amount of power it produces. Also, the primary brake is operated manually. It gives you greater control over the scooter and makes the transition from riding a bicycle to riding a scooter much simpler.

Charging Time

The battery requires between 4 and 6 hours to charge. Where the X7 Pro really shines, however, is in its removable battery that can be charged wherever is most convenient. Additionally, you can purchase additional batteries that can be swapped in and out, making the X7 Pro an extremely convenient scooter for those who may forget to charge it.


The straightforward folding mechanism makes portability effortless. Ideal for commuters and weekend riders is the X7 Pro. It can be easily stored when it is not in use and activated in a matter of seconds. While the Turboant X7 Pro is relatively lightweight, the width of the handlebar stem may pose a problem for riders with small hands.

turboant x7 portability

Because the battery is stored in the stem, the diameter is larger than usual, making it cumbersome to carry. However, after five months of testing the X7 Pro, this is quickly forgotten, especially if you only have to carry the scooter up a few flights of stairs to get to your apartment. After all, scooters are designed to be ridden through city streets, not carried


The handlebars are somewhat narrow, but you quickly adjust to them. Each handgrip is encased in rubber that is more grippy than the foam found on some scooters, and the LED display screen in the center provides all the necessary riding information. On the display, you can view your speed, remaining battery life, and the mode you are currently riding in: Beginner, Eco, or Sport. 

Beginner mode restricts your top speed to 6 mph, Eco mode increases it to 12 mph, and Sport mode allows you to reach 20 mph. The X7 Pro’s ergonomically designed throttle, brake, bell, and LED headlight are also integrated into the handlebars. The throttle is the sole controller for your scooter. 

You can power the motor, turn the scooter on or off, activate the headlight, select the riding mode, and activate the headlight. It is effortless to operate and even has cruise control. The handbrake is intuitive and will be second nature to anyone accustomed to riding a bicycle. 

When the disc brake is applied, the rear brake light is also activated to alert those behind you that you are slowing down.

turboant x7 handlebars


The Turboant X7 is neither the lightest nor the heaviest scooter available. Electric scooters range in weight from 23 to 145 pounds, and the X7 Pro weighs 33 pounds. Although it is among the lightest electric scooters, the weight gives the scooter a sturdy feel, and you shouldn’t carry it around for long periods. 

This is due to the thicker-than-usual handlebar stem, which you must grip while carrying the bicycle. Unlike most electric scooters, the battery pack of the X7 Pro is stored in the handlebar stem. The aluminum alloy used to construct the scooter is incredibly resilient. The black design is pleasing to the eye, and the red accents add an eye-catching splash of color.


Because the X7 Pro stores its battery in the handlebar stem as opposed to the deck, it rides slightly higher off the ground, providing more protection when traversing rough terrain that could otherwise damage the underside of the deck and your battery. In addition to the advantage of being elevated above the ground, the X7 Pro is also comfortable. 

The entire deck is coated with slip-resistant silicone rubber, ensuring that your feet remain firmly in place while you ride.


The X7 Pro has pneumatic tires measuring 10 inches in diameter. The wheels of an electric scooter may be one of the last things most people consider when selecting a new model, but they should be at the top of your list. The size, type, and tread pattern of your tires have a significant impact on the comfort of your ride.

turboant x7 tires

The larger size of the X7 Pro’s tires is the first benefit. Typically, budget-friendly scooters have tires around 8.5 inches in diameter. Secondly, some low-cost scooters use solid rubber tires to reduce production costs. If you’ve read any of my previous reviews, you’ll know that I’m not a huge fan of this tire type. 

Solid tires lack shock absorption, and if your scooter lacks suspension, you’ll experience a jarring ride. The good news is that the X7 Pro’s air-filled tires provide excellent cushioning. Thirdly, the X7 Pro tires’ slick tread pattern makes them ideal for urban environments. The only way to improve the tires would be to add tire slime. 

Tire slime is a fibrous liquid that coats your tire’s interior and fills nicks to prevent flats. However, given the low cost, you can overlook this one.


The Turboant X7 Pro utilizes a 3W LED headlight, placing it in the middle of the pack in comparison to other models. It is sufficiently bright to be useful in most urban areas, such as on streets that are already densely lit. However, you should not depend on it if you intend to ride through dark streets. 

Notably, the headlight has a downward angle, so you won’t blind anyone approaching from the opposite direction.

turboant x7 light

Build Quality

Despite being an inexpensive scooter, the X7 Pro has not compromised on build quality or durability. Common to the majority of electric scooters, its frame is constructed from an aluminum alloy. This material makes the scooter sturdy and robust, but at the expense of a heavier weight than other scooters made from carbon fiber.

However, these scooters tend to be considerably more expensive, with the Unagi Model One costing twice as much as the X7 Pro. In addition to its wear-resistant design, it has an IPX4 water-resistance rating, which means it can withstand water splashes from all directions.

The Quality of the Ride

Despite the lack of suspension, the plush 10-inch tubed tires, which are larger than the typical 8.5-inch ones found on many budget scooters, do an excellent job of absorbing the terrain for a comfortable ride. If the X7 Pro had suspension, the ride would be as smooth as butter.

It is important to remember, however, that the Turboant is not designed for off-roading and that the larger tires have their limits. It is best to stick to urban terrain whenever possible. Nevertheless, after putting the X7 Pro through its paces, it performs admirably in local parks and dirt tracks, but anything more demanding will result in a bumpy ride.

The X7 Pro is an improvement over its predecessor, the X7. First, the wheels are 1.5 inches larger in diameter. The range has also increased from 16 to 30 miles. Lastly, a more rapid acceleration curve is immediately apparent, primarily due to a more responsive throttle. The X7 Pro has a triple braking system, which is superior to the majority of similarly priced scooters.

turboant x7 quality of ride

The X7 Pro combines a manually operated disc brake with a traditional rear fender brake and an electronic regenerative braking system. All highlight the ride quality for supreme control.

What PSI Should Your Turboant X7 Pro Tires Be?

The recommended PSI for the Turboant X7 Pro tires is between 31.9 and 34.8 PSI. The PSI of the tires is an important factor in the performance and safety of the scooter. If the PSI is too low, the scooter will be sluggish and difficult to control. If the PSI is too high, the scooter will be uncomfortable and dangerous to ride. 

It is important to check the pressure of your scooter’s tires regularly to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Can You Ride Turboant X7 Pro in the Rain?

The Turboant X7 Pro is rated IPX4, which means it is water-resistant and can handle splashes from any direction. Although this makes it suitable for use in light rain, it is not recommended to ride in heavy rain as the electronics could be damaged. Additionally, the water can cause the brakes, wheels, and other components to malfunction. 

To ensure safety, avoid riding the X7 Pro in heavy rain and check for any water damage after riding in light rain.

turboant x7 rain


The Turboant X7 Pro is an excellent electric scooter that offers a reliable and comfortable ride in any terrain. With a maximum speed of 20 mph, a range of up to 30 miles, and a durable and robust design, the X7 Pro is a great choice for commuters, adventurers, and anyone looking for an efficient and fun way to get around. 

The availability of three riding modes, strong brakes, and comfortable ride make the X7 Pro a great value for the price.


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