Hiboy S2 Pro — A Breakdown of its Features

The Hiboy S2 Pro is an electric scooter that has gained popularity among commuters and enthusiasts alike. It boasts of impressive features such as a powerful motor, long-range battery, and durable construction that make it a reliable mode of transportation for everyday use. 

In this review, we will take an in-depth look at the Hiboy S2 Pro and evaluate its performance, design, and overall value for money. Whether you are considering purchasing an electric scooter for the first time or are a seasoned rider looking for an upgrade, this review will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about the Hiboy S2 Pro.

Speed and Acceleration

The S2 Pro can reach a top speed of 19 mph in “Sport” mode, making it one of the fastest budget scooters available. Despite having its motor mounted up front, which often results in a slower start off the line, the S2 Pro surprisingly has a quick acceleration rate. If you’re looking for a speedy ride around your local neighborhood, the S2 Pro’s top speeds may be exactly what you need. 

However, if you prefer a more leisurely ride or have a long commute, the “Comfort” mode, which limits your speed to 13 mph, will come in handy. You can switch between these ride modes by double-tapping the button on the LED dashboard, with the red light indicating “Sport” mode and the green light indicating “Comfort” mode.

Additionally, the S2 Pro features cruise control, which can be activated with three clicks of a button, providing an extra level of comfort and convenience during your ride.

The Speed and Acceleration


The S2 Pro boasts a maximum range of 25 miles when the battery is fully charged and you ride it economically. However, it’s important to note that you may not achieve the maximum range every time you ride. The 25 mile range is typically based on a best-case scenario, which is often used by electric scooter manufacturers to advertise their products. 

This scenario usually involves a 165 lbs rider and the scooter being ridden on flat terrain at the lowest speed setting. Realistically, if you ride the scooter at full speeds, you can expect to travel between 12 and 14 miles.

Hill Climb

The S2 Pro’s 500W motor possesses sufficient torque to propel it up most gradual slopes. According to the manufacturer, it has a hill-climbing capability of 15 degrees, but in practice, it was able to manage inclines of 8 to 10 degrees. However, if you are close to the upper weight limit of 220 lbs, the scooter will move sluggishly up steeper slopes. 

All things considered, the S2 Pro performs remarkably well for a single-motor scooter that is priced under $600.


Hiboy has equipped the S2 Pro with two rear spring shock absorbers, but they may not be sufficient for riders who demand a smooth ride. This is partly due to the solid tires, which lack the flexibility needed to absorb rough terrain. When compared to the Turbaont X7 Pro, which has large 10-inch air-filled tires, and the Horizon 10.4, which boasts a superior spring suspension system, the S2 Pro’s shock absorbers leave something to be desired. 

hiboy s2 suspension

If Hiboy were to move one of the springs to the front of the scooter, the S2 Pro would be better equipped to handle the impact of uneven terrain, as the front wheel is usually the first to encounter bumps and cracks.

The Braking System

The S2 Pro boasts an electric thumb brake on the left and a manual handbrake on the right that controls the rear disc brake. Together, they provide effective stopping power. The scooter can come to a halt within 4.3 meters from 15 mph, which is shorter than the average braking distance of most other budget scooters. 

For comparison, the Turboant M10 takes 4.9 meters to stop, while the X7 Pro and Horizon take around 5.2 meters. The electronic brake is remarkably robust, and it plays a crucial role in reducing your speed.

Charging Time

It takes around 6 hours to fully charge the S2 Pro battery from empty, which is a typical charging time for a battery of this size and range. Unlike other electric scooters, such as the S2 Lite, the charging port of the S2 Pro is located at the top of the handlebar post instead of being placed in the deck where the battery is stored. This location provides added protection from the elements.


The S2 Pro can be folded easily in three simple steps. Firstly, flip down the folding locking lever, then collapse the stem and click the hook on the back of the handlebars to the latch on the rear fender. This results in a compact and secure scooter that can be easily stored away at home, in the office, or the trunk of a car. Additionally, the stem of the scooter has a slim diameter, which makes it easy to grip.

hiboy s2 pro portability

The Handlebars

The S2 Pro’s handlebars follow a similar design to other models in the S2 range. They feature textured rubber grips that provide good control and resistance to wear and tear, adding durability that sets it apart from cheaper models that typically use foam grips. The handlebars also come with brakes on both sides. 

The right side has a manual handbrake that controls the rear disc brake, while the left side has an electronic thumb brake. Additionally, the thumb-operated accelerator is on the right side. The operation of both thumb paddles and the handbrake is smooth, which is uncommon in budget scooters that typically have a single brake. 

Dual brakes that can be independently operated are typically found on performance scooters that have powerful brakes on each wheel to match their high top speeds. While having two brakes is a great feature, the electronic brake alone lacks the power needed for quick stops, so both brakes need to be engaged.

The LED display on the handlebar’s center is neatly designed, resembling that of the popular Xiaomi Mi 365. It keeps track of the rider’s speed, settings, battery level, and cruise control. At the back of the display, there is a small hook that loops into the rear fender when the scooter is folded for easy carrying.


The S2 Pro holds the title of being the heaviest scooter under the $550 mark. This is due to its construction from an aviation-grade aluminum alloy, which is standard among electric scooters. Despite its weight, the S2 Pro’s frame is highly durable, and able to withstand daily use.

hiboy s2

Regarding its design, the S2 Pro has an understated matte-black finish that is commonly associated with electric scooters.


