Best Gotrax Scooters in the Market

Gotrax scooters are a great way to get around quickly and efficiently, and they have quickly become a popular choice for commuters and recreational riders alike. Whether you’re looking to get around town or just have some fun, Gotrax has a scooter that is perfect for you. From sleek and stylish models to powerful and durable models, Gotrax has something for everyone. 

With their cutting-edge features and solid construction, Gotrax scooters provide a smooth and comfortable ride and are sure to get you where you need to go in style. So if you’re in the market for a new scooter, check out the best Gotrax scooters on the market today.

1. Gotrax GXL V2 Electric Scooter

The 250-watt motor lets you go farther and faster, and the whole model has been put through the most rigorous quality control tests. This model has air-filled tires made of rubber that are 8.5 inches in diameter and help it move over rough ground. The frame is made of aluminum, which is light but strong. 

The improved 250-watt motor is powered by a 36V battery with 5.2aH, which you will enjoy. This model has passed the toughest quality control tests to make sure it is durable and of high quality. This isn’t the quietest choice out there, though. Some people say that their electric scooters do make a little bit of noise when they use them.

This option is very portable because the frame folds up. The frame can be folded up into a 15″ x 44″ x 6″ size by pressing a button. It can be locked in place to keep it safe while it’s being stored. There are two sets of brakes for extra safety and security. Among these are EABS and disc brakes. 


A long-range battery lets you go up to 12 miles on a single charge, so this is a real long-range option. The LED display in the middle of the T-handlebar lets you see how fast you’re going, and how much power is left in the battery, and turn on the headlight.

The GXL V2 is one of the most popular scooters, and for a good reason. It might not be the fanciest or most advanced option, but it’s great for people who want to try out electric scooters but don’t want to spend a lot of mone

2. Gotrax GKS Electric Scooter

There is a deck that won’t catch fire and keeps everyone safe. You’ll also like how easy it is to put together right out of the box. Even better, it has a 50.4 Wh Li battery that lets it go as fast as 7.5 miles per hour. This scooter has safety features that are good for kids, like Safe Start technology. 

To start using your scooter, you have to put your foot on the front button and kick it off. The 150-watt motor can be turned on with a button on the back of the deck. This lets you go up to 7.5 miles per hour. This does mean, though, that this model is for kids. If you’re an adult rider, you should look for something else.

The frame is only 17 pounds and is very light. This makes it one of the lighter electric scooter options and makes it easy to carry up and down stairs or into a car. The 6″ rubber tires are great for getting around neighborhoods with bumpy sidewalks and uneven ground. You can also choose from four different color combinations to make it fit your child’s style. 


The high-capacity 25.2V battery can take you about 4 miles on a single charge. The GKS is a great alternative to a manual scooter, especially if you plan to take a lot of trips with your family around your neighborhood. Smaller kids can easily keep up with adults riding slowly on bikes or other electric scooters, and the maximum range of 4 miles gives them plenty of power to explore or go to their favorite picnic spot. 

The GKS takes between 5 and 7 hours to charge, but if your kids can’t wait that long to get back on the road, they can use it as a manual scooter.

3. Gotrax APEX XL Electric Scooter

A big LED screen lets you see how much battery life is left, and how fast you’re going, and even turn on the very bright headlight. This headlight makes riding safer, especially after the sun goes down. The frame folds in one easy step and locks into place, so you can store it in your car, at the office, at the gym, or anywhere else. 

But for a model made for commuters, it is on the heavier side. This does make it harder to carry. The brake system is made up of both rear disc brakes and an anti-locking system called eABS. This makes it safer than some other models. The brakes respond quickly and work well. A 36V lithium-ion battery with 6.0aH powers a powerful 250-watt motor. 

This lets you go 12 to 15 miles per hour and travel up to 15 miles on a single charge. The 8.5″ tires have aluminum cores that absorb shock, so you can ride anywhere you want.

4. Gotrax XR Elite Electric Scooter


This scooter has a 300-watt motor and can go up to 15.5 miles per hour at its fastest. You can go up to 18.6 miles on a single charge with a 280.8Wh high-capacity battery. Protection against overcharging will keep that battery healthy for a lot longer than the average scooter. There is also protection against short circuits built right in. 

This scooter works best for people who aren’t too heavy because putting more weight on it will make it go less far. There is a headlight and a tail light, which make it easier to see and safer to ride at night. The scooter also has a total of six reflectors. This scooter has two brakes that work together to make it safer. 

