Apollo Ghost — Weight, Speed, Range, and More

Are you looking for a reliable and stylish way to get around town? Look no further than the Apollo Ghost. This electric scooter has become an increasingly popular way for commuters, students, and adventurers to get around quickly and efficiently. 

With its sleek design and convenience, the Apollo Ghost may be the perfect transportation solution for those looking for an alternative to traditional methods of transportation. In this review, we’ll take a look at the features, benefits, and drawbacks of the Apollo Ghost to help you decide if it’s the right option for you.


The Ghost is extremely quick and requires your undivided attention when operating the throttle, especially during takeoff. When tested, almost every start-up from a complete stop was accompanied by a little front wheel spin. 

In the acceleration test from 0 to 24 km/h, the Ghost is the quickest off the line with a time of 2.3 seconds, beating the Kaabo Mantis and the Zero 10X. Up to 40 km/h, the Ghost begins to lose ground in 5.3 seconds, but is still the fastest overall.

Hill Climbing

When it comes to inclines, the Ghost simply runs. It climbs the 60-meter incline in 5.3 seconds, which is comparable to its flat performance. It starts with a slight amount of front-wheel spin, and then accelerates upward. You’re not sprinting up the hill, but it’s about as fast as you’d want to go, unless you’re in full hoon mode, in which case the Pro 60V is the way to go.

apollo ghost hill climbing

Top Speed

The Ghost has the fastest top speed of any scooter under $2,000, clocking in at a mystical 61.8 km/h. Apollo claimed that it would reach 55 km/h, but it exceeded that speed and did so with the road-ripping acceleration typical of Titan models.


The Apollo Ghost has a respectable range, achieving 35.9 kilometers during rigorous testing, which included repeatedly zipping up long hills at over 40 km/h. Comparatively, the Zero 10X (18 Ah) has a similar range to the Ghost, whereas the Kaabo Mantis surpasses both the Ghost and the 10X by at least 10 kilometers.

Spring Suspension

The tires cannot absorb shocks by themselves. The Apollo Ghost’s front and rear springs are thick to further dampen the ride. These springs, however, are adjustable. It can be easily adjusted with an Allen wrench to accommodate your weight and preferences.

The Braking System

Not only is the Ghost the fastest vehicle in its category, but it also has the best braking, stopping half a foot shorter than the Kaabo Mantis, for instance. The Ghost’s short braking distance of 3.2 meters is one of the best among other scooters. The disc brakes are cable-operated and provide a surprising amount of bite despite not being hydraulic. 

Compared to other brake configurations, the Ghost appears to have a more aggressive braking compound, requiring less lever pressure to anchor. This is advantageous until 95% braking power is reached. It is extremely difficult to squeeze the last 5 percent out of the brakes without locking up the front wheels.

apollo ghost braking system

The stopping distance is adequate, but getting there is extremely difficult. The Ninebot Max G30LP requires only 6.10 centimeters longer to stop from 24 kilometers per hour, but does so effortlessly and without incident. The Ghost, on the other hand, would stop with the rear wheel 15 centimeters in the air and swaying to the side, so you would have to jump off the deck once it stopped.


Typically, a dual motor scooter’s lack of size and portability is not desirable, but the Ghost has the best built-in portability of any scooter in its class. The Ghost transforms into a 29-kilogram, 130-centimeter-long, 38-centimeter-wide package with folding handlebars and a stem that locks to a hook on the deck. 

Most performance scooters feature the ubiquitous collar-style folding mechanism with two swing arms. To secure, you must fiddle with the arms a bit. It’s not a featherweight by any means, but it’s light enough to fit in the trunk of a car when necessary.


The Apollo Ghost has foldable handlebars with a rotating coupler at the center. Each handlebar is capped with high-quality, fixed flat-palm hand grips, which is an awesome feature. Because the hand grips are screwed in and flared at the outer edges, they cannot rotate and their shape improves long-term riding comfort.

The cockpit resembles that of numerous other dual-motor scooters (aside from the folding handlebars). On the left handlebar are a bell, ignition with key, and voltmeter. On the right is a QS-S4 display with a throttle trigger, Eco or Turbo mode, and Single or Dual motor buttons. As with the front fork, the handlebars and hand grips have a skeletal, peek-a-boo design.

apollo ghost cockpit

There are some high-quality features in the cockpit, but it could use a bit more originality. Overall, the appearance is pleasing.


The Ghost’s lights are one of its defining characteristics. Although all of the lights are mounted low on the deck, the headlights have a diffuser that intensifies their glow, and the rear brake lights function as expected. The Ghost is illuminated by sapphire blue under-deck lights that run the entire 46,4 cm length of the deck.

For riding a scooter at night, it is advised to add additional lights, such as a high-mounted headlight for enhanced visibility and an additional light to attach to the back of your helmet or backpack.


The Apollo Ghost is equipped with 25.4 cm pneumatic tires on split rims. Overall, the tires provide excellent damping, reducing jarring over smaller cracks while allowing you to jump speed bumps whenever you choose. When you have tires filled with air, you must worry about flats. 

Apollo’s implementation of split rims allows for simpler inner tube replacements, reducing the amount of disassembly required.

apollo ghost wheels


It is generally stiffer when turning. This was done on purpose to prevent high-speed instability. It eliminates the wobble issue, but it’s unfortunate that you must ride the scooter for an extended period of time before it feels ready for speed. 

