Dualtron Thunder Electric Scooter — Speed, Range, Price, & More

Looking for an electric scooter that’s both powerful and reliable? Look no further than the Dualtron Thunder. What sets the Thunder apart from other electric scooters? Its motor system delivers incredible acceleration and handling, while its sturdy frame and advanced suspension system ensure a smooth ride even on rough terrain. 

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the features and performance of the Dualtron Thunder and help you decide if it’s the right electric scooter for you.


The Dualtron Thunder’s dual 2700-watt brushless DC motors are the heart of the scooter. They provide a powerful punch when taking off from a stop. Together, they produce an impressive 5400 watts of power, making it easy for the Thunder to spin both wheels even at high speeds. In fact, the Thunder can reach a speed of 24 km/h in just 2.0 seconds. 

With this kind of acceleration, you can leave other scooters in the dust. The motors are the key to the Thunder’s impressive performance, and they’re sure to impress anyone who takes this scooter for a spin.


The Dualtron Thunder electric scooter comes equipped with an LG battery that boasts an impressive range of up to 75 miles. While it may not quite match the 93-mile range of the Dualtron X, this range is on par with other scooters made by MiniMotors USA, such as the Dualtron 3, Ultra, and Speedway 5. 

Dualtron Thunder

For those seeking even more range, the VSETT 11+ is capable of delivering up to 140 miles of range when ridden conservatively, but it is also pricier than the Thunder. Alternatively, the VSETT 10+ R is a cheaper option that still offers a range of 115 miles with a top speed of 50 mph. 

It’s worth noting that pushing the Thunder to its limits may result in a range of around 40 to 45 miles, which is still impressive and unmatched by most scooters on the market.

Hill Climb

The Dualtron Thunder is not only fast and has an impressive range, but it is also a powerful scooter that can tackle steep inclines with ease. Thanks to its dual motors, the Thunder can climb hills with an incline grade of up to 47%, making it a great option for those who live in hilly areas. In fact, this scooter can handle steeper hills than most ski slopes. 

It’s even capable of climbing one of the world’s steepest residential roads (Baldwin Street in New Zealand), which has a 35% incline, with ease. So, whether you’re commuting to work or taking an off-road adventure, the Dualtron Thunder has got you covered.


The Dualtron Thunder’s suspension system is made up of 11-inch pneumatic tires and a front and rear rubber cartridge suspension. Although it may not be as impressive as the Dualtron X’s coil-over-shocks, the rubber cartridges still offer customization with MiniMotors’ adjustable shock absorption technology. 

smooth ride with Dualtron Thunder

This patent-pending system has 45 levels of personalization, allowing riders to adjust the strength of their scooter’s suspension without needing a mechanic. This feature makes the Thunder adaptable to various surfaces, from city streets to off-road terrain. So whether you prefer a smooth or bumpy ride, the Thunder can cater to your needs.

Braking System

The Dualtron Thunder is a powerful and speedy electric scooter that has been designed with safety in mind. Its dual hydraulic brake calipers are highly responsive, ensuring that you can stop on a dime with even the slightest touch. Despite this, the Thunder remains smooth and easy to control, so you won’t experience any unpleasant jerking or instability. 

For those who want even more control, an optional anti-lock braking system (ABS) is available. This will prevent the wheels from locking up when you brake, providing you with additional safety and confidence on the road. With the Thunder, you can feel confident that you are riding a scooter that is both fast and secure.

Charging Time

When it comes to charging the Dualtron Thunder, it’s important to plan ahead. With the standard charger, it can take up to 20 hours to reach a full charge, which can feel like a painfully long time. But don’t worry, there is a solution. By using the fast charger, which works with all Dualtron models, the charging time is reduced to just over 5 hours. 

front view of Dualtron Thunder

This means you can spend more time riding and less time waiting for your scooter to charge. The fast charger is available for purchase for $150, which is a worthwhile investment for those who use their scooter frequently and don’t want to be without it for long periods of time.