This includes both disc brakes and a system that keeps the wheels from locking up. The front and back tires are both made of air-filled rubber, which is a strong material that can easily handle rough terrain. For a cheap scooter, the XR Elite has a lot going for it in terms of rider comfort and stability. 

It has a 6.6-inch wide deck, which makes it easy to find a comfortable riding position. It also has a strong, well-built frame that can handle everyday riding. It is also waterproof, with an IP54 rating, so you don’t have to worry about getting caught in the rain. Gotrax has clearly spent a lot of time making sure the XR Elite has all the right safety features. 

It has a bright headlight, a rear light, and 6 extra reflectors, just like the G4. It also has a smart battery management system, so you can enjoy your ride without worrying that the battery will die on you when you least expect it. The cockpit is simple, but it does what it needs to do. 


It has a bell and a smart display that lets you see your speed and battery level as you ride. Like the G4, the Elite has a cruise control feature that lets you let go of the throttle and relax your thumb while the speed stays the same.

5. Gotrax XR Ultra Electric Scooter

The frame of this scooter is made of aluminum and weighs 14.2 kilograms. It is held up by rubber tires that can handle almost any terrain, including steep hills of up to 15 inches. The 8″ pneumatic tires are made of tough, long-lasting rubber. There is a dual braking system that includes both an anti-lock braking system and a disc braking system. 

Some customers have said, though, that the breaks may start to squeak after a few weeks. Because it has a long-range, this scooter can be used for up to 17 miles in ideal conditions. This is powered by a high-capacity 7.0AH battery. The Smart Battery Management system makes sure the battery will last. 

In the middle of the T-bar handle is an LED console that can be used for many different things. This LED display shows the different speed modes and the current speed. It also lets you control the headlight and see how much battery life is left in real-time. Like other Gotrax models, the XR Ultra has a smart display that shows you your speed and battery level at all times. 

This is also where you can turn on the cruise control and change the speed settings. Even at night, people will be able to see you because your headlight is bright enough and your rear light is reflective. Just like with most scooters, you can buy extra lights to be safe. 


The Ultra doesn’t try to be as good as the Gotrax G4 or other more expensive models, but it does offer a great all-around package that makes it easy to get to and from work or is just fun to ride on the weekends. Plus, this is one of the best options in the GoTrax line because it comes with an LG battery and you won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for it.

6. Gotrax GKS LUMIOS Electric Scooter

The handlebars on this model are adjustable and can be set anywhere from 32.5 inches to 37 inches. They let the scooter grow with your child, so even if they have a growth spurt, they can still ride it. The upgraded battery, which is powered by a 150-watt motor, lets you ride for about 4.8 miles on a single charge. 

You can go up to 7.5 miles per hour with this motor. But there have been times when this electric scooter had trouble charging. A strip of pink, blue, and green LED lights makes the front wheel glow. This will make your child more visible to you, other people on foot, and other cars. 

Since there is no air in these 6″ solid wheels, they are much more stable and durable. They have an aluminum frame that will be hard for your child to break. The frame itself is only 18.7 pounds, which makes it easy to move around. This is a scooter that has been approved by the UL.

7. Gotrax G4 Electric Scooter

Check out the Gotrax G4, which is the best of the cheap Gotrax scooters. The G4 is the most complete Gotrax scooter you can get for less than $500. It has enough power and range to satisfy those who want a reliable way to get from point A to point B without giving up all the little perks that make models like the Ninebot Max so popular.

This is the only GoTrax scooter that can go faster than 15.5 mph, going up to a top speed of 20 mph. For a machine that only costs $499, the 350W motor puts out a pretty high amount of torque, which lets riders handle hills with a 15% grade. The Gotrax G4 has a dual braking system with a rear disc brake and a regenerative brake, just like the other models in the line. 

Even though they work pretty well and are good enough to slow you down, they aren’t as good as if each wheel had its own brake. All of the power to slow down goes to the back wheel. A faster scooter needs a more stable base, which is why the G4 has brand-new, better 10-inch pneumatic tires. 

These will keep you stable no matter how fast you’re going and make up for the lack of suspension by absorbing shocks from bumps in the road. When it’s wet, tires with more air also work better because they give you more grip. This, along with the G4’s waterproof rating of IP54, means that you won’t have any trouble riding in light rain.



The improved battery, which can go 25 miles on a single charge, is another big change that stands out. When you rode the scooter at its top speed, you could only get 15 miles out of it. You can get a few more miles if you ride more efficiently. Even though the range didn’t quite reach what was promised, it was still longer than other GoTrax models. 

