Turboant V8 — Battery Power, Speed, and More

If you’re looking for a scooter that is sure to turn heads, then the Turboant V8 is a perfect choice. This electric scooter has a unique design and packs plenty of power, making it perfect for those who are looking for an efficient and stylish way to get around town. We’ll take a closer look at all the features that make the Turboant V8 Scooter a great choice for your mobility needs.

The Top Speed

With a top speed of 20 mph and a 36V 450W brushless motor, the Turboant V8 is ideally suited for busy environments. You can also select from one of three riding modes: Eco will limit your speed to conserve battery life, Comfort will emphasize a balanced riding experience, and Sport will let you put the pedal to the metal.


Equipped with two 36V 7.5Ah batteries, one of which is removable, the Turboant V8’s range is what turns heads. Together, the batteries can provide the manufacturer-specified maximum range of 50 miles.

Hill Climb

As with all scooters with comparable-sized motors to the V8, it has sufficient power to ascend gentle slopes but decelerates significantly on steeper terrain.


This is an area in which the V8 excels. In comparison to other Turboant models that lack suspension, the V8 represents a significant step forward for the brand. The dual rear springs permit the deck to pivot up and down, but they are somewhat rigid. The good news is that they gradually loosen to accommodate your weight. The result is a smooth ride that will make road imperfections laughable.

turboant v8 suspension

The Braking System

With the mechanical disc brake and electronic braking system, the scooter can stop in 4.7 meters from 15 mph. It is inferior to its cheaper sibling, the Turboant X7 Max, which has a stopping distance of 3.0 meters.

Charging Time

In four hours, both batteries can be charged. The V8 includes a battery dock and two charging adapters so that both batteries can be charged simultaneously.


The V8 is distinguished by its 5-second folding mechanism, which makes it refreshingly simple to fold up. The V8 is as solid as a rock when folded and unfolded, thanks to a simple folding lever and a safety latch that secures the folding mechanism. Though it may not be the smallest or lightest scooter, it can be easily transported on public transportation and stored in a car or storage space.

The Handlebars

The V8’s handlebars are 3.4 inches wider than those of its sibling, the X7 Max, which is the first notable feature. This makes a significant difference in terms of handling. However, due to the X7 Max’s 49.2-inch height compared to the V8’s 45.5-inch height, it is a better fit for taller individuals.

Other than the increased width, the handlebars are typical of Turboant: clean and straightforward. The grips are sufficiently tacky to ensure a secure hold at all times. On the left-hand side of the handlebars is the lever for the rear disc brake, while the center of the handlebars is crowned by an LCD display that provides vital statistics. Everything on the V8’s handlebars is optimally positioned for functionality.

turboant v8 handlers


Unavoidably, the Turboant V8 is a bulky, almost unattractive-looking scooter. If it came down to aesthetics, the X7 Max would be the clear winner. In contrast to previous scooters that prioritized style over substance, the V8 prioritizes substance over style. You will immediately be surprised by the ride quality of the V8 when you take it out for the first time. 

Its clunkiness actually improves the scooter’s maneuverability, while the scooter’s more balanced weight distribution across the stem and chassis gives you an immediate sense of stability that you don’t get with other scooters. As with the Turboant X7 Max, which has a design that places 75% of its weight on the stem. Making the V8 chassis extremely lightweight.

The V8 is also a demanding client. The aluminum-alloy, water-resistant frame can withstand anything your daily routine can throw at it, increasing the model’s durability and relieving you of the responsibility of protecting it from the city’s many dangers. It is the tank of the low-cost scooter battleground.


It should come as no surprise that such a clumsy scooter has a fairly large deck, which is a real plus for larger riders. It is the first Turboant scooter with a kick plate that you can use to position your feet in a more aggressive riding stance. It is sufficiently grippy and features a fin-like design at the rear.

Due to the fact that the deck contains one of the V8’s batteries, it loses some ground clearance, meaning that you cannot roll over curbs and should exercise caution when traversing other obstacles. Compared to the Turboant X7 Max, which has a thin deck, it has a clearance deficit of 1.2 inches.

turboant v8 deck


Since this is a Turboant scooter, you can bet your house that it comes with plush tires. These air-filled wheels with a width of 9.3 inches work admirably with the rear suspension to provide a smooth, cushioned urban ride. In contrast to other popular budget scooters, including those manufactured by Turboant, the tires feature perfect curvature and a three-dimensional tread pattern that completely encircles the tire.

Similar-priced and -category scooters typically have tires with a much smoother tread pattern and a front-on profile that is rounded but tapers on either side. The advantage of the V8’s tires is that they grip the ground more effectively, resulting in a superior riding experience when turning from side to side. Ultimately, they ensure that you never lose control, even during high-speed turns.


