Zero 10X — Is This E-Scooter Worth it?

Are you looking for a reliable, powerful, and stylish way to get around the city? The Zero 10X scooter is the perfect choice for you. It is an electric scooter that is built with the highest quality materials and designed to provide a smooth, comfortable ride. With its sleek design, powerful motor, and long-lasting battery, the Zero 10X is the perfect way to get around town. 

In this review, we will discuss the features, benefits, and drawbacks of the Zero 10X scooter. We will also provide a summary of our overall experience with the scooter.


Dual 1000-watt brushless DC motors with 1600-watt peak output and absolute savagery provide the Zero 10X with its formidable acceleration. All 10X models have rapid acceleration, but the 21 Ah, 60V model is the fastest, increasing its lead over the 18 Ah and 23 Ah (52 V) models as the speed increases.

The 10X (23 Ah) can accelerate to 24 km/h in just 2.5 seconds, 32 km/h in 3.6 seconds, 40 km/h in 5.1 seconds, and 48 km/h in 7.9 seconds. 24 km/h can be reached in 2.8 seconds, 32 km/h in 4.3 seconds, 40 km/h in 6.2 seconds, and 48 km/h in 10.5 seconds with the 10X (18 Ah). The torque of the motors is tremendous. 

Both wheels can be spun not only from a stop but also at speed. It is fair to say that the Zero 10X has sufficient power to obliterate the competition.

zero 10x acceleration

Hill Climb

A 74 kg rider atop a Zero 10X climbed a 10% grade hill in 8.8 seconds. Approximately one second behind the defending champion Wolf Warrior 11 The 18 Ah and 23 Ah versions had identical hill climbing times, whereas the 60V version is approximately one second faster and has a higher average speed.


The 10X is equipped with dual spring suspension, which, in conjunction with its 10-inch pneumatic tires, helps to absorb the majority of the vibrations you would otherwise experience on rough terrain. Additionally, the 10X’s front and rear shocks are adjustable in addition to being extremely durable. 

While this mechanism isn’t as precise as something like the NAMI Burn-E, which allows you to dial in the exact amount of damping, it’s still useful when you need to adjust the strength of your scooter’s shock absorption for different terrain types. In addition, the swingarms are crucial to the scooter’s ability to respond to the compression and rebound of the springs. 

As they pivot up and down in response to the movement of the springs, they essentially prevent you from bouncing up and down and instead keep you firmly planted to the deck.

The Braking System

While the top speed of 38 mph isn’t quite as fast as many similar scooters on the market, it’s certainly not slow, so it’s a relief that the 10X has front and rear dual hydraulic disc brakes. These brakes allow the 10X to stop in 3.7 meters from a speed of 15 miles per hour. Several models in the same price range as the Zero 10X, such as the Mantis Pro SE, Mantis Base, and Varla Eagle One, feature hydraulic braking systems.

zero 10 braking

These hydraulic brakes enable this group of 10X competitors to outperform it in terms of stopping power. For example, the Mantis Pro SE can stop in just 3 meters, while the base requires 3.4, and the Varla Eagle One matches the 10X’s 3.7-meter stopping distance. Similar to the 10X, the VSETT 10+ (20.8Ah) has superior stopping power, coming to a stop in 3 meters.

Charging Time

It takes approximately 10 to 12 hours to fully charge the battery. Purchasing an additional 52V charger will cut this time in half, allowing you to return to the road faster.


At 36 kilograms, the Zero 10X is a beefcake. You will not place this item in the trunk of an Uber, take it on a bus, or carry it up multiple flights of stairs. This is not how the heavy scooter was intended to be used. The scooter’s stem folds to reduce its profile, but it is still large overall. The folded dimensions of the Zero 10X are 127 (L) x 69 (W) x 51 (H) centimeters.

It lacks a locking stem, which is a significant drawback. When folded, the 10X must be lifted by its base rather than its stem. If you want a 10X with a smaller folded footprint, you can purchase this kit for $65 to convert the standard fixed handlebars to folding handlebars. The stem attachment point of the upgraded folding handlebars is now straight rather than curved, resulting in a slightly different riding experience.

Typically, the folding mechanism of folding handlebars allows the handlebars to loosen while riding. This is not a safety issue, but it is an annoyance. The clamp on the Zero 10X handlebars is somewhat difficult to engage, which is likely the reason why one of the handlebars wiggles while riding. In addition, the folding handlebars are not as comfortable as the stock curved handlebars for racing because they are straight.

zero 10x portability

In addition, it is difficult to use the folding handlebars when the key-start ignition and voltmeter are installed, as these components prevent the handlebars from folding tightly and parallel to the stem. If you want to make the Zero 10X more portable by folding the handlebars, you should disable and remove the voltmeter and ignition key. 

It is nearly impossible to fold the handlebars flush against the scooter when they are installed.


The handlebars have an ergonomically curved shape, and the large grips are rubber-coated. In conjunction with the 26.7-inch wide profile, they provide the utmost control over the steering column. However, the trigger throttle reduces the level of comfort by forcing your right hand into a claw-like position.

Below the throttle and QS-S4 display are the battery voltage meter and key-ignition, while the motor controls are located to the left. On each side of the handlebars are well-calibrated brake levers, but you must feather them because the hydraulic discs are fairly powerful and can catch you off guard if you slam on the brakes. The 10X handlebars do not fold, unlike those of its younger siblings. 


