Fluid CityRider Electric Scooter Review — Is it Worth it?

Get ready to zip through the city in style with the City Rider electric scooter. With its sleek design and eco-friendly power, this scooter is sure to turn heads and make your commute a breeze. But is it worth the investment? Join us as we dive into this review and find out.

Speed and Acceleration

Equipped with a 300W motor, the City Rider electric scooter can reach speeds of up to 18 miles per hour, making it a reasonable option for city commuters and traffic. While it may not be the fastest scooter on the market, it provides a decent pace for riding within city limits. 

The Gotrax Xr Ultra is a similar model with comparable speed specs but lacks the advanced onboard electronics of the City Rider. The City Rider’s acceleration is quick on level ground, and it can reach top speed in a short amount of time. 

However, on inclines, the scooter’s acceleration may be slow, particularly if the battery is not fully charged. Riders can use their foot to give the scooter a kick-start, making up for the lack of acceleration on inclines.

Maximum Mileage

Designed for shorter, straightforward commutes from point A to point B, the City Rider electric scooter has a modest 15-mile range. While this range may not be suitable for longer inter-city trips, it is sufficient for daily urban commutes. The City Rider’s range is ideal for running errands or commuting to work or school without the need for frequent recharging. 

riding City Rider

With its compact design and lightweight build, the City Rider is a convenient and practical option for riders seeking an eco-friendly alternative to traditional transportation.

Hill Climbing

Like many small, single motor scooters, the City Rider electric scooter may struggle when navigating inclines. Although the manufacturer rates it for inclines up to 15 degrees, this steepness is only manageable for scooters with much larger motors. 

In realistic conditions, the City Rider can handle inclines of up to 15% (equivalent to 8.5 degrees), which is suitable for gentle hills but not steeper ones. Therefore, it is advisable to stick to flat terrain whenever possible to maximize the scooter’s performance. 

While the City Rider may not be the ideal choice for hilly terrain, it remains a practical and efficient option for commuting on flatter routes.


Despite its many positive features, one major downside of the City Rider electric scooter is its lack of shock absorption. While some models in its class don’t have traditional suspension systems, they often have air-filled tires that offer some level of insulation against bumps and cracks on the ground. 

riding deck of City Rider

Unfortunately, the City Rider’s solid tires lack this feature, and combined with the absence of conventional suspension, it can result in a less comfortable ride experience. 

For those who prioritize comfort, it may be worth considering investing in a more expensive scooter like the Apollo Air Pro, which offers best-in-class ride quality thanks to its dual fork front suspension and pneumatic 10-inch tires.

Braking System

When it comes to braking, the City Rider relies on a rear drum brake that’s operated by a hand lever and a foot brake over the rear wheel. Additionally, the scooter features an electric regenerative brake over the front wheel, which helps to extend the ride time by recycling energy during braking. 

This placement of brakes, with the regenerative brake at the front and drum brake at the rear, is a smart engineering choice, as it provides a more balanced and even stopping power. Compared to other scooters in its price range, the City Rider’s braking system is on par with an average stopping distance of 5.1 meters from 15 mph. 

strolling with City Rider

However, there are models, such as the Apollo Air Pro, that offer superior stopping power by utilizing the placement of the brake over the front wheel, rather than the rear, resulting in a shorter stopping distance of 3.5 meters – a 31% improvement over the City Rider’s capabilities.

Charging Time

The City Rider’s charging port is conveniently located on the neck of the scooter, so it won’t get in the way while you’re riding. Charging the 360Wh battery is a straightforward process, taking about 4 to 6 hours to fully charge. 

This means that you can leave it plugged in overnight and wake up to a fully charged scooter ready for your morning commute.


The City Rider has a weight of 28.5 pounds, making it light enough to carry short distances, but it could tire you out if you carry it around all day. The scooter is also relatively compact, measuring 47 inches in height when unfolded and 43 inches in length when folded. 

portability of City Rider

However, it is crucial to note that the City Rider folds at the stem and not at the deck, which somewhat limits its portability as it cannot lie completely flat. Nevertheless, it is still possible to move around with the scooter as the stem hinge provides stability and a secure feel when folded.


The City Rider electric scooter boasts straight and slim handlebars that have rubber coating at the ends for better grip. Unlike other similar models, these handlebars do not fold, but the non-folding feature makes them more stable and sturdy. 

The thumb throttle and brake lever are ergonomically positioned for comfort, and the reverse-threaded grips prevent them from coming loose during a ride. The scooter’s LCD display is positioned at the center of the handlebars, providing real-time information on speed and riding mode. 

Conveniently placed buttons on each side of the display allow riders to turn on turn signals and lights. For more detailed insights, riders can check the app. The City Rider electric scooter’s design offers a sense of uniformity and functionality.


