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Electric skateboards offer a better riding experience than manual boards. But how do you choose the best model without ending up with a product that has low speed and a mediocre battery? Our experts reviewed the top-rated electric boards to find the best ones for your money. Here are their recommendations.

Best Premium
Meepo V3
Editor’s Choice
Raldey MT-V3S
Best Budget Option
Vivi H2S-2

Reviews of the Best Electric Skateboards


RALDEY MT-V3S Electric Skateboard

Our team loves the RALDEY MT-VS3 because of its brushless motors. These motors provide a smoother ride by controlling the skateboard’s speed and torque. They also help it reach a top speed of 29 mph and climb 30-degree inclines with finesse. The RADLEY MT travels 20 miles on a single four-hour charge.

Other unique features of the RADLEY MT-VS3 are its double kingpin trucks. These are made with high quality materials, and they increase flexibility and strength exponentially. This board can bear a load of 240 lbs and has 4 speed modes.




MEEPO V3 Electric Skateboard with Remote

The MEEPO V3 has a simple design: a strong maple deck lined with grip tape and four medium-sized wheels. The board also has a weight capacity of 300 lbs, thanks to its durable build quality. But what caught our eye was the power beneath the deck.

This electric skateboard is powered by two 540W motors that can reach top speeds of 19 mph in under 4.5 seconds. It also has a range of 20 miles per charge. As far as premium electric skateboards go, the MEEPO V3 takes the cake in overall performance and durability.

(For budget options, we also have the top-speed electric skateboard priced at 300 here)




Vivi H2S-2 Electric Skateboard

The Vivi H2S-2 is one of the best budget skateboards on the market today. It costs less than half of some boards on this list, but it still has a stellar performance. Its single 350W hub motor can reach top speeds of 12 mph. It also has a power capacity that can take you 8 miles on one charge.

Our team of experts loves the board for its grippy wheels. They can climb 15-degree inclines and have good shock absorption properties. This board is also rated IPX54 waterproof, thanks to its one-piece body design. Our team found that it has a remote controller with three speed modes for more control.




KYNG Electric Skateboard 40” Longboard

The KYNG Skateboard 40″ was built for performance in the most unusual ways possible. It has two powerful 825W brushless motors, and is capable of reaching speeds of 25 mph. It also has a travel range of 15 miles after a 3-hour charge.

This electric skateboard is also built differently, with a unique deck design and two rotating foot straps for increased grip. We were also impressed by the KYNG board because of its 300 lb max load. The durable base can handle jumps without breaking. Finally, the skateboard has all-terrain wheels that drive just as smoothly on asphalt as they do on grass.




Hiboy S11 Electric Skateboard

The Hiboy S11 has a modest 6.2 mile range on a single charge and a top speed of 12.4 mph. Our experts love the board because its deck is a combination of wood and aluminum which make it light and durable. The board weighs less than 8 lbs and can bear a load of 180 lbs.

The Hiboy electric skateboard runs on a single hub motor, which means more duality for its lithium ion battery. It also has regenerative braking, a feature that converts kinetic energy to power. It’s no surprise that the board has a quick charging time and a lasting run time.




SKATEBOLT Tornado II Electric Skateboard with Remote Controller

The SKATEBOLT Tornado II delivers as much performance as its name promises. The electric skateboard has an upgraded 7500mAh battery with a travel range of up to 24 miles. Its powerful belt driven 500W hub motors can also reach top speeds of up to 13.75 mph.

Our team of experts was especially impressed with the safety features on the Tornado II board. It has two tail lights that flash when you brake, alerting pedestrians and cars alike. It also has a high functioning remote control for adjusting your speed modes and triggering cruise control




WeSkate 35" Electric Longboard with Remote Controller

Our experts love the design simplicity of this WeSkate 35″ Electric Skateboard. It has surprisingly adept features for an electric skateboard in its price bracket, like a strong 8-layered maple wood deck with nonslip tape and a matte black finishing. The deck can bear a max load of 220 lbs. The electric longboard can also reach top speeds of 12 mph thanks to its single hub motor

The WeSkate’s remote controller helps you adjust your speed and braking with relative ease. Our experts decided that this electric longboard is better suited to cruising than performance due to its average speed and affordable price.




