Kaabo Warrior 11 — Is it Worth it?

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 is an electric scooter that is taking the e-scooter market by storm. It features a powerful dual-motor system and a robust design that makes it capable of tackling tough terrain. The Wolf Warrior 11 is perfect for navigating through city streets and off-road trails alike. 

Its performance and features make it an excellent choice for commuters and recreational riders alike. In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the Wolf Warrior 11 and see why it’s becoming a popular choice for electric scooter riders.

The Speed and Acceleration

The Wolf Warrior 11 looks like it can do a lot right away. It can go up to 50 miles per hour, and it can go from 0 to 40 miles per hour in 9.4 seconds, which means it can keep up with scooters that cost thousands more. Under its tough exterior, it has two brushless motors that can produce up to 2,400 Watts of power. 

Most of the time, you will only need one of the motors to get from A to B. The throttle is quick, and if you don’t ease into it, you might fall off the scooter. On the plus side, a sensitive throttle lets you speed up without any lag, which is helpful when going up hills.

If you’re not used to riding electric scooters with a lot of power, you might want to put it in single-motor mode until you get used to it. Since this beast can go at very high speeds, you should wear a helmet made for motorcycles.

warrior 11 speed and acceleration

When Climbing a Hill

When you see that the Wolf Warrior 11 has a peak power of 5,400 Watts, it’s clear that it’s a monster on hills. When you need raw power to get up steep hills, the Wolf Warrior 11 can do it quickly and impressively. With its two motors, this electric scooter can take on the steepest off-road trails and zip up steep city hills.

It climbs at a frighteningly fast rate, and if you don’t climb a lot on your daily route, you might not notice how strong it is at climbing. But if you want a thrill, the Wolf Warrior 11 is the electric scooter you want to take with your mountain biking friends to explore off-road trails.

The Battery and Range

The Wolf Warrior 11 is powered by a Samsung battery with a voltage of 60V and a capacity of 35Ah, which can make 2,100 watt-hours of energy. That gives you a range of just under 60 miles at the most. With a constant speed of 15 mph and a rider who weighs 165 pounds, the bike can go for 60 miles. 

In reality, you won’t be going at the same speed the whole time. There will be many starts, stops, and speeds faster than 15 mph. The most likely range is between 30 and 40 miles. This battery also has a BMS (Battery Management System) that protects against known problems like overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating, overcharging, and more.

Even though it has a large capacity, this battery can be fully charged in just four hours using two fast chargers (sold separately). The two chargers that come with the electric scooter take 10 to 12 hours to fill the battery, so it makes sense to buy fast chargers at some point.

Battery warrior 11

The Brakes

The Wolf Warrior 11 electric scooter has hydraulic brakes in the front and back that are hidden behind large, vented Zoom calipers. This gives it a lot of stopping power. Its quick start-up and high top speed are matched by its strong brakes. Thanks to thick, high-quality brake levers, stopping is easy, smooth, and reliable. 

Like the throttle, these brake levers are sensitive enough that you can use two fingers to pull them all the way down. The Wolf Warrior has rock-solid hydraulics and an electronic anti-lock brake system (eABS) that pulses an electronic brake that is strong enough to keep the vehicle from skidding.

The Suspensions

The deck of the Wolf Warrior 11 is raised, which gives you a lot of ground clearance. Heavy-duty shocks hold up each wheel, and the off-road tires are 11 inches wide. But the two-stem fork is the first thing that will catch your eye. This kind of suspension would be more common on a Motocross or mountain bike than on a scooter.

This design gets rid of stem wobble, which can happen even on more expensive scooters. That makes off-roading with the Wolf Warrior 11 both safer and more exciting.

The Build Quality

The Wolf Warrior is definitely built to last, especially if you’re looking for a true off-road beast. The insides of the scooter are protected by an exoskeleton made of aircraft-grade aluminum, which does more than just protect from impacts. It also has a number of high-quality parts that are used in the auto industry.

warrior 11 build quality

The most disappointing thing about this off-road scooter is that it weighs 101 pounds because it is so well made. That’s a lot of weight to carry up your apartment building’s stairs. On the plus side, the heavier frame feels more stable on the road and can carry up to 330 pounds.

The Portability

The Wolf Warrior is a big boy and one of the heaviest scooters on the market. It weighs 45 kg. Almost every model except the Dualtron X is heavier than it. The Wolf Warrior can be carried in an SUV, truck, or maybe even some hatchbacks because the stem folds down. However, this is not the kind of electric scooter that you can fold up and take on the bus.

It is one of the longest scooters when folded, at 152 centimeters, which is 25 centimeters longer than when it is open. Most car trunks won’t fit it. The Wolf Warrior 11 is 152 centimeters long, 66 centimeters wide, and 48 centimeters tall when folded (H). 

One major problem with the Wolf Warrior 11 is that, like other monster scooters, it can’t be locked in the folded position. This can be done with extra changes, but it doesn’t come this way out of the box. The Wolf Warrior 11 has one of the best folding mechanisms, but the chain that keeps it from getting lost isn’t very good.

When it’s locked in place, the folding mechanism is 100% rock solid and the feared stem wobble doesn’t happen. It’s not too hard to fold and unfold the scooter. There are two steps to unfolding the scooter: locking down a big anodized handle that feels rock solid when it’s in place and then putting in a big metal safety pin for extra safety.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 side view

The Cockpit

The cockpit looks great in a simple way. The only things that go on the wide aluminum handlebars are the EY3 LCD throttle, good ergonomic hand grips, the horn, the brake levers, and the power control buttons. All of the control cables or wires are routed well and secured well with strain-relieved housing. 

This keeps everything together and makes sure that it will last for a long time and work well. The handlebars, which are basically downhill mountain bike handlebars, are super strong and wide enough to put you in a comfortable position that is best for off-roading and aggressive riding.

The height of the handlebars can be changed, but a 2-meter-tall rider still found them too low when the handlebars were at their highest point. The loudest horn you’ve ever heard on an electric scooter is hidden under the headlights on a metal disc that doesn’t look like much. It works like a small car horn and is turned on and off by a button on the left side of the handlebars. 

You don’t need as many decibels as this horn makes, but it’s a scary horn that fits a scary scooter.

The Lights

The Wolf Warrior 11 is a seriously lit scooter. It has really bright headlights, a side deck, ground effects, and a huge red LED tail light in the back. The two huge bug-eyed LED headlights that face forward are very bright and are likely all you’ll need to see in front of you. 

warrior 11 lights

The lights can be bright, dim, or blink fast enough to cause seizures. They can be moved side to side or tilted up and down. The side deck lights help light up the ground in front of and around the scooter, making it easier to see when riding at night on a road. There are also more ground effects lights that can be turned on and off with a separate switch near the charging ports.

The Tires

The Wolf Warrior 11 comes with either knobby off-road tires with a diameter of 27.9 cm or smoother tires for use on the road. Off-road tires with lots of knobs don’t do well on hard surfaces like asphalt. Especially in the most powerful modes, the small contact patch makes it easy to turn the wheels.

You can also get smoother on-road tires for the Wolf Warrior. These are pneumatic tires with no tubes. They will give you a much better grip and handling on paved roads and will keep you much more stable when going fast.

The Deck

The Wolf has a big deck with a rubber mat on it. There is plenty of room to stand. An exoskeleton-like frame forms a kickplate or carