WowGo 2S Review (2024) — Know More About This Affordable & In-Demand Skateboard

WowGo isn’t a skateboard giant just yet, but their 2S is quickly garnering a lot of attention in the electric skateboard industry. Does it live up to all the hype or will you be throwing your money down the drain with the WowGo bard? Our experts are here to help you decide with this WowGo 2S review.

Unfortunately, WowGo 2S isn’t available on the market anymore. Check out other amazing electric skateboards from WowGo below.

WowGo 2S with remote



WowGo 2S Design

Let’s dive into the WowGo 2S review with a quick overview of the design. 

You will get everything you need included in the box when you purchase these WowGo boards. Our team likes the material used to construct the deck of this electric skateboard, which is 8-ply maple that gives you a flat and sturdy surface to stand on.

To make sure you’re supported and that you can exert ultimate control over the navigation of the WowGo board, the deck features grip tape on the front and rear portions. Not only does the tape give you a better grip but it also cushions more and supports the suspension.

person riding WowGo 2S

The material used greatly determines how much an electric skateboard can costThe WowGo 2S is mainly held together by metal enclosures, which provides more security and durability than the conventional plastic options seen on other electric skateboards. Working with the metal enclosures are 90mm wheels that are thick and wide enough to absorb bumps to provide the ultimate riding experience. 

An extra feature the WowGo 2S electric skateboards have are swappable PU options on the hub motors. Of course, this is not mandatory and you can opt for non-swappable if you wish. To keep everything together, the WowGo board features durable trucks. The trucks aren’t anything to write home about, but they do carry out their role successfully.

WowGo 2S Features

Our experts have a high regard for the WowGo electric skateboard just from the appearance and build quality alone. Our team will now go into more detail about what they discovered during this WowGo 2S review.

WowGo 2S Performance

The performance of an electric board is a top consideration. You should know how an electric skateboard function to better test its performance. WowGo produced a very stable and reliable board that maneuvers well, when you loosen the trucks that is. The brand prides themselves in giving consumers a smooth riding experience. Since the WowGo 2S is highly customizable, you can opt to switch out and replace the wheels and trucks to personalize your ride.

The WowGo 2S was created for dependability and stability in mind. It wasn’t created to go at lightning speeds and to carve up the asphalt and while putting your safety at risk. It’s a well-rounded board that seasoned skaters and beginners can turn to.


The top speed of this board is quite surprising and contributes to why it’s one of the best electric skateboards available. The marketed top speed is at 23.5 miles per hour, but our experts managed to push it further and tacked on an additional mile to get to 24.5 mph. Keep in mind that your weight affects the speed you can generate. A lighter person can increase the speed and go up to 25 mph.

Since the WowGo board has two 250w motors, they do offer quite a bit of torque. The torque helps you make it up steep hills with less effort. You can expect a relatively breezy climb up inclines between 15-30 degrees without much trouble.

WowGo 2S

The board also has 4 speed mode options from 1 which is cruising, 2 and 3 for slightly faster speeds, and then to 4, which is turbo speed.

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As our experts touched on before, the WowGo 2s is highly maneuverable just like other topnotch electric skateboards under 500. You can navigate this electric skateboard in tighter spaces, thanks to the truck and grip tape. Of course, if you think the default features do not suffice, you can customize the board to match your riding preference.

WowGo 2S Portability

The electric skateboard is quite lightweight and the profile is at a manageable size. Our team will say the extra handle design does contribute to the bulk, but is a good option for people who like to carry it by hand. The weight is 16.7 pounds or about 7.6 kg, which won’t weigh you down.

Motor and Battery

Let’s start by paying tribute to the exceptional battery life the WowGo 2S board offers. Some boards will gradually decrease the max speed it can reach as the battery depletes. This is an annoying trait you won’t experience with the WowGo 2s. Even when the power drops to around 50%, you can still go at pretty much the same speed as the board did at first. The two hub motor options the WowGo 2S features can propel you to great distances, or as far as the battery life will allow. 