The cockpit is functional, simple, and well-designed. The latest 2020 Zero 10X has mountain bike-style curved handlebars as standard equipment. 67 centimeters tall. They are broad and provide superior steering control. The grips have been upgraded from the original 18 Ah model which is more ergonomic and substantial, making it easier to maintain a firm grip while riding.

zero 10x cockpit

The grips are firmly attached to the handlebars, do not rotate, and offer superior hand support. The height from the deck to the handlebars is 102.4 centimeters, and the stem is not adjustable. Riders under 196 centimeters in height may want to test this height to ensure comfort.

The 10X’s LCD throttle display is a QS-S4 model. The LCD displays all of your vital statistics, such as your speed, odometer, mode, and battery level. Using the P settings, you can control performance-related settings. The throttle trigger is attached to the display and is operated with the index finger.

Long rides on this type of trigger throttle may be uncomfortable, but this is a matter of rider preference. The scooter is equipped with plug-and-play wiring, allowing you to install a thumb throttle if you prefer. This type of cabling also permits the replacement of faulty electronic components.

Dual disc brakes are operated by thick, solid-feeling hand levers. Left-side handlebar buttons regulate dual or single motor and eco or turbo power modes. An excellent added feature is a key-start ignition, which prevents the scooter from starting, as with a car. This allows you to park your Zero 10X outside for short trips.


The Zero 10X presents a bulky, robust appearance. The frame’s precipitation-hardened structure is painted jet black, with red accents on the swingarms, collar clamp, deck trim, and handlebars. Overall, it is an undeniably attractive scooter, even if it lacks a bit of originality. Upon closer inspection, it appears identical to the Varla Eagle One.

zero 10 frame

Unlike the Eagle One, whose deck grip tape variations depict flaming skulls and Apache attack helicopters, the 10X plays it safe with its branding and is unlikely to offend anyone with its look and feel.


The Zero 10X scooter has front and rear deck-mounted lights. In addition to reflectors on the front and rear fenders, there are reflectors along the sides of the deck. The position of the low-mounted lights is not optimal for visibility, and they are insufficient for serious night riding.


The tires on the Zero 10X are monstrous, measuring 25.4 centimeters in diameter and 8 centimeters in width. These exhibit excellent ride quality (along with the suspension). The tire width greatly contributes to the stability of this scooter, especially when accelerating and decelerating rapidly. 

The wheels have a split rim, making it easier to replace flat inner tubes or switch tire types. These tires will absorb road imperfections at high speeds (or off it). They will give you the confidence to push this scooter to its limits, as their supple rubber will aid in keeping you grounded.


The generous amount of deck space is one advantage of the Zero 10X’s large size. The Zero 10X’s standing area measures 48.8 by 22.9 centimeters. Additionally, the rear of the deck incorporates a metal fin that is sturdy enough to stand on. Providing you with additional standing options.

zero x10 features

Build Quality

Overall, the Zero 10X’s build quality is very solid. Almost every component of the scooter is made of thick metal. The pivots, bolts, and swing arms are oversized and durable. The steering is responsive. The suspension is phenomenal. Even at full throttle acceleration or maximum speed, the motors are surprisingly quiet. 

The only drawback to this build quality is its weight. Quality metal components are made of steel and are heavy. There are numerous accessories available for customizing this scooter to your liking. In conclusion, the Zero 10X can withstand anything you throw at it. 

You’re most likely the one to take damage doing it. This scooter is a worthwhile investment that will endure the test of time.

The Quality of the Ride

All variants of the Zero 10X are equipped with dual spring suspension and massive 25.4-centimeter by 8-centimeter pneumatic tires (air-filled tires). The front and rear spring shocks absorb any unforgiving terrain. At nearly any speed in the city, potholes, road debris, and trash will be no match for the Zero 10X. 

Off-road, the suspension has sufficient travel to accommodate jumps. The dual suspension maintains a strong connection to the road and stability over obstacles. Additionally, it reduces fatigue and makes the ride more comfortable, particularly if you are riding for several miles.

zero 10 quality

More damping would really help the suspension settle down over large bumps, as it begins to feel floaty; however, the ride is relatively quiet, with no stem noise and no wobble. In addition to dual hydraulic brakes on the 23 Ah and 21 Ah or 60 V models, serious speed, and numerous ways to upgrade the ride, the Zero 10X is priced competitively for its feature set in the high-performance category. 

The 10X is evolving in response to rider demands, with various models offering larger batteries and improved brakes. Zero continues to enhance the construction and ride quality of its bicycles, even reducing annoyances such as noise and stem wobble. The stem of the 10X comes with welded components to prevent stem creaking while riding, which is a notable improvement to the 2020 design. 

The included stock stem clamp is somewhat finicky and requires iterative tightening in order to achieve maximum tightness.

Is Zero 10X Worth It?

The Zero 10X is a powerful and stylish electric scooter that offers an impressive top speed of 38 mph, an ultra-powerful motor and torque, dual hydraulic brakes, adjustable suspension, and a long-lasting battery. The scooter’s robust frame and strong build quality make it a reliable and durable ride that can handle any terrain. 

The Zero 10X is a great choice for those who are looking for a reliable and powerful scooter that won’t break the bank. With its impressive features, robust construction, and long-lasting battery, the Zero 10X is a great choice for those who want to get around the city in style.


The Zero 10X is a powerful and stylish electric scooter. It is built with robust construction and strong build quality that can handle any terrain. With its impressive features, robust construction, and long-lasting battery, the Zero 10X is a great choice for those who want to get around the city in style.


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