Fast & Furious FT001 Skateboard

The Fast & Furious FT001 Skateboard has dual motors that deliver the most power of any skateboards on this list. With a total of 1800W, you can ride as fast as 25 miles per hour on this board. It also has enough power to climb a 25-degree slope while maintaining its acceleration.

The FT001 electric board comes with an e remote that provides much-needed braking power. It also has aesthetic LED lights under the board for a unique riding ambiance. Our experts love this board because the body can be easily maintained and upgraded DIY.

For other board options with a water resistant feature, checking if Boosted boards have IP waterproof rating is important, too.




Teamgee H9 Electric Skateboard for Adults

The best electric skateboards have a balance of performance and durability. The Teamgee H9 Electric Skateboard accomplishes through its 960W motors and max speeds of 25 miles per hour. It also has a maple and fiberglass deck with a max load of 250 lbs.

The only thing more impressive than the performance of this electric board is its aesthetics. Its color scheme is a blend of several colors that make it look like a kaleidoscopic dream. Other features include 4 speed and brake modes, powerful batteries, and a long-range wireless controller.




AZBO Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Control

The AZBO Electric Skateboard has 8 layers of durable maple wood under its high quality deck. It also has a 4.4 AH battery with a charge time of under two hours. The skateboard is powered by twin hub motors that generate 800W and reach a top speed of 17mph.

We love the AZBO board’s remote control because it allows us to toggle braking and acceleration with ease. It also has a max load capacity of 265 lbs and shock absorbing wheels for a comfortable ride. The AZBO electric skateboard is UL2272 safety certified.



Electric Skateboards Buyer's Guide

Design and Dimensions

The best electric skateboards have variable designs. Some entry level boards have short and wide decks, while others have long, slender ones. When buying an electric skateboard, it’s important to remember your goals. If you’re an experienced rider, a slender board may be easier to maneuver. For novices, wide skateboards provide more balance and support.

Keep in mind that an electric board may also be designed with accessories like foot straps for greater grip. This kind of feature can be found on the OUTSTORM off-road electric skateboard. Since it’s designed for off-road experiences, riders need more grip than what’s found in regular skateboards.

The deck shape is also an important part of the design. Some are rectangular, while others look like two oval circles joined together. This configuration mostly has more to do with aesthetics than performance. But if you’re used to one deck design, it’s best to stick to it.

(To customize your skateboard design , you can follow this Do-It-Yourself electric skateboard guide)


The best electric skateboards including the WowGo 2S we reviewed are built for various purposes. Some are designed to push the limits and reach the highest possible speeds, while others have a balanced performance. Some boards can reach speeds of up to 40 miles per hour, but these are likely to break the bank. A moderate skateboard may cost anywhere between $350 and $700. These can go as fast as 25 miles per hour.

Boards with a balanced performance prioritize wheel grip, power, and overall rider experience. It is also present in some of the high-performing hoverboards for kids. These may go at max speeds and have other features like regenerative braking, speed modes, and even multi-ply decks.

Make sure to get an electric skateboard that suits your riding style. If you’re riding for the first time, get one with a balanced performance. A professional skater may want to get something with acceleration and agility.


The motor is the powerhouse of the board. Skateboard motors may be single or double, and that heavily impacts their speed. Dual motors present in Kaly NYC XL 2.0 electric skateboard can deliver more power and reach higher speeds than single motors. The motor rating is also crucial because higher-rated motors will be faster than lower-rated ones.

This logic doesn’t always hold, and some manufacturers are able to get high speeds with an average motor. For example, if an off road electric skateboard has twin 300W motors, but it can reach 31mph. Compare this to the MEEPO V3 board. It has twin 540W motors but can only reach 19mph.

The best motors also have accompanying brakes. Most manufacturers offer riding modes. This way, you can pre-configure how fast you want to ride and how quickly the board will brake.

To know more about skateboard speed, you can check how fast an electric skateboard go in this page.

Belts and Wheels

Belt driven boards, on the other hand, connect the motors to the board via rubber belts. Belt driven skateboards have higher torque and efficient heat dissipation. Their disadvantage is that they are loud and you cannot ride them without power.

If speed is your preference, skateboards with hub motors may be better for you. But if you enjoy the kick of an electric board under your feet, get one with a belt drive.


