Apollo Air Pro Scooter — Your Quick Guide

Are you looking for a freestyle scooter that offers superior performance, durability, and style? Look no further than the Apollo Air Pro scooter. This top-of-the-line scooter is designed with both experienced riders and beginners in mind, offering a secure and comfortable ride that will keep you coming back for more. 

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the features and benefits of the Apollo Air Pro scooter so you can decide if it’s the right choice for you.


The Apollo Air Pro is not a sluggard when it comes to acceleration, as it can reach 15 mph in 6.0 seconds. Despite having a motor of the same size as the Turboant X7 Pro and GoTrax GMAX Ultra, the Air Pro’s rear-wheel drive allows it to accelerate 1.3 seconds faster than the X7 Pro and 2.0 seconds faster than the GoTrax.

Given that both the Turboant and GoTrax motors are located in the front wheel, the faster acceleration of the Air Pro makes sense. In fact, front-mounted motors are notoriously slower than rear-mounted motors.

Hill Climb

Despite having a motor that is 100W more powerful than the base Air model, the Air Pro lacks the hill-climbing capabilities of its little brother. Similar to it’s less expensive counterpart, the Air Pro can climb 10 degree inclines.

apollo hill climb


According to the manufacturer, the maximum range of the Apollo Air Pro is 18 miles. In most cases, you can expect a 35 to 40% decrease in these numbers due to the fact that they are based on a 165-pound person riding the scooter at its slowest speed setting on flat terrain, but in this case, you get exactly 18 miles.


Regarding the quality of its suspension, the Air Pro exemplifies the Apollo brand’s pedigree. The dual fork over the wheel’s front axle. It may appear to be a miniature version of the Wolf Warrior’s motorcycle-grade inverted hydraulic shock absorbers, but it has more in common with a mountain bike’s spring-equipped fork.

The fork is not only an improvement over the Air’s single spring and is similar to the dual-pronged setup of the EMOVE Touring, but it is also a rare addition to the scooter. The Air Pro is one of the few entry-level scooters with fork suspension; the Inmotion L9 is the only other comparable model.

The Braking System

The Air Pro’s impressive stopping power is provided by a front drum brake and a rear electronic regenerative braking system. First, it should be noted that the Pro’s braking performance is significantly superior to that of its predecessor, the Air. Using a mechanical disc brake and regenerative system, this model transfers all of its stopping power to the rear wheel. 

The Pro improves upon this by relocating its mechanical brake — a drum in this case — to the front wheel and routing its regenerative system to the rear. This distributes braking force across both wheels, as opposed to just one. Evidently, all of this technical information is reflected in the braking performance of these two respective models.

apollo braking

The Air Pro stops in approximately 3.5 meters from 15 mph, comfortably outpacing the Air’s slower 5.2 meters. The Air Pro’s dual wheel braking system allows it to outperform the best models in its class, such as the Horizon, which has a single drum brake on the rear wheel. In terms of braking performance, the Air Pro more closely resembles the Apollo City 2022’s stopping distance of 3.4 meters.

Charging Time

Charge time for the 36V 10.4Ah battery is 5.2 hours. The red light on the charger will indicate when the scooter is charging; it will turn green when it is fully charged. The charging ports are protected by a protective cap to prevent water from damaging the circuitry.


The Air Pro is not particularly portable, weighing 16 kilograms and measuring 119 by 56 by 53 centimeters. Compact enough to fit in a car trunk and light enough for most people to carry. The pulled-back handlebars do not fold, but the stem does; it folds quickly and easily and has a hook that fits through a deck-mounted flip-up ring. 

The hook fits into a magnetized cavity in the handlebar stem, and the ring flattens out of the way while riding. Along with the new scooter design, the Air and Air Pro have a folding mechanism that is unfamiliar to us. There is a single clamp that holds the stem upright securely, and the screws can be adjusted for a tighter or looser hold.

To fold the scooter, simply release the clamp, lift the clamp until the stem hinges downward, and then hook the stem to the deck. This design resembles the folding mechanisms of performance-level scooters more than the folding mechanisms of entry-level scooters. It does an excellent job of preventing stem wobble while remaining easy to operate.

apollo portability

The Handlebars

Not only do the handlebars’ slender, slightly upswept design complement the look and feel of the scooter’s frame, but their wider-than-average 22-inch profile provides superior handling. On the handlebars, you’ll also find the lever for the front drum brake, the thumb throttle, and the sleek LED display, which is the main attraction. This item is as aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly as it gets.


From an aesthetic standpoint, there is little difference between the Air Pro and it’s more basic counterpart, the Air. With curved lines, flush finishes, and a design that flows from one section to the next, both scooters eschew the clumsy appearance of many scooters in their price range.

Its upswept handlebars and tapered deck are two design elements that contribute to its sleek, aerodynamic appearance. The Pro achieves a unique appearance, however, by replacing the spring at the stem’s base with a dual-pronged fork suspension that flanks either side of the front wheel for maximum cushioning.

Despite challenging the status quo with its curved, elegant design, the Air Pro’s monochromatic palette will appeal to fans of the tried-and-true scooter color scheme. Not only does it ride beautifully, but it also looks beautiful.