The motor and the battery are protected in stainless steel that’s also highly water-resistant [1]. This guarantees the performance of the longboard even when it’s wet out. We will say again that the board is highly customizable, so other than the swappable PU, you can also take your pick from three different battery packs.

The packs that are compatible with the WowGo 2S include the 4.0, 6.4 and 8.5Ah packs. These batteries are highly efficient and will make sure you maintain speed even at half  the life.

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WowGo 2S Charging Time

What is the point of better battery life without a short time to charge? To reach full power, the battery will need around 3 hours to charge. This is quite standard, but the 3 hour wait can yield you distances up to 18.5 miles if you choose the 8.5 Ah battery.

Deck and Wheels

As we mentioned, the rigid deck on this product is made from maple, which is tough but does give flexibility. The company found the perfect balance between support and navigation. Though it’s pretty flat, after breaking in the board you can really gain more control thanks to the convex design. 

The thick polyurethane wheels really give the customer a ton of support and absorb a lot of the shock to provide a smooth ride. Again, you can easily replace these parts with new ones for more control.

WowGo 2S remote

The braking system for the wheels deserves a standing ovation. The WowGo 2S board comes with sensitive brakes for safety.

WowGo 2S Remote

One of the most coveted features of the WowGo 2S electric skateboard is the Hobbywing ESC control. It comes in the box with these boards and has a compact size. Even though it’s small, the construction of the remote is high quality similar to the Kaly NYC XL 2.0 controller. The remote is straightforward to use and is a great addition to an already amazing board. 

The ESC remote is a big contributor to how easy to navigate the board is. It’s a high tech controller that is seen in many of the best boards on the market today. The ESC is highly sensitive and the board reacts quickly to your demands.

Other Features

The WowGo board is well-protected from the elements which is very similar to other electric skateboards under 300, thanks to the materials used for its design. Even for a product with a budget cost, you would still want one that comes with certain features and is pretty much protected from daily wear and tear.

The WowGo board isn’t completely waterproof, but the ESC controller, motor and batteries are fully protected from water damage. They are encased in stainless steel housing so you won’t have to worry about being caught in the rain.

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Customer Support

One thing that dictates a consumer’s experience when buying a new product is the customer service and support. Whether you picked a budget item or one that cost a lot, you would hope the brand will ensure a smooth operation with exceptional aftermarket services.

All in all, our team didn’t have much trouble with the new board, but when we reached out to the company, they would respond in a timely manner, which is what a consumer would want. Still, as a pretty well-known company, you may still hear about the occasional complaint.

There is always room to improve in this category, but so far, WowGo provides excellent customer service for their boards.

Price and Warranty

Let’s talk about your budget and what comes with the cost. The ease of use speed mode options and the two hub motors should demand a higher price range in general. However, the 2S really is a steal for only a few hundred dollars, it is a topnotch budget friendly electric skateboard you can find today . When we first laid eyes on the product, we couldn’t really distinguish it from other brands, despite its polished design.

When our team finally got to take it for its first spin, we were very impressed by the riding experience, and feel the construction is really of the best quality. For these reasons, among many others, our team feels the price on this board is reasonable. It’s not outrageous and it should fit into a regular budget.

The warranty can be better as our team feels it’s only good so far. WowGo gives you 180 days for manufacturing defects. For the price, there are other boards that get you more protection.

WowGo 2S Review Conclusion

Our team had a good time riding the board for the WowGo 2s review. It’s not only a good choice of board for avid riders, it’s one of the best. The remote, durable deck, and long range get the board extra points with our experts. 

One thing our team really appreciated was the customizability of the deck, trucks, and battery pack for more maneuverability and range. If you like to get the most out of your board in terms of speed and range, we would highly recommend the WowGo 2S.

WowGo 2S with remote

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