In a market where big names and bold branding dominate the electric scooter industry, the City Rider electric scooter stands out with its subtle and understated design. The scooter’s flowing, tubular stem design embraces a curved and tapered aesthetic, avoiding hard edges and straight lines. 

City Rider

The wooden deck of the City Rider is covered with grip tape and draws inspiration from the world of skateboarding, while its straight handlebars and rear foot brake will remind you of classic scooters from the past. 

This combination of modern and retro elements creates a unique and refreshing look and feel that sets the City Rider apart from the competition.


The City Rider electric scooter boldly incorporates elements from various design styles, breaking away from traditional styling. The wooden deck, covered with grip tape, is one such example, which borrows from the world of skateboarding. The slim and tapered deck of the City Rider resembles a skateboard, offering a clean and cool look. 

With no obstructions occupying the space, the deck provides ample room for riders to place their feet in an “L” position. This unique and innovative design not only adds to the aesthetic appeal of the scooter but also offers riders a comfortable and stable riding experience.


The City Rider’s lighting setup is impressive, especially considering its affordable price. Equipped with a high-mounted headlight, responsive rear tail light, and turn signals, the LED package is comparable to those on more expensive scooters. The headlight and tail light have sleek, aerodynamic designs that blend into the scooter’s body, while lateral reflectors increase visibility at night. 

handlebar of City Rider

But what really sets the City Rider apart is the quality of its turn signals. Located low on the rear of the scooter, they are easy to see at night and turn off automatically after nine seconds, avoiding the embarrassing situation of leaving them on. 

Even more impressive is that the City Rider is the cheapest scooter with turn signals on the market and they are executed better than most other scooters regardless of their price.


The City Rider comes with 8.5-inch solid honeycomb tires that provide a few advantages over traditional pneumatic tires. While they won’t offer the same level of shock absorption as air-filled tires, honeycomb tires have been designed to emulate the structure of bumblebees and offer some insulation from shocks and vibrations on the road. 

Furthermore, these tires are puncture-resistant, making them low maintenance. However, it’s essential to note that the City Rider’s wheels have a smaller profile than its competitors, including the Apollo Air Pro, Turboant X7 Pro, and M10. 

back tire of City Rider

These competitors have larger wheels filled with air, which means they mold to the ground more effectively, increasing the contact patch with the ground and resulting in enhanced traction during braking and carving, making them more agile, nimble, and shock-absorbent.

Build Quality

The City Rider scooter has a solid build quality with some flaws. The scooter has an elegant and retro look due to its wooden deck. It feels stable when riding thanks to its sturdy steel frame, and the simple design adds to the sturdiness by minimizing the chances of things going wrong. 

LED lighting [1in the front and back makes riding in the dark safer, and the backlights are a great signal to other motorists. However, the suspension of the scooter is virtually non-existent, which means that the constant vibrating may cause the electric wiring to fray over time. 

This is a minor drawback and can be easily fixed with occasional use of electric tape.

Quality of the Ride

The City Rider scooter impresses in many categories when it comes to its specs and build quality, especially considering its affordable price range. However, the lack of suspension is a notable drawback that is especially noticeable compared to models like the Apollo Air and Air Pro, which offer conventional suspension. 

City Rider connected to mobile app

This problem is compounded by the City Rider’s solid tires, unlike the Turboant X7 Pro and M10 which have shock-absorbing pneumatic tires. However, in terms of solid tires, the City Rider performs on par with other models that have this type of tire, such as the Hiboy S2 Pro and Unagi Model One. 

Additionally, the scooter’s hand grips are firm and the thumb throttle and brake lever are smooth, while the controls are conveniently positioned. Finally, the lightweight and collapsible frame make the City Rider an easy-to-maneuver option.

Who Should Buy the City Rider?

The FluidFreeRide City Rider offers a decent range and speed for its price and has some neat electronic features like LED lighting and Bluetooth compatibility. Although it doesn’t quite measure up to the top electric scooters available on the market, it’s a reliable choice. 

As the name suggests, it’s perfect for navigating crowded cities. However, if you have a longer commute, you might want to consider a scooter with a greater range. 

setting up City Rider

The City Rider is also an excellent choice for kids, as it has a relatively low top speed that can be easily modified for parental control using the Bluetooth app. This is an excellent entry-level scooter for people who want to move around more quickly than walking.


The FluidFreeRide City Rider may not be the most advanced or luxurious option in the market, but it’s a great entry-level option for those looking to travel around the city with ease and convenience. 

With its decent range, cool features, and affordable price, the City Rider is a solid pick for anyone looking to ditch their car and embrace a more eco-friendly way of commuting.


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