The deck of the S2 Pro provides ample room for riders to find a comfortable stance without awkward positioning of feet or body. The scooter features a grippy rubber matting on its deck, similar to the rest of the S2 range, which ensures a safe and secure ride. In contrast to some budget scooters that use flimsy grip tape material that can easily peel off, the S2 Pro’s designers opted for a more durable option. 

This breaks from the established norms of entry-level scooters, which may be viewed positively or negatively depending on individual perception. On one hand, the bracket on the S2 Pro prevents wear on the rear solid rubber tire. However, it also requires a change in riding behavior, especially for those who are accustomed to using the foot brake on other scooters. 

Ultimately, the S2 Pro forces riders to adopt a new riding style, making it less beginner-friendly.


The honeycomb structure of the tires does not provide adequate shock absorption, making the S2 Pro suitable only for smooth roads and sidewalks. This is especially evident when riding at high speeds, as anything other than a well-maintained surface will cause vibrations and shaking. 

hiboy s2 pro tires

However, one advantage of solid tires is that they are puncture-proof, eliminating the need for tire changes or repairs. Nonetheless, solid tires do wear down over time, but the durable rear fender helps to reduce this as much as possible.


If you’re planning to ride the S2 Pro at night, you don’t have to worry too much. It has a high-mounted headlight that is better than most scooters, but it is still advisable to invest in a more powerful lighting setup for regular nighttime rides. Additionally, the integrated side lights and taillight are helpful features that can help others around you stay aware of your presence.

Build Quality

In general, the S2 Pro is a sturdy and resilient electric scooter – the aircraft-grade aluminum alloy can withstand the rigors of daily use. However, it’s important to avoid taking any hard impacts to the underside of the deck since this is where the battery is housed. Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that the frame has an IP54 water-resistant rating, which places it among the 40% of scooters that are shielded from the rain. 

This should provide some peace of mind knowing that your scooter will be protected if it encounters a few splashes.

The Quality of the Ride

Although the S2 Pro boasts dual rear shock absorbers, they cannot compensate for the drawbacks of the solid 10-inch tires. While you can smoothly cruise over even surfaces in urban areas, if you increase the speed, the limitations of the tires become apparent, causing your wrists to vibrate, knees to shake, and brain to rattle.

hiboy s2 quality

The cruise control feature, which has become a common function for electric scooters, has been added to the S2 Pro, allowing you to rest your thumb and appreciate your surroundings. Additionally, a detachable seat can be installed for a more leisurely ride. 

If you plan on venturing beyond well-maintained roads and pavements, it may be worthwhile to consider the Turboant X7 Pro, or if you have the budget, the Horizon 10.4, for a superior riding experience.


The S2 Pro is backed by a 12-month warranty that safeguards against any scooter defects starting from the date of purchase. It’s important to note that Hiboy only honors warranty claims for S2 Pro units purchased through authorized distributors and retailers or directly from Hiboy, so be sure to do your research before making a purchase. 

If a defective item is replaced, the warranty period for the replacement item will remain the same as the original defective item. Furthermore, there’s a 30-day return policy for the S2 Pro in case you’re dissatisfied with your purchase, but this only applies if the scooter has not been used.

Is the Hiboy S2 Pro Good for Heavy Riders?

The Hiboy S2 Pro has a weight capacity of 260 lbs (118 kg), which is higher than many other budget scooters. The aviation-grade aluminum alloy frame provides durability and support, making it suitable for heavier riders. Additionally, the S2 Pro has dual rear shock absorbers, which can help absorb impact and provide a smoother ride for heavier riders.

However, it’s important to note that the solid 10 inch tires may not provide as much cushioning for heavier riders, especially on rough terrain. It’s also important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for proper use and maintenance, including charging the battery and inspecting the scooter regularly.

Overall, while the S2 Pro can support heavier riders, it’s important to consider the specific needs and preferences of the individual rider and evaluate whether the scooter meets their requirements.

Is the Price of Hiboy S2 Pro Worth it?

The worth of the Hiboy S2 Pro depends on individual preferences and budget. Compared to other electric scooters in its price range, the S2 Pro offers a decent combination of features, such as dual rear shock absorbers, a high-mounted headlight, a cruise control function, and an IP54 water-resistant rating. 

However, it does have some limitations, such as the lack of suspension in the front and the limited range and top speed compared to more expensive models. Overall, if you are looking for a budget-friendly electric scooter that offers decent features and performance, the Hiboy S2 Pro could be a good choice. 

However, if you are willing to spend more, there are other models on the market that offer better performance, range, and features. It’s important to consider your specific needs and budget before making a decision.


The Hiboy S2 Pro is an affordable and feature-packed electric scooter that is suitable for urban commuting and leisurely rides. It offers a good balance of speed, range, and portability, making it a practical and convenient choice for daily use. With a powerful motor, dual brakes, and solid construction, the S2 Pro can handle most riding conditions and provide a comfortable and safe experience. 

Despite some limitations, such as the lack of suspension and cushioning from the tires, the S2 Pro still delivers a good value for its price. Overall, it is a solid choice for anyone looking for an entry-level electric scooter that doesn’t compromise on quality and functionality.


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