According to Apollo, this steering tightness is also common on the Apollo Pro, and since it shares the same design as the Zero 10X, Evolv Pro, Turbowheel Lightning, and other popular options, it appears to be a characteristic of a number of popular dual-motor scooters.

It should be noted that initial tightness can differ between models.

The steering is still dependable and it eliminates speed wobbles, but it is one of the areas in which the Ghost falls short of competitors such as the Kaabo Mantis 10 and Mantis 8 Pro.


The Ghost differs from its Apollo relatives in that it lacks a substantial amount of grip tape and that awesome color accent. The Ghost has two narrow strips of grip tape on the outer edges of the deck, whereas most riders place their feet on the anodized aluminum deck’s center.

apollo ghost deck

Although the deck is sizable at 46.4 cm long by 22.9 cm wide, it lacks deck traction (though this is easily remedied with a few more strips of grip tape) and the rear hook catches your heel. The grooved footrest is a welcome addition, as it is solidly constructed and can be used to lift the scooter. 

However, when in use, it encourages a wide, sliding forward stance. It may be better suited for taller riders, who will likely maintain a seated back racing stance.

Build Quality

The Ghost has the visual appeal of being lightweight, rigid, and plainly mean. It is appropriately named not only because it was announced on Halloween, but also because the neck, swingarms, handlebars, and fender supports are transparent due to its skeletal forged aluminum construction. 

Whatever Apollo could throw at the Ghost, they did, packing it with a variety of features that could be considered upgrades for scooters of comparable price. The tire-hugging fenders appear to float above the wheels, but they are mounted so securely that they do not move or jiggle. 

However, the front fender provides inadequate water protection, relying on the front suspension to block water spray. As with all Apollo scooters, the Ghost has an IP54 rating, allowing it to withstand some dirt and moisture. But keep in mind most scooter warranties do not guarantee against water damage.

apollo ghost quality

In addition to its solid construction, the Ghost includes some unexpected features for a scooter that is already pushing the limits of performance and price: folding handlebars, folding and locking stem, all those premium features in the cockpit, wheel-mounted fenders on large air-filled tires, split rims for easy tire changes, dual charging ports for faster recharge, and that striking deck lighting.

The coupler in the middle of the handlebar folding mechanism would work itself loose over time, causing the handlebars to flex barely enough to be noticeable. This is not dangerous by any means, but it is a minor annoyance that could be avoided with a different choice of handlebars or a more effective coupler.

The front fork’s cable routing is relatively clean and uncluttered, with cables wrapped and zip-tied in abundance. The deck appears somewhat unfinished on one side due to the cable routing, and fewer zip ties could have been used for a less haphazard appearance. Although Apollo stated that the suspension is adjustable, it does not behave as expected. 

You can easily adjust the spring preload of the suspension, but its implementation only affects where the suspension reaches its limit when riding and the height of the scooter when parked. Overall, Apollo has done an outstanding job of giving us more for less without sacrificing quality.

The Quality of the Ride

As the Ghost’s deck is 14.0 cm off the ground and the handlebars are 104.1 cm off the ground, you may feel as though you’re riding in the clouds when you hop on. The ride quality is not heavenly, however, as the handling is merely adequate. As the Ghost accelerates through downhill corners, you must pay close attention.

apollo ghost build quality

The throttle is modulated effectively, as the acceleration feels linear and builds gradually. It’s relatively simple to maintain a constant speed, but the ride quality is mediocre due to the dual spring suspension’s firm tuning and the deck’s slight forward pitch. It’s entertaining to launch the Ghost over speed bumps, but you’ll wiggle when you land because the suspension lacks damping. 

It has frightening acceleration and terrifyingly effective brakes, but the Ghost is not designed to ease you into speed. It is a thrilling challenge to control its speed, which is a given. It is also less torquey in single motor mode, allowing you to easily reduce the power. When it’s time to return to the surface of the earth, the Ghost’s dual disc brakes generate remarkable stopping power with less effort than comparable mechanical disc brakes.

Actually, one finger is sufficient to activate them. Keep in mind that the more fingers you have available for holding on while riding, the safer you will be, and if you can effectively cover and activate your brakes with just one or two fingers, you will be riding much more safely.

Who Should Buy the Apollo Ghost?

The Apollo Ghost is an excellent choice for those who need a reliable and stylish transportation solution. It is perfect for commuters looking for a quick and efficient way to get around town, students who want to zip to class or to the store, and adventurers who are looking for an alternative to traditional methods of transportation. 

With its powerful dual motors, impressive acceleration, and long-range battery, the Apollo Ghost is perfect for those who want to get where they are going fast. Its foldable handlebars, adjustable suspension, and unique lighting system give it an edge over the competition.

Its portability and robust build quality make it a great choice for those who need to carry a scooter with them. Additionally, its disc brakes offer powerful stopping power, allowing for a safe ride. 


The Apollo Ghost is an impressive electric scooter that offers a powerful, stylish, and reliable way to get around town. With dual motors, a long-range battery, adjustable suspension, and disc brakes, the Ghost is perfect for commuters, students, and adventurers looking for a dependable and efficient transportation solution. 

Its foldable handlebars, adjustable suspension, and unique lighting system give it an edge over the competition, and its portability and robust build quality make it a great choice for those who need to carry a scooter with them. Although it has some minor flaws, the Ghost is an excellent option for those who want a powerful, stylish, and reliable electric scooter.


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