Wolf King GT — Your Quick Guide

The Wolf King GT is a powerful, sleek, and stylish ride perfect for anyone looking for a reliable, high-performance ride. With a long-lasting battery, powerful motor, and adjustable handlebars, this scooter offers a comfortable and convenient ride that is sure to please. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the Wolf King GT, its features, and why it may be the perfect ride for you.


While the GT’s top speed is only 3 km/h faster than that of the Wolf King, its acceleration is vastly superior due to new sinewave motor controllers with 50 amps per controller. The GT reaches 48 kilometers per hour in 3.8 seconds, which is 29% quicker than the incredibly fast Wolf King.

Hill Climb

The Wolf King GT is a certified hill-eating machine, as it can easily conquer inclines of up to 50 degrees. The GT is designed for mountainous, hilly terrain where only the most experienced riders can survive. Unless the slope is a vertical ascent, your GT will be able to traverse it.


The GT has an ESG-certified range of 88.6 kilometers and is the range record holder. The 2520 Wh LG battery and efficient sinewave controllers enable it to travel 59% further than the King. Kaabo claims that because the King GT comes with two chargers, it can be ready to go again 7 hours later. Ideal for lengthy commutes. As with other scooters, do not calculate the remaining distance based on the battery percentage. 


The Wolf King GT features a hydraulic front suspension and dual rear springs. Predictably, the GT borrows its super-powered shock absorption system from its predecessors. It indicates that the scooter is equipped to handle any terrain, including city streets, country roads, forest paths, and rugged trails.


The suspension may be a bit stiff out of the box, but don’t worry, it will loosen up over time. Aside from that, the suspension is virtually identical to that of comparable Wolf models. Unfortunately, the suspension cannot be customized to your specific preferences. If you could, this high-performance scooter’s rebound adjustment would be on par with that of the NAMI Burn-E.

The Braking System

The King GT features dual hydraulic brakes in accordance with the well-established Wolf design. The 160 mm motors are 3 mm thick, making them extremely durable in addition to their strength. At 15 mph, the brakes bring the vehicle to a stop in just 3.0 meters. This is consistent with the vast majority of scooters in its product line.

Charging Time

The Wolf King GT is outfitted with two charging ports. If you use a fast charger, it can be fully charged and ready to go in as little as five hours. Compared to the typically lengthy charge times of scooters in the GT’s niche, this is incredibly rapid. The only complaint is that the charging ports are somewhat difficult to access. However, this is not a deal-breaker.


If the Wolf King GT’s portability is poor, its portability is even worse. As with the rest of the Wolf scooters (with the exception of the X and X Pro), the GT extends when folded, making it one of the only scooters on the market to do so (by a whopping 11.5 inches). To put this into perspective, it is the size of a laying 5-foot-tall person. 

While the folding mechanism performs its intended function of keeping the stem securely in place, it is unavoidably cumbersome. However, there are some mitigating factors. Ultimately, the King GT does not target the portability portion of the market.


The Handlebars

They are much wider than other scooters, measuring 29.5 inches. Other premium scooters, such as the Apollo Phantom, are 27 inches long, while the rest of the Wolf premium scooters measure 24.6 inches. In addition, they are slightly taller than the rest of the Wolf line, which contributes to the comfort.

Unsurprisingly, the enormous handlebars provide excellent control. Consider for a moment the relatively narrow handlebars of the high-performance Dualtron models. While their specifications are impressive, their narrower handlebars cannot match the GT’s control and ride quality.

In addition to the brake levers, button consoles, and brand-new TFT display, the upgraded thumb throttle is located on the handlebars. The throttle’s dead space allows you to ease into the throttle and avoid the jerky start of the original Wolf King’s MiniMotors finger-throttle.


Like the handlebars, the frame of the Wolf King GT is enormous. The GT is available in two colors, including a novel midnight-black or red color scheme in addition to the traditional Wolf King gold, to accommodate all aesthetic preferences. The frame features additional improvements over its predecessor. 

The end caps are no longer cast; instead, they are forged. This has enormous advantages, particularly in terms of durability. Casting is mechanically weaker than forging. Forgings are not susceptible to shrinkage or cavities, unlike castings. In one test, forgings demonstrated superior tensile and fatigue strength by 26% and 37%, respectively. 

the frame

Therefore, they are more durable and last longer than their cast counterparts. As expected, the GT retains its predecessor’s dual tubular stem. Even the scooter’s cables are organized and contribute to its menacing, regal appearance.


The GT’s wide, slip-resistant deck is identical to that of the original model. It is over 20 inches long and 9 inches wide, and it is coated with a rubber that is grippy and simple to clean. That is, there is sufficient space for even the largest riders. With a ground clearance of 6.3 inches, there is an abundance of space beneath you, allowing for ambitious jumps and curb mounts. 

You will also look good while performing them. The GT’s deck is illuminated by an array of alluring LED lights. And, like the original King, the GT features a rear kickplate that enables you to lean into the ride for increased traction and grip. When the scooter is collapsed, there is nothing preventing the kickplate from colliding with the TFT display and potentially damaging it. 

However, this issue has less to do with the deck and more to do with the general design of the scooter.


