Horizon 10.4 — Your Quick Guide

Horizon 10.4 is an electric scooter that has gained popularity among commuters, students, and people who prefer eco-friendly and affordable modes of transportation. This scooter is manufactured by Horizon, a company known for producing high-quality electric vehicles. 

The Horizon 10.4 is equipped with features that make it stand out from other electric scooters in the market, including a powerful motor, long-lasting battery life, durable tires, and a comfortable riding experience. In this review, we will take a closer look at the Horizon 10.4, its features, pros and cons, and why it might be a good choice for those looking for a reliable and efficient mode of transportation.

Speed and Acceleration

The Horizon scooter is equipped with a 48V 500W brushless hub motor that can reach a top speed of 25 mph, making it a powerful and efficient mode of transportation for commuters. With an acceleration rate of 0-15 mph in 5.2 seconds and 0-20 mph in 8.7 seconds, the Horizon is impressive for its price range, although there may be a slight delay in acceleration from pulling the trigger throttle to the motors kicking in. 

Nonetheless, it remains the fastest scooter available for under $700. Additionally, the Horizon’s suspension system effectively softens the impact of bumps and absorbs shocks while riding at top speeds, ensuring a stable and smooth ride. 

horizon 10.4 speed

This feature sets the Horizon apart from all other scooters under $700, including the Hiboy MAX V2, which is a cheaper scooter ($549) equipped with a spring in the front and dual rear shock absorbers but suffers from poor ride quality at high speeds, causing vibrations in the wrists, knees, and discomfort in the rider’s overall experience. 

The Horizon’s suspension system significantly reduces vibrations and levels out the ride, resulting in a more comfortable and enjoyable ride.


The Horizon 10.4 scooter has a maximum range of 20 miles, although in reality, it can travel around 16 miles, which is similar to the cheaper Turboant X7 Pro. If you are looking for a scooter for long commutes or leisurely pursuits, the Horizon 13 is a better option as it offers a range of 25 miles, which is 5 miles more than the Horizon 10.4. 

Although it requires a slightly higher investment of $779, it is still $220 cheaper than the Apollo City, which offers a range of 28 miles.

Hill Climb

Among all the scooters priced under $700, the Horizon stands out with its exceptional hill-climbing ability. The scooter is powered by a reliable 48V 500W motor that can deliver over 800W peak power output, providing enough torque to climb most gradual inclines. For everyday urban commuting, the Horizon’s performance is more than adequate. However, if you reside in an area with steep hills, the scooter may encounter difficulties.

horizon 10.4 hill climb


The Horizon offers a comfortable and smooth ride on city streets due to its front spring and rear hydraulic suspension. Unlike other low-budget scooters, the Horizon’s springs are of superior quality, ensuring a quiet ride even on bumpy roads. This combination of comfort and quietness is rare in budget scooters. 

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that hydraulic suspension systems are typically found in scooters that cost over $1,300, making the Horizon’s hydraulic system a great value for a scooter that costs almost half that price.

Braking System

The Horizon is known for its reliability, which is evident in its braking system. Although its maximum speed is 25 mph, having quality brakes is still crucial. The Horizon has a rear drum brake that performs well and requires little maintenance. However, since all the braking power is directed towards the rear wheel, its braking performance is not as strong as scooters that apply brakes to both wheels. 

Additionally, the solid rear tire can skid when sharp braking is applied. Nonetheless, the braking mechanism provides ample control for the top speed. The Horizon also features a regenerative braking system that injects wasted power into the battery to extend the range. This system activates automatically when the rear drum brake lever is engaged. 

It’s worth noting that dual braking systems, which enhance stopping power, are usually available in scooters that cost around $900, such as the VSETT 8 ($899) and Apollo City ($999).

horizon 10.4 braking

Charging Time

The 10.4 Ah battery version of the Horizon has an impressive charge time of 4 to 6 hours, making it a highly versatile and convenient plug-and-play scooter. To ensure maximum efficiency, it is recommended to charge the battery after every use. If not in use, the battery should be topped up every 3 months to prevent deterioration.

The charging port is situated at the front of the deck and is equipped with a cover to keep dirt and water out when not in use. To charge the scooter, simply lift the cover and insert the power cable into the port.


The Horizon 10.4 is compact when folded, measuring 38 (l) x 7.1 (w) x 14.6 (h) inches. Its foldable handlebars and telescopic stem, along with its easy-to-use folding mechanism, make it a great choice for commuters. It can be stored in small spaces and is easy to transport. To fold the scooter, you simply pull on the lever located on the neck that connects the deck to the stem. 

The folding mechanism locks into place once the stem becomes parallel to the deck, making it easy to carry. The scooter’s only drawback is its weight. At 40 pounds, it is not the lightest option, but it is comparable to the ZERO 8 and EVOLV City in terms of weight and portability. If you find it too heavy, you can use the carrying handle and trolley wheels to make it easier to maneuver when folded.


One of the standout features of the Horizon scooter is its foldable handlebars, which make storage and transportation much more convenient compared to scooters with fixed handlebars. The telescopic stem allows for adjustable height, adding to the scooter’s versatility and making it accessible to riders of varying sizes. 

horizon 10.4 handler

Despite its compact size when folded, the Horizon’s handlebars still manage to house the display unit for speed, riding mode, and battery level, as well as light controls and a trigger-style throttle. Additionally, a USB port is located on the back of the display, allowing for easy charging of accessories, although some caution is advised as there have been reports of current-hungry devices damaging the unit. 

Finally, the textured rubber grips on the handlebars provide excellent grip and comfort for riders, making for a smooth and enjoyable riding experience.