Plus, it can be charged in about 5 hours. The digital lock can be turned on from the top of the handlebars, where there is an LED display panel. You can also check your speed and battery life and use the cruise control function from this screen. The only bad thing about this is that the battery reader could be better because it is sometimes wrong.

The G4 is the heaviest scooter in the range at 36 pounds, but it’s still easy to move around. It won’t be hard to lift and carry, especially since it has one of the quickest and strongest folding mechanisms. The G4 is easy to fold up and put in your trunk, on public transportation, or under your desk.

Everything about this scooter is bigger and better than those that came before it, from the speed and battery to the self-healing tires and extra features. Plus, it has the good things that Gotrax is known for, like a good price and a good build. The G4 is perfect if you want a full-featured electric scooter that won’t break the bank, especially if you want to be out for longer and go farther.

How Does Gotrax Compare to Other Brands of Electric Scooters?

Affordable Entry Point

Gotrax’s main goal is to make it easier and cheaper for people to start using fun, green ways to get around. If you look at most of Gotrax’s electric scooters and compare them to those of its competitors, you’ll usually find that they cost less on average. This is great if you’re new to electric scooters and other vehicles that run on electricity.


Functions That Are Easy to Use Functions That Are Easy to Use

Gotrax scooters are designed to make it as easy as possible for users to take control of their ride. The scooters have user-friendly functions, such as one-touch acceleration, adjustable speed settings, and LED display panels. This minimizes the amount of time it takes to learn how to use the scooter and allows users to focus on having fun. 

The scooters also come with safety features, such as anti-lock brakes and a disc brake system, that help riders stay safe.

High-Quality Products

Gotrax is known for making high-quality scooters that are designed to last. The scooters are made of durable materials, such as aluminum frames and air-filled rubber tires, and they are put through rigorous quality control tests to ensure that they meet Gotrax’s high standards. 

Additionally, Gotrax stands behind its products and offers warranties that cover any defects or malfunctions.

Wide Range of Models

Gotrax offers a wide range of electric scooter models, from affordable entry-level models to more powerful and expensive models. There is something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a scooter for commuting, recreational use, or something in between. Gotrax also offers customization options, so you can make your scooter unique to you.


Designs That Are Comfortable and Safe

Gotrax scooters are designed to be comfortable and safe for riders of all ages. The adjustable handlebar and seat height make it easy to find a comfortable riding position, and the air-filled tires and suspensions make the ride smoother and more enjoyable. The scooters also have a dual braking system with anti-lock brakes and a disc brake system, so you can be sure that you’ll be able to stop quickly and safely. 

The scooters also have bright LED headlights and taillights, as well as a total of six reflectors, that help make sure you can be seen in the dark.

Can You Ride Your Gotrax Scooter When It's Raining?

You can ride your Gotrax scooter when it’s raining, but you should take extra precautions to keep it safe. All Gotrax scooters have an IP54 waterproof rating, which means they can handle light rain. However, you should still avoid riding in heavy rain or puddles, as this could damage the scooter or cause it to malfunction. 

Additionally, make sure to keep the scooter dry when it’s not in use. Also, be sure to check the tires, brakes, and battery to make sure they are all functioning properly before hitting the road.

Are Gotrax Scooters Good?

Gotrax scooters are a great choice for anyone looking for an affordable and reliable electric scooter. The scooters are designed to be easy to use, comfortable, and safe, so riders of all ages and skill levels can enjoy them. They also come with features like adjustable handlebars, air-filled tires, dual brakes, and LED headlights that make them stand out from the competition. 

The scooters are also made of durable materials and are rigorously tested to ensure they meet Gotrax’s high standards of quality. All in all, Gotrax scooters are a great option for anyone looking for an affordable and reliable electric scooter.

How Do You Fold Your Gotrax Scooter?

If your Gotrax scooter can be folded, all you have to do is pull the lever at the bottom of the handlebar shaft to do so. Once the scooter is folded all the way, it will click into place and stay that way until you use the release mechanism again. Make sure the lever is securely locked before you carry or transport the scooter.


Gotrax scooters are a great choice for people of all ages who are looking for an affordable and reliable electric scooter. Gotrax scooters have a wide range of models that come with features like adjustable handlebars, air-filled tires, dual brakes, and LED headlights [1]. 

Plus, the scooters are made of durable materials and are rigorously tested to ensure they meet Gotrax’s high standards of quality. So, if you’re in the market for a new electric scooter, Gotrax is definitely worth considering.


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