The Dualtron Thunder may fold for portability, but don’t expect to carry it around like a featherweight. The quick-release folding mechanism makes the handlebars collapse, while the base of the steering tube allows the scooter itself to fold, reducing its height by over half. Despite the convenient foldable design, the Thunder is still a bulky machine that doesn’t lend itself to comfortable transportation. 

It’s not the ideal scooter to stow away in the trunk of a car, nor is it something that you can carry around with ease. The Thunder is built for the ride, not for convenience.


The Dualtron Thunder electric scooter is a powerful and imposing vehicle, and its handlebars reflect that. They are wide, measuring 24 inches across, providing a stable and comfortable ride with full control over the steering. The handlebars also house a range of gadgets, including the smart EYE LCD display on the right, which shows the rider’s speed, battery life, and ride time. 

On the left, there are emergency hazards and motor system selection buttons. The dual handbrake levers and finger throttle are also located here. Additionally, there’s room for optional attachments, such as a fingerprint scanner for security, an extra stock bar for a phone holder or GoPro, and the handlebars fold neatly via a quick-release lever in their center.

handlebar of Dualtron Thunder

Lastly, the stem lights up, making the Thunder’s handlebars not only functional but also visually striking.


The Dualtron Thunder electric scooter is not only powerful but also built to last, thanks to its aviation-grade aluminum alloy frame. This material is known for being incredibly sturdy and durable, providing riders with the confidence they need for a safe and comfortable ride. The Thunder’s color scheme is also worth noting, with an all-black paint job that perfectly matches its imposing frame. 

There are also subtle accents of red on the deck and rear brake caliper, adding a touch of class to the design. Additionally, the Dualtron brand name is prominently displayed vertically along the steering column, and it even lights up when the stem lighting is turned on, making it easy for riders to show off their ride.


The Dualtron Thunder electric scooter boasts an extra-wide deck that measures a whole foot in width, which is double that of standard scooters. This provides ample space for riders of all sizes to find a comfortable stance without having to contort their bodies. The deck is not only functional but also stylish, with colored LED lights lining its underside, providing a surprising level of brightness. 

deck of Dualtron Thunder

These lights are customizable, and the scooter comes with a remote, making it easy to switch up the color to match your mood. The deck also has enough space for an optional seat, making longer journeys more comfortable.


The Dualtron Thunder comes equipped with 11-inch tubeless mini motorcycle tires that are perfect for hard, paved surfaces. However, if you’re looking to take your scooter off-road, you can easily swap out the tires for some knobbier ones. These tires offer an ultra-wide 10-centimeter contact patch with the road, making it easy to balance and manage the scooter at high speeds. 

The tires’ large 27.9-centimeter diameter and Dualtron rubber suspension also make it easy to roll over sizable obstacles on urban or off-road terrain. Despite their thickness, the tires are still pneumatic and require regular maintenance to prevent flats.


The Dualtron Thunder is an electric scooter that doesn’t only offer power and speed, but also style. The Thunder boasts an impressive LED lighting system that stands out among other electric scooters on the market. The front and rear lights are standard, but what sets the Thunder apart are the under-deck lights and illuminated handlebar stem that give the scooter a cool vibe. 

What’s more, Thunder comes with a remote control that allows you to customize the colors, brightness, and speed of the LED lights. With 20 preset colors to choose from, or the option to create your own, you can create your own unique color palette. The hazard lighting feature, activated by a yellow button on the handlebars, causes the Thunder’s front lights to flash, similar to emergency lights found on cars. 

man riding Dualtron Thunder

The Dualtron Thunder’s LED lighting system is both functional and visually appealing, making it a standout feature of this impressive electric scooter.

Cruise Control

The Dualtron Thunder comes with a convenient cruise control feature that allows you to maintain a constant speed without holding down the throttle. The cruise control can be activated through the EYE display, which is found in the ‘Settings’ menu under the ‘Cruise’ function. 

Once selected, maintaining a steady speed for 7 seconds will activate the cruise control. This feature is particularly useful for long-distance rides where holding down the throttle can cause fatigue. Disengaging the cruise control is as easy as holding and releasing the brake. 