One way to get the best performance from your board is to maintain and take care of the battery. Many electric boards can be ridden as manual once they run out of power. You simply kick against the ground to get moving. If you have a long commute, a feature like this could be instrumental.

One factor that determines riding pleasure is the overall charge. Boards with large batteries can travel farther and provide a more comfortable riding experience than those that run out of juice after a few miles. The best way to extend battery life is to get a board with a lot of power in the first place. You may end up paying more, but it’ll be worth it.

When thinking about batteries, it’s also critical to remember charging time. Some boards can be filled in two hours, while others may need a good six hours to charge. Your needs will determine the charging time you can tolerate.


The quality of your wheels also affects the board’s grip and eventually, maneuverability. Wheels that slide during sharp turns will be harder to maneuver. The best skateboard wheels are made of polyurethane [1]. It has a remarkable grip on asphalt and concrete roads.

If you’re riding on sand or grass, you may also experience some problematic steering. For off-road rides, you’ll need pneumatic tires with grooves and fissures designed for advanced grip.

Weight and Portability

A board’s portability is a combination of its weight and deck design. Some boards, like the WeSkate 35″ have hand-sized grooves on their deck. These enable the rider to pick up the board and carry it around. Great boards even below 500 are also lightweight, between 7 lbs and 15 lbs. Heavier boards tend to sacrifice speed for portability.

A board’s deck design also determines if it’ll fit in a backpack or other bags. Sometimes, it’s easier to slip the skateboard in your bag, but if it’s too cumbersome, it won’t fit. You can solve the problem by getting a board with a short, slender design or buying a large backpack.

It’s also important to remember that a skateboard’s weight correlates to its max load. To support heavier riders, skateboards have multi-ply decks that combine strong materials like maple wood and fiberglass. While there are light materials, the weight adds up as the layers increase. If you’re a heavy rider, expect your board to weigh more than usual.

Road Condition

Road conditions are critical to a board’s durability and performance. As we mentioned earlier, boards will move better on asphalt than they do on grass and sand. More importantly, they perform great when their wheels match the terrain. The polyurethane wheels on the Vivi H2S-2 will perform poorly on the sand.

The road condition will also affect your motor in the long run. Without the right tires, your board will do more work to travel the same distance. Over time, this may wear out the motor and wheels. If your skateboard has a belt-drive, you may need to change the belt after a few months.

Safety Features

Safety features are critical for any great skateboard. Common ones include super grip decks, reactive brakes, and a sturdy base, and are found on most skateboards. These give you confidence every time you ride. They also provide you with something to rely on when things don’t go your way.

You may also find advanced safety features like excellent LED skateboard lights and foot grips on some boards. LED lights are particularly useful in dimly lit environments where you might run into something. They also alert cars and other vehicles when you’re riding along the road.

Foot straps keep your feet anchored to the deck at all times. Since electric skateboards aren’t for tricks, you don’t have to worry about them affecting your ride experience. Some straps are even adjustable, so you can change font orientation at will.

Price and Warranty

The price or the cost you pay for electric skateboard depends on many factors. But it often comes down to the brand name, performance, and material build of the skateboard. Popular brands will be more expensive than lesser-known ones.

Boards made of materials like carbon fiber also tend to cost more because of the high quality. However, they are more durable than other materials. The same goes for lithium-ion batteries and polyurethane wheels. The better the board’s build, the more you’ll pay.

The performance and how electric skateboards operate also determines the price. Perks including high speeds, sharp brakes, and remote controllers tend to raise the price.


What is the best electric skateboard on the market?

The best electric skateboard on the market is the RADLEY MT-V3S. It has a max speed of 29mph, a travel range of 20 miles, and it can climb inclines of 30 degrees. The RADLEY MT-V3S also has high grip rubber wheels and a max load of 240 lbs.

How much is a good electric skateboard?

A good electric skateboard costs between $550 and $900. The wide price margin is due to factors like speed, battery life, and overall durability. Electric skateboards with advanced performance may cost as much as $1,200.

Our Top Pick For a Best Electric Skateboard:

According to our experts, the RALDEY MT-V3S is the best electric skateboard. It has an incredible performance, including a max speed of 29mph and a 20-mile range. It is also moderately priced for a skateboard in its category.


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