Kaabo Skywalker 10S — Max Speed, Range, and More

The Kaabo Skywalker 10S is a powerful electric scooter that has been designed to deliver a high-performance ride. It is built with a powerful brushless motor system, 10-inch wheels, and a range of up to 33 miles on a single charge. It also comes with a variety of features such as a customizable LED light system, a massive storage capacity, and a dual braking system. 

This electric scooter is perfect for commuters, recreational riders, and anyone who wants an efficient and reliable way of getting around. In this review, we will look at the different features of the Kaabo Skywalker 10S.


The Skywalker 10S, with its single 1200 watt electric motor, is a swift and comfortable cruising scooter, although it is not in the same league as the dual-motor beast scooters. The Skywalker 10S can reach 24 kilometers per hour in 3.7 seconds, 32 kilometers per hour in 5.6 seconds, 40 kilometers per hour in 9.1 seconds, and 48 kilometers per hour in 15.5 seconds.

This performance is very comparable to that of the EMOVE Cruiser. Although the Cruiser is slightly faster at lower speeds, the Skywalker reaches 40 km/h faster. The Skywalker 10S has constant acceleration up to its maximum speed of 51.5 kilometers per hour.

Hill Climb

The scooter can ascend a 10% grade hill in 11.4 seconds at an average speed of 19.2 kilometers per hour. This is a respectable, but not exceptional, hill performance. In context, this means that the Skywalker should be able to handle most hills, though it may crawl up extremely steep ones.


Battery Life and Range

The Skywalker 10S is equipped with a 60V 15.6 Ah LG battery with a manufacturer-reported range of up to 33 miles (53 km). However, depending on your weight, riding speed, terrain, and weather, you should anticipate a lower range. Riders report a range of 25.1 to 31.0 miles (40 to 50 kilometers), which is still quite impressive. 

This scooter’s long range places it among the best budget long commuter scooters. The battery of the scooter takes between 6 and 9 hours to fully charge, which is average given its range. Using a fast charger, you can reduce the charging time to 4 hours for greater convenience. 

Regarding battery life, LG is known for producing high-quality, long-lasting batteries. With proper maintenance, you can expect your scooter’s battery to last up to five years.


The Skywalker 10S is equipped with a 1200W peak-rated brushless motor driven by the rear wheels. The 1200W motor is actually the best in that price range, as such a motor rating is uncommon in the sub-$1000 price range. The motor provides smooth acceleration, propelling the scooter to a top speed of 31 miles per hour and decent gradeability up to 30 degrees.

The motor’s three power settings provide riders with total control over their speed and acceleration. In mode 3, the top speed is attained for an exhilarating experience, whereas mode 1 restricts speeds to more conservative levels if necessary.

the motor


The Skywalker 10S is equipped with the best-in-class, well-balanced rear dual air shocks and front spring suspension, which provide adequate damping on typical urban terrains and mild off-roads. The front suspension is equipped with fairly stiff dual springs for adequate shock absorption. 

The combination of rear and front suspension provides adequate damping and increases the scooter’s stability at high speeds on rough terrain. Overall, the Skywalker has one of the best suspensions of any mid-range scooter. However, rider reviews assert that the suspension is noisy and stiff, with many riders preferring the Kaabo Mantis’ suspension.

The Braking System

The Skywalker 10S features dual mechanical disc brakes with Zoom-branded calipers for braking. The rear disc brake has a 150 mm ventilated disc, while the front disc brake has a 120 mm disc with optimal ventilation and sufficient surface area for optimal braking performance. 

With such an effective braking system, the 2.8-meter stopping distance from 15 miles per hour (24 kilometers per hour) is not surprising. Still better, the brakes can be adjusted for an even shorter stopping distance. In essence, the brakes are quite effective. Even in emergency situations, you can rely on precise and seamless stops.

However, the brake calipers are somewhat squeaky, particularly when applying strong emergency braking force. But, you should not be concerned because this is common among electric scooters and even motorcycles without ABS.

braking system


At 25 kilograms, the Skywalker is not particularly portable. Nonetheless, it has a collapsible telescoping stem and collapsible handlebars. These mechanisms allow it to collapse into a compact form for storage or transport.

It measures 117 centimeters in length, 23 centimeters in width, and 33 centimeters in height when folded. Smaller than an EMOVE Cruiser (127 by 25 by 41 centimeters), but bigger than the extremely compact Fluid FreeRide Horizon (97-centimeters by 18-centimeters by 36-centimeters).

A sliding collar mechanism allows the handlebars to fold and unfold quickly. The handlebars are stable and have minimal play when unfolded. The mechanism for folding the handlebar stem is sturdy and free of the dreaded “stem wobble” that can be found on other scooters.

The stem folds easily with a single lever, and a plastic safety tab prevents it from folding if you step on it while riding. The folded stem locks into place for one-handed portability. One disadvantage is that the optimal balance point is between the folded handlebars, which makes transporting the scooter somewhat awkward.


The 10S is one of the first scooters with curved handlebars ever seen. Curved handlebars are an interesting feature that makes the grip slightly more comfortable, but they are not particularly significant. The cockpit has simple controls with a brake lever, horn, and lights on the left side. 