Kaabo took the scooter with the World’s best headlights and added the World’s best front turn signals to complete the package. The turn signals mounted on the roof are enormous, bright, and visible from almost any angle. The tinted rear turn signals and brake lights are also stylish, but their dark lenses make them too dim for daytime use.


The GT also has sufficient deck lighting for visibility. This is the best overall lighting package ever unless you have your heart set on swag lights that look like a disco ball.


In keeping with the oversized design of its handlebars, frame, and deck, the Wolf King GT is equipped with a pair of 11 x 3.5-inch tires. These things, which are tubeless and puncture-resistant, are monstrosities in the best sense. Not only will the tubeless tires protect you from the possibility of flats, but they will also work in tandem with the scooter’s suspension to protect you from the jarring impact of rough terrain.

In addition, with such a wide profile, you remain firmly rooted to the ground, allowing you to lean into turns and stop on a dime.

Build Quality

Wolf-Warrior scooters are renowned for their legendary build quality, and the GT is undeniably the best Wolf to date. The dashboard, motor, and controllers continued to function after being submerged for ten days. The water resistance of the Wolf King GT has increased from IPX4 to IPX5. 

The motor controllers were relocated inside a box attached to the forks as part of the upgrade, which also helps to keep the controllers cool. Regardless of the high water resistance rating, Kaabo advises avoiding heavy downpours. And if you do ride in the rain, you must still extend your fenders or you’ll get sprayed.


One area of the GT that has not been upgraded is the fenders. In response to a small number of Wolf Warrior and Wolf King scooters experiencing failures where the front axle connects to the forks, all Kaabo Wolf scooters are now equipped with lighter and stronger forged aluminum end caps.

Even with all of these improvements, you still like to see a few build-quality enhancements. The charging port covers are always in the way, and the chain for the security pin should likely be eliminated because it is constantly broken. Overall, the construction quality is outstanding. It is evident in every aspect of the scooter’s design and ride quality.

Quality of the Ride

The Wolf King GT is one of the most comfortable rides on the market due to its extra-wide handlebars, rear spring suspension, and dual hydraulic shock absorbers. The King GT has the best ride quality among ultra-performance rides. The dual stem is crucial to this phrase. A scooter with a single stem cannot match the additional sense of security provided by a large front end. 

Especially when traveling at high speeds. The GT’s tires also have a massive profile. They measure 11 by 3.5 inches, which is the maximum size available on electric scooters. Consequently, they offer a large, opulent contact patch. They are also puncture-resistant. So you won’t have to worry about the discomfort of flat tires or the time-consuming inconvenience of tire repair or replacement.

The thumb throttle and sine drive controllers of the Wolf King GT do an impressive job of taming its peak power of 8,400 watts. So that you can unwind and appreciate its performance without clenching your teeth. It works even better when the ESG anchor-and-rock, thumb technique is utilized. Stabilize the base of your thumb on the throttle assembly and rock it forward. 


This eliminates the dead space at the start of travel and increases your precision by twofold. Additionally, the controls make the ride exceptionally quiet.

Is Wolf King GT Good for Bigger and Heavier Riders?

Yes, the Wolf King GT is a great choice for bigger and heavier riders. It is equipped with an extra-wide deck and oversized handlebars, making it comfortable for riders of all sizes. Additionally, the GT’s powerful motor and long-lasting battery ensure that you will be able to travel long distances without worrying about running out of power. 

The adjustable handlebars and Hydraulic Shock Absorbers also make the ride smoother and more comfortable for heavier riders. Finally, the Wolf King GT is designed to be able to handle inclines of up to 50 degrees, making it ideal for mountainous terrain. All these features make the GT a great choice for bigger and heavier riders, who are looking for a reliable and powerful ride.

Can You Ride the Wolf King GT Under the Heavy Rain?

The Wolf King GT is not waterproof, and riding it in heavy rain is not advised. The scooter has an IPX5 rating, which means that it is resistant to water jets, but is not completely waterproof. If you do have to ride in the rain, it is recommended that you extend the fenders to minimize the amount of water that reaches the inner workings of the scooter. 

Additionally, it is important to be aware of puddles and avoid them as much as possible, as riding through them can cause water to enter the motor and other components and cause damage. Riding in heavy rain can also be hazardous, as visibility is drastically reduced and the scooter may become slippery. 

All in all, it is best to avoid riding your Wolf King GT under heavy rain, and if you must, be extra cautious and take necessary precautions.


The Wolf King GT is a powerful, sleek, and stylish ride perfect for anyone looking for a reliable, high-performance ride. With a long-lasting battery, powerful motor, adjustable handlebars, and hydraulic shock absorbers, this scooter is designed to provide a comfortable and convenient ride that is sure to please. 

Its performance rivaled only by the Wolf King, the Wolf King GT is a must-have for those looking for an ultra-performance ride. Its extra-wide handlebars, adjustable handlebars, and oversized tires make it a great choice for bigger and heavier riders. While the Wolf King GT is not waterproof, it can withstand water jets and is suitable for riding in light rain. 

All in all, the Wolf King GT is a great choice for anyone who wants a comfortable, reliable, and powerful ride.


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