10 Reasons Why You Should Invest in an Electric Skateboard

One of the reasons why skateboards are so popular is their flexibility when traveling. They are highly portable, they allow the rider to go where other vehicles cannot, and they are faster than walking. Skateboards are also eco-friendly, and they are an affordable form of transport that also combines sport and leisure.

Skateboarding is becoming more popular than ever. In 2019, around 6.6 million individuals participated in skateboarding across the states. An impressive figure that was trumped the following year. Perhaps the arrival of Covid had something to do with it, but in 2020, 8.87 million people were skateboarding in America.

However, skateboards have some limitations. They can’t very easily go uphill, and even the fittest rider can only travel so far on one before their stamina gets depleted. This has led to an interest in electric skateboards, and these can now be seen in cities and towns across the country.

Why choose an electric skateboard?

Perhaps the best reasons for buying an electric skateboard come from the experts. The fans of e-skateboards point out that they are environmentally friendly, they’re fast, and they can travel substantial distances on one charge. 

electric skateboards

Some advice from Paul Strobel when choosing an electric skateboard is to look at speed, materials, and weight and compare the best boards against each other. The size of the board matters too, and how much weight it can carry.

In the article below are ten reasons why an electric skateboard may be a wise investment in 2024.

Electric skateboards are easy to learn.

There is a real skill in learning to ride a skateboard, and it can put many people off. For this reason, longboards are a popular starting point for someone wanting to get into skateboarding. Electric skateboards offer an alternative choice.

Anyone buying an electric skateboard will find that they don’t need to worry about learning how to push, brake, and balance as they would with a traditional skateboard. The electric board does so much by itself and through its remote control.

They are an affordable way to commute.

A typical question when these boards are talked about is how much do electric skateboards cost. A traditional skateboard could cost up to $250, whereas an electric board might start at around $200. They are more expensive than standard skateboards due to the technology involved. Yet, they can be utilized in other ways, such as for commuting.

riding an electric skateboard

With more people remote working, the streets are safer than ever for e-vehicles. Just check the legalities surrounding commuting on your electric skateboard first.

Electric skateboards will improve your social life

By their very nature, using an electric skateboard will mean you spend more time outdoors. Skate parks are far more common today than in the past, and e-skateboards can be taken anywhere where there is a suitable riding surface.

In theory, you should be meeting more people purely through your skating time. Plus, there is at least one electric skateboard club on Facebook that organizes meets across the globe. You could expand your online friends and even meet up in the real world.

An electric skateboard is eco-friendly.

Electric skateboards can travel fair distances, and short journeys are not only practical but they are also eco-friendly. A standard passenger vehicle will emit around 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide each year. An electric skateboard only needs only a few cents worth of electricity to be fully charged.
electric skateboard on concrete ground

One charge for an electric skateboard can mean 25 miles worth of travel. Therefore, it is far better for the environment to take your board to your friend’s house than your car. Even if you use your e-skateboard for small journeys, you will already be reducing your carbon footprint.

Electric skateboards are fast.

If you are considering an electric skateboard for a younger member of the family, then don’t be alarmed. Electric skateboards come with different top speeds depending on the type you buy.

Some models will have a top speed of around 10mph to 12mph, which will be sufficient for many youngsters. If the need for speed is there, though, some manufacturers are happy to provide it. Boards with speeds up to 23mph are quite standard, and some e-skateboards will hit 30mph and even as high as over 40mph. 

You will be healthier through skateboarding.

While you won’t need to push as you would on a regular board, your e-skateboard still brings many health benefits. Your balance will be improved, you will build your core strength, and you will be breathing in more fresh air.

men riding electric skateboard
As Healthline points out, fresh air improves many areas of health, including cognitive function, sleep patterns, and increased immunity. Fresh air reduces stress, and skating will help to improve concentration and focus.

E-skateboards are portable

A regular skateboard may weigh from 3kg to 5kg. An electric skateboard, on the other hand, may range from 7kg to 13kg. As you can see, they are significantly heavier, but not so much that they can’t be carried if necessary.

With the vast choice of e-skateboards now, choosing a lighter model is easy. And, as long as it is charged, you can ride it home even if you are worn out, unlike a traditional skateboard.

They are easy to maintain

Traditional skateboards are pretty simple. You have bearings, wheels, trucks, and the board, and not too much else to worry about. If you are concerned about how an electric skateboard works and if it is overly complex, then don’t worry.

standing on an electric skateboard

You still have to look after your mechanical parts such as the bearings, but there isn’t too much extra maintenance to be concerned about. The electronic speed controller, or ESC, is usually sealed so you should generally leave this alone. Your battery will need cleaning with a damp cloth, and that’s about it.

Electric skateboards offer a way to practice snowboarding

Some e-skateboards are said to feel very similar to snowboards. If you choose the right electric skateboard, you could, in theory, practice your surfing or snowboarding even in the off-season.

Electric skateboards can go uphill and are safer going down

There are some cons to electric skateboards. You can’t do all the same stunts that traditional skateboards can. The boards are heavier, and there is the risk of damaging the motor if you carry out some tricks.

 Nevertheless, electric skateboards can do things that regular boards cannot. Firstly, when you’re tired, you don’t need to worry about pushing your board. But more importantly, when you’re tired and you come to a hill, you won’t need to stop.

riding an electric skateboard uphill

Electric skateboards are capable of moving up inclines as long as they are charged and have a good motor. Not only that, but they are safer going downhill, too, due to their braking systems.


Electric skateboards were seen as a little bit of a fad when they first appeared. Certainly, longboards were treated the same way. But now, longboards, e-skateboards, and skateboards are seen as having unique benefits of their own.

Buying an electric skateboard is a way to not only start a new pastime but to change the way you travel around your local area. You can help the environment while improving your own health, and you might even make some new friends.


Lucas Travis
Lucas Travis
Lucas is far from your regular skater boy—he is knowledgeable beyond riding basics and tricks; he knows the technicalities and specifics of every type of modern skateboards, bikes, and scooters. His passion for skateboarding inspired him to bring together a team of skateboard-lovers and experts to test new and popular models and come up with recommendations that will help every skateboard, bike or scooter enthusiasts like them.
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