The horn, which sounds like a European police siren, is loud enough to alert vehicles but shouldn’t scare pedestrians. On the right side of the scooter is an additional brake lever and the common QS-S4 trigger throttle with a colorful LCD display. The handlebar grips have an ergonomic, tapered shape, and the quality of the rubber is average. They are firmly affixed to the handlebars and don’t spin.


The Skywalker deck is sleek and features a red LED light strip that wraps around its glossy black finish. A switch located on the side of the deck activates the circumferential lighting. They can be disabled independently of the scooter’s operation. Despite this scooter’s respectable size and modest deck dimensions, standing space is limited due to suspension connections that consume valuable deck space.

Consequently, the usable length of the deck is only 44.5 centimeters. This feels somewhat congested for a large scooter. However, you become accustomed to it after a while of riding.


The Skywalker 10S good lighting system makes it safe to ride at night and also enhances its aesthetics. The scooter is equipped with rear red LED lights, a low-mounted LED in the front, and side LED strip lights. Perhaps the scooter is named Skywalker due to the LED side light strip depicting Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber, which is easily discernible.

The lights are pretty bright, providing much-needed visibility at night. Since the scooter’s headlight is mounted low, you may wish to mount a much brighter headlight higher up the stem to improve front visibility.

the lights

The Wheels

Dual pneumatic 10″ x 2.6″ CST-branded tube tires are fitted to the Skywalker’s wheels. The tires are robust and thick, offering adequate traction on all terrains and in both wet and dry conditions. The tires provide stability and damping for a ride that is both stable and comfortable.

Due to their pneumatic nature, they are susceptible to puncture and require routine maintenance to function properly. Therefore, you should always be equipped with the necessary tools to repair a puncture, especially when riding on rough terrain.

Water Resistance

The Skywalker 10S has an IPX4 rating for water resistance. As a result, you can ride the scooter in light rain and it can withstand light splashes. Avoid riding the scooter through deep puddles or for extended periods of time in the rain, as some unsealed parts on the scooter pose the risk of electrical damage.

The Build Quality

Typically, Kaabo high-end and budget scooters are constructed for optimal performance. The Skywalker 10S is no exception. With its superior construction, this is an excellent choice for a durable ride. The frame is made from 6061-T6 aviation-grade aluminum to reduce weight and ensure maximum stability, even at high speeds. 

Steel is used to construct the scooter’s deck and shaft, thereby increasing its weight and ensuring that it remains firmly planted on the road for maximum stability and control. The curved handlebars with tapered ends will be greatly appreciated. Rubberized grips on the scooter’s handlebars ensure both a comfortable ride and complete control. 

build quality

In addition, its foldable frame and handlebars facilitate travel portability and storage. The Skywalker’s wires are neatly routed to complement its sleek design.

The Quality of the Ride

Ride quality is less than perfect but the front and rear suspension and massive 25.4-centimeter pneumatic tires do their best. The front suspension has dual springs that are quite stiff. The rear is equipped with dual air shocks. Overall the suspension is well-balanced and has a medium level of stiffness.

The suspension gives the scooter stability at high speeds while being soft enough to absorb road imperfections.  Although the 10S is a Kaabo scooter, it lacks the excellent ride quality of its bigger cousins, the Kaabo Mantis and Wolf Warrior.

How to Maintain Your Kaabo Skywalker 10S?

The Kaabo Skywalker 10S is a powerful electric scooter that requires regular maintenance to ensure its longevity and performance. It is important to regularly check your scooter for any issues and to ensure that it is properly lubricated. Here are some tips on how to maintain your Kaabo Skywalker 10S:

Clean the Scooter Regularly

Make sure to regularly clean the scooter, as dirt, dust, and other debris can accumulate and cause problems. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the scooter, as well as a toothbrush to remove dirt from hard-to-reach places.

kaabo warrior

Lubricate the Scooter Regularly

It is important to lubricate the various components of the scooter, such as the chain and gears. Make sure to use the proper lubricant for the job, as this will help to reduce friction and ensure that the parts are moving smoothly.

Inspect the Brakes Regularly

Check the brake pads for wear and tear and make sure that the brake levers are functioning properly. If the brakes are not working properly, it is important to have them serviced by a professional.

Inspect the Battery Regularly

Make sure to check the battery regularly for signs of damage. If the battery is damaged, it is important to replace it as soon as possible.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your Kaabo Skywalker 10S is always in good condition and providing you with a safe and enjoyable ride.

Is the Kaabo Skywalker 10S Worth Buying?

The Kaabo Skywalker is a great, unexpected find for those looking to improve performance on a budget. With 1200W of power and a design that will turn heads, this scooter has so much going for it. It also features a high-performance LG battery, an excellent dual suspension system, the strongest braking system in its class, and a chassis designed to withstand the elements. 

This scooter is suitable for both urban and light off-road use. You will have hours of battery life at speeds up to 31 miles per hour.


The Kaabo Skywalker 10S is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a budget-friendly, powerful, and reliable ride. With its strong construction and solid performance, the Skywalker 10S is worth the investment. Its great features, such as the dual suspension, powerful brakes, and robust battery make it a great choice for anyone who wants to take their ride to the next level.


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