In a first for Turboant scooters and scooters in general, the LCD display is responsive, meaning it responds to user input. If you lightly apply the brakes, for instance, four bars will illuminate, each representing a greater intensity of force. The bar count will increase the harder the brake lever is pulled. 

Acceleration reveals the identical interactivity. Aside from the interface’s responsiveness, the display is relatively simple. Through the use of icons, you will be able to monitor your speed, battery life, riding mode, as well as the status of your lights and cruise control. The display becomes ineffective in direct sunlight. There is no visibility, which is not ideal.


The V8 is equipped with an impressive lighting system. Collectively, it represents a substantial improvement over the brand’s previous models. A 3W LED headlight, similar to the one found on the X7 Max, illuminates the road ahead. However, it ups the ante by incorporating a multitude of ambient lights into the front and back of the deck. A smoke-colored tail light completes the ensemble.

turboant v8 lights

Build Quality

Turboant is renowned for its sturdy construction, and the V8 is perhaps the purest manifestation of this heritage. The best way to describe the V8’s build quality is straightforward yet sturdy, with an emphasis on durability and longevity. It may not have the most refined construction or be the most aesthetically pleasing scooter, but while riding it, there are no vulnerabilities.

The Quality of the Ride

The V8 is without a doubt the most comfortable scooter produced by Turboant. The weight distribution of the V8’s stem and chassis makes a substantial difference in the scooter’s level of control and maneuverability. However, the lengthened hexagonal shape and weight of the stem stand out the most. 

It is almost as if the steering column incorporates a damper. Consequently, the handlebars feel stable on every ride. In addition, there is no wobble at high speeds. However, this is not the only factor that makes the V8 enjoyable to ride. The rear dual spring suspension and plush air-filled tires work in tandem to absorb the majority of surface imperfections.

Stability is the most important factor in its ability to deliver a fun ride. This makes it ideal for beginners, but also allows more experienced riders to maneuver freely through urban environments.


As a Turboant scooter, the V8 includes a standard 12-month warranty covering structural components, the display, outer tires, and charging cables. However, the batteries, chargers, controller, motor, and lights are covered for a period of six months. Turboant will honor free repairs and replacements within the warranty period if you provide photographic or video evidence of a defect with any of the aforementioned products.

turboant v8 warranty

As is typical for many brands, the warranty excludes normal wear and tear, misuse, cosmetic damage, neglect, alterations, and improper assembly.

Who Should Buy the Turboant V8?

The Turboant V8 is designed for riders who desire a safe and dependable means of transportation. You can say goodbye to uninspiring public transportation, suffocating car trips, and frantic dashes to the office because of the Herculean selection you have at your disposal. 

The V8 will get you to your destination without any difficulty. It’s a workhorse with a top speed of 20 mph that won’t leave you gripping the steering wheel with white knuckles. With a load capacity of up to 275 lbs, the V8 is suitable for heavier riders, though taller riders may want to look elsewhere because the handlebars are a bit short.

The V8 should be at the forefront of your mind whether you’re an inexperienced rider looking for a more convenient means of navigating the streets or an experienced enthusiast seeking a rugged kickabout for long cruising journeys. It would be difficult to find a better scooter for less than $800.

Should Heavy Riders Buy the Turboant V8?

The Turboant V8 is an excellent choice for heavier riders, as it has a weight capacity of up to 275 lbs. The V8 is designed with a sturdy aluminum-alloy frame and has a dual rear spring suspension that provides a smooth and comfortable ride. The 9.3 inch air-filled tires provide excellent grip and further help to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride. 

The V8 also has a simple folding mechanism for easy transport and storage. All these features make the V8 an ideal choice for heavier riders who are looking for a reliable and comfortable scooter.

Can You Ride the Turboant V8 in the Rain?

The Turboant V8 is designed to be water-resistant, making it suitable for riding in light rain. The scooter is made with a durable aluminum-alloy frame and features a water-resistant coating on the stem, deck, and handlebars. The IP54 rating of the V8 means that it is protected from splashing water from any angle, making it suitable for light rain. 

However, due to its electrical components, it is not recommended for riding in heavy rain or water. Therefore, it’s important to keep the V8 dry and well-maintained to ensure a safe and enjoyable ride.


The Turboant V8 is a good choice for those looking for a reliable, safe, and efficient scooter that is capable of handling longer-distance rides. It has a top speed of 20 mph, a battery range of up to 50 miles, and a maximum load capacity of up to 275 lbs. The scooter also features a responsive LCD display, a 3W LED headlight, and a water-resistant frame. 

It has a comfortable ride and is easy to fold up for transport and storage. The Turboant V8 is an excellent choice for those who want a reliable and powerful scooter.


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