With this feature, the Dualtron Thunder provides a comfortable and efficient riding experience, making it a great choice for those who love to go on long rides without having to worry about constant speed adjustments.

Build Quality

The Dualtron Thunder may not be as massive as the Dualtron X, but it still has a menacing look that hints at its powerful capabilities. This electric scooter is made with the same high-quality materials as its larger counterpart, including aviation-grade aluminum alloy for the frame and handlebars and a steel composite shaft. The mudguards are also built to last and made from durable polypropylene plastic. 

Dualtron Thunder setup

However, it’s important to note that the Thunder is not water-resistant, and riding it in the rain could be unsafe and void the warranty. It’s disappointing that a scooter of this price range does not have water resistance, especially when only 40% of electric scooters have this feature.

Quality of the Ride

Riding the Dualtron Thunder is a smooth and comfortable experience thanks to its advanced suspension system. The scooter boasts an impressive 45 stages of adjustable suspension, which is the highest of any scooter on the market. This system handles most of the shock absorption, combined with the scooter’s 11-inch pneumatic wheels, which take care of the rest. 

Whether you’re cruising on a flat surface or tackling uneven terrain, the Thunder’s suspension will provide a comfortable ride. You can adjust the suspension to suit your riding style and comfort preferences, ensuring that you get the smoothest ride possible.


When purchasing a Dualtron Thunder electric scooter from MiniMotors USA, you can expect a 6-month warranty that covers manufacturing defects in components such as the motor, controller, battery, and throttle. However, it’s important to note that wear and tear and acts of nature, such as damage from rain or other natural disasters, are not covered. 

back tire of Dualtron Thunder

This is because the Thunder doesn’t have a water-resistance rating, and riding it in wet conditions is not recommended. Additionally, accessories such as grips, screws, rubber caps, brakes, brake pads, and tires are not included in the warranty. As the official US distributor of the Dualtron range, MiniMotors USA stocks all parts and accessories needed for repairs.

How Does the Dualtron Thunder Compare to Other Electric Scooters?

Dualtron Thunder Versus Dualtron Thunder 2

The Dualtron Thunder 2 is an upgraded version of the already high-performing Dualtron Thunder electric scooter. While the regular Thunder is more than enough for most riders, the Thunder 2 takes things to the next level with significant performance improvements. The Thunder 2 boasts a top speed of 10 mph or 17 km/h faster than the regular Thunder, as well as an additional 30 mi or 50 km of range. 

Additionally, the Thunder 2 has twice the motor power of its predecessor, providing riders with more torque, acceleration, and climbing power. Despite these enhancements, the Thunder 2 is typically not much more expensive than the regular Thunder, making it an attractive option for those seeking even more performance from their electric scooter.

Dualtron Thunder Versus Dualtron Storm

The Dualtron Storm may be a newer model in the Dualtron line, but it doesn’t necessarily outshine the Thunder in terms of performance. Although it boasts more powerful motors, it has a similar top speed and just slightly more range. The climbing angle, braking power, and suspension are also comparable to the Thunder. 

However, the Dualtron Storm has a weight limit of 330 lbs or 150 kg, making it an excellent choice for heavier riders. It also has a removable battery, allowing you to easily swap out a dead battery for a fully charged one and double the range with the purchase of a second battery.

Dualtron Thunder Versus Dualtron Ultra 2

The Dualtron Thunder and the Dualtron Ultra 2 are both high-performance electric scooters with similar specs, but they do have some notable differences. While the Ultra 2 is designed more for off-road use with its specialized tires, it lacks the adjustable suspension and LED lights that the Thunder has. 

The Thunder, on the other hand, has a larger size and stronger brakes, which make it a bit more powerful than the Ultra 2. Additionally, the Thunder is equipped with multicolor LED lights that illuminate the stem and deck. Despite these differences, both scooters have similar top speeds, range, battery, and motor power. 

Dualtron Storm

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, the Ultra 2 is a good choice, but if you prioritize adjustable suspension and LED lights, the Thunder might be a better fit for you.