The Horizon scooter’s frame design is a classic and familiar one that riders have come to appreciate. Its sleek black finish exudes style and is complemented by silver wheel trimmings, giving the scooter a simple yet sophisticated look. The frame is made of sturdy materials that provide excellent durability and require minimal maintenance, making it a practical choice for riders who don’t have time for regular upkeep. 

The solid rear tire and drum brake are designed to withstand daily wear and tear, ensuring that the Horizon remains a reliable and resilient mode of transportation.


Despite its slim and agile frame, the Horizon scooter boasts a reasonably spacious deck that can accommodate riders of all sizes (as long as they are below the maximum weight limit of 265 pounds) and allows them to find the most comfortable riding position. The available foot space on the deck measures 18.3 inches in length, which is similar to other budget scooters such as most GoTrax models, the Turboant X7 Pro, ZERO 8, and EVOLV City. 

horizon 10.4 deck

However, the deck width of the Horizon (7 inches) is slightly wider than these budget scooters by about 1.2 inches. The deck size of the Horizon is suitable for a commuter scooter, and the extended length of the rear mudguard works effectively to deflect water and dirt splatters, which is often an overlooked design aspect of many scooters, resulting in ineffective mudguards.


The Horizon features an 8.5 inch air-filled pneumatic tire at the front that offers great shock absorption to cushion you from bumps on the road. Meanwhile, the rear tire is smaller at 8 inches and has solid rubber, so it lacks the same level of damping as the front tire. However, the rear hydraulics serve as an additional buffer, reducing instability and vibrations. In terms of comfort, the Horizon is impressive for a budget scooter. 

The rear tire is also 0.5 inches wider than the front tire, which, combined with the smaller diameter, provides a larger contact patch with the ground for increased traction and improved grip and braking performance. The main downside of the solid rear tire is that it can be prone to skidding when you apply the brakes sharply. 

This is one of the few criticisms of the Horizon, as fitting brakes to both tires would significantly improve the scooter’s otherwise sound braking performance. However, the solid tire has the benefit of being low maintenance since there is no risk of flats. The Horizon is on par with its closest rivals, the ZERO 8 and EVOLV City, in terms of wheel size and type, but the Apollo Light takes the lead with its dual 8.5 inch pneumatics.


The Horizon is fitted with a total of five LEDs – three at the front and two at the rear. Unfortunately, they are not very bright and are not placed in the optimal positions for safe night time riding. The front lights are small and mounted low, and the rear lights are also small and located on the deck. 

horizon 10.4 light

While this may be a cause for concern, it is important to note that this is a common problem for many scooters, particularly those in the lower price range. As a result, it is often recommended to invest in additional lighting for added safety.

Build Quality

The Horizon 10.4 boasts a sleek and durable design that prioritizes longevity and resilience. Even the finer details, such as the protected cords, contribute to its robust and enduring structure. You won’t experience any irritating clanging or creaking sounds from the spring suspension during use, and the telescopic stem stays firmly in place when you tighten the locking lever.

As previously noted, the Horizon 10.4 is in direct competition with the ZERO 8 and EVOLV City. However, one lesser-known fact is that all three models are manufactured by Titan or Unicool, which ensures that the build quality is consistent across the board.

The Quality of the Ride

The Horizon is a scooter that offers remarkable ride quality at an affordable price. Thanks to the positioning of the rear hydraulics and the spacious deck, riders can maintain a well-balanced posture while riding. Moreover, the front spring and pneumatic tire combination help to absorb rough impacts caused by bumpy urban roads, providing both a smooth and stable ride.


You can rest assured that Fluid Free Ride will provide you with excellent customer service when purchasing your scooter. The warranty for the scooter covers any manufacturing defects for 180 days (6 months) from the delivery date. It’s important to note that the warranty doesn’t cover any damage caused by accidents, abuse, environmental factors, modifications, or lack of routine maintenance. 

horizon 10.4 warranty

Additionally, consumables like brake pads, tires, and tubes aren’t covered. Fluid Free Ride is unique in that they cover the cost of labor and parts needed for any repairs. They’ll either ship the necessary parts and guide you through the repair process or refer you to one of their service partners. 

However, if you need to claim on your warranty after the first 30 days of delivery, you’ll need to cover the shipping fees to send the scooter to their service partners. Overall, the warranty is standard, although it would have been nice to see it extended by an additional 6 months. Nonetheless, the fact that Fluid Free Ride covers labor costs is a nice touch that sets them apart from other retailers.

Is the Price of Horizon 10.4 Worth It?

The Horizon 10.4 is priced in the mid-range of electric scooters, with a current price of around $799. This price is comparable to other high-quality electric scooters in the market with similar features and specifications. In terms of its features, the Horizon 10.4 offers a spacious deck, a powerful motor, and a long-lasting battery life, making it suitable for daily commuting and leisure riding. 

Its front and rear suspension systems also provide a smooth and comfortable ride, even on bumpy or uneven surfaces. Additionally, the Horizon 10.4 comes with a six-month warranty that covers manufacturing defects, and Fluid Free Ride provides great customer service and support.

Ultimately, whether the price of the Horizon 10.4 is worth it for you depends on your personal budget, needs, and preferences. If you prioritize features such as a spacious deck, powerful motor, and comfortable ride, and are willing to pay a mid-range price for those features, then the Horizon 10.4 may be a good option for you.


The Horizon 10.4 is a well-built electric scooter that offers a smooth and steady ride, thanks to its front suspension and rear hydraulic system. It is designed with durable materials and attention to detail, making it reliable and long-lasting. While its front and rear lights could be brighter, this is a common issue for many scooters in its price range, and additional lighting can be purchased. 

The Horizon 10.4 is competitively priced and offers good value for money, especially when considering its quality and features. With its solid performance and warranty coverage, it’s a solid choice for anyone looking for an electric scooter for commuting or leisure.


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