Built to a slim, almost longboard-like specification, the deck’s stylish profile is complemented by an abundance of substance. In addition to housing the Pro’s battery, the frame lowers the scooter’s center of gravity and improves its handling. Additionally, the deck increases the base Air’s ground clearance by half an inch.

apollo deck

The deck of the Air Pro is also covered in a layer of ultra-grippy rubber. While this is a godsend in terms of traction, the crisscrossing, geometric thread pattern is not particularly easy to clean and will require occasional scrubbing with a fine brush.


Dual 25.4 cm inner tube tires on solid rims are featured on the Air Pro’s tires. With their progressive profile, you can navigate corners and straightaways with ease and stability. The Air’s tires provide exceptional stability because they place 30% more rubber on the road than the Xiaomi Mi M365’s narrower tires.

Although they aren’t quite as simple to maintain as pneumatic tires on split rims or tubeless tires, they provide an excellent ride.


The Air Pro has a high-mounted headlight with a hinged reflector underneath, allowing the beam’s height to be adjusted. A break-responsive tail light is mounted on the fender, and orange reflectors flank each rear wheel.

Build Quality

The Air Pro has a unified, finished appearance, and everything feels very solid, with a striking design that attracts the right kind of attention. There is noticeable stem wobble when the bicycle is parked, but none while riding. It is designed with safety, convenience, and comfort in mind, all of which are essential for riders who are just beginning to ride electric scooters.

apollo air 2

Along with the nicely shaped tires, the front spring suspension cushions the ride and keeps you connected to the road. The scooter is lightweight and has a small enough footprint that most people can carry it up a few flights of stairs or roll it discreetly through a grocery store. Even with a slight rise, the deck feels spacious enough to accommodate frequent position changes. 

It looks, rides, and is constructed to be sporty, despite not being the fastest available. In addition to being attractive, it is more waterproof than others. The Pro has an IPX4 water resistance rating, meaning it can withstand a light drizzle but should not be driven in heavy rain.

The full-coverage rear fender does an excellent job of preventing water damage to the deck, but it can become entangled on curbs when exiting a sidewalk. The interior is also protected against the elements. All electrical connectors within the deck are encased in heat shrink wrap. 

In addition, the motor controller is mounted high and there is an interior cover within the deck, which provides additional protection.

The Quality of the Ride

The handling and ride quality of the Apollo Air Pro are exceptional. With 25.4 cm air-filled tires and front suspension, the Pro feels faster than it actually is due to its enjoyable ride. Despite lacking hydraulic damping, the front fork resembles that of a mountain bike and does a surprisingly good job of keeping the front wheel in contact with the road.

apollo quality of ride

Instead, the fork is a dual-spring front suspension that functions well and is excellent for the price, but can creak slightly when topping out. The progressive profile tires’ blunt tread provides a stable ride. The contact patch or area of the tire that makes contact with the road is larger on the Air’s tires than on those of other entry-level scooters, such as the Xiaomi Mi M365, resulting in a more stable, balanced ride.

The cockpit is beginner-friendly and straightforward. The thumb throttle is simple to operate, and braking at the limit is effective. However, the regenerative braking system is a bit too abrupt, particularly when riding in Sport mode. Despite the fact that the kickstand keeps the Air upright, it is a bit difficult to target it with your toe. 

The supporting end is concealed beneath the scooter and is not visible when riding the Pro. Hopping off the deck, leaning the scooter slightly, and pulling it down with the side of your foot or boot was the easiest method. Overall, the Pro provides an exceptionally smooth and quiet ride, devoid of stem wobble and odd noises.

Will the Apollo Air Pro Be a Good Fit for You?

The Apollo Air Pro is the perfect scooter for riders of all levels who are looking for a reliable, comfortable, and stylish ride. With its superior acceleration, range, suspension, braking system, and build quality, it provides a smooth, enjoyable ride that can take you anywhere. 

The handlebars, wheels, and frame also integrate perfectly with one another to create an aesthetically pleasing scooter. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, the Apollo Air Pro is a great choice for you.

How Does the Warranty Work for Apollo Air Pro?

The Apollo Air Pro is covered by a one-year warranty. This includes a 12-month initial term and an additional year in which you will not be responsible for markup costs for replacement or repair. If you need additional parts or sustain damage not covered by the warranty, you can still purchase them from Apollo at a wholesale price.

Despite being one of the most extensive policies of its kind, this warranty contains a fair amount of fine print. Damage deemed to have been caused by improper assembly, storage, or unauthorized modifications or upgrades will not be covered, nor will damage caused by negligence or abuse.

Not covered are environmental issues (such as bad weather, sun exposure, or water), “acts of God,” improper maintenance, normal wear and tear, accidents, and collisions. It is also important to note that any defects with the rims, kickstand, brake calipers, and discs must be reported to Apollo within 30 days or 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) of use.


The Apollo Air Pro is a great option for riders who are looking for an entry-level scooter that offers superior performance, durability, and style. With its powerful motor, long range, front and rear braking system, and dual-spring suspension, it provides a smooth, comfortable, and controlled ride. 

The handlebars, wheels, and frame are designed for optimal performance, and the battery charges quickly and efficiently. If you’re looking for a reliable, stylish scooter, the Apollo Air Pro is an excellent choice.


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