Dualtron Thunder Versus Inokim OXO

Although the Inokim OXO is a powerful scooter, it falls short of the Dualtron Thunder in terms of speed, acceleration, range, and climbing ability. However, the Inokim OXO has exceptional build quality, and it is priced at around $1000 less than the Thunder. If you are looking for a budget-friendly scooter that still packs a punch, the Inokim OXO is a great choice. 

However, if you are focused on performance and are willing to spend more money, the Dualtron Thunder is the way to go.

Dualtron Thunder Versus Kaabo Wolf Warrior

The Dualtron Thunder and the Kaabo Wolf Warrior may look almost the same on paper, but there are some key differences between them. While both have similar top speeds, range, battery, and motor, and come from reputable brands, the Thunder has a noticeable advantage in climbing. 

Kaabo Wolf Warrior

The Wolf Warrior, on the other hand, is probably better suited for offroad use, as it comes with offroad tires, although you can also get it with standard tires. Additionally, the Thunder and the Wolf have the same water protection level, and they are similar in size and weight.

Who Should Use the Dualtron Thunder?

The Dualtron Thunder is a high-performance electric scooter designed for thrill-seekers who crave speed and power. However, if you are looking for a more modestly priced or slower alternative, there are other options available in the market. But if you want the best of the best, then the Dualtron Thunder is worth considering. 

It’s a reliable and fun scooter that won’t let you down, even at top speeds of 50 mph. Although it comes with a hefty price tag of $3,699, its quality, performance, and safety features justify the investment. If you’re the type of person who wants the ultimate electric scooter experience, then the Dualtron Thunder is an excellent choice.

Can Heavy Riders Use the Dualtron Thunder?

Yes, heavy riders can use the Dualtron Thunder. The scooter has a weight limit of 265 lbs or 120 kg, which is higher than many other electric scooters on the market. This means that riders who weigh more than the average person can comfortably use the Dualtron Thunder without worrying about exceeding the weight limit. 

portablity of Dualtron Thunder

Additionally, the scooter has a powerful motor and suspension, which means that it can handle the weight of heavier riders without sacrificing performance or stability. However, if you are significantly heavier than the weight limit, it is important to check with the manufacturer to ensure that the scooter can still safely and effectively support your weight.

Is Dualtron Thunder Waterproof?

Despite its IP54 waterproof rating, it is not advisable to use the Dualtron Thunder in heavy rain or when riding through areas with frequent water splashes. Water damage can harm the electronic components of the scooter, even if it has a sturdy build. It’s important to keep your scooter dry and protected from water to ensure that it continues to function properly and avoid any costly repairs.

Is the Dualtron Thunder Worth the Price Tag?

The Dualtron Thunder may come with a hefty price tag of $3,699, and it might not be the best option for those who are looking for a bargain. Potential buyers might want to consider other models such as VSETT 11+, VSETT 10+ R, or Apollo Pro 60V if they are looking for a more affordable scooter with a longer range and faster speeds. 

On the other hand, if off-road capabilities are important, Kaabo’s Wolf Warrior might be the way to go, offering better acceleration and a lower price tag. Ultimately, it depends on the buyer’s priorities, whether it’s a fair price or the ability to customize their ride and own a high-quality Dualtron scooter.


To conclude this review, the Dualtron Thunder electric scooter is an exceptional machine designed for those who want top-of-the-line performance, reliability, and customizability. It’s not the cheapest option out there, but for its price, it offers unparalleled features such as a high-power motor, impressive top speed, long-range, and excellent suspension. 

Its adjustable stem and deck height also provide a comfortable ride for riders of different heights. However, heavy rain can still damage the electronic parts of this scooter, even with its IP54 waterproof rating [1]. While it may not be the best option for budget-conscious riders, those who prioritize quality, speed, and durability will appreciate the value this scooter provides. 

But it’s essential to compare other models and prioritize your needs before making the final decision. Overall, the Dualtron Thunder is a premium, high-performance electric scooter that stands out from the competition and is a top choice for serious riders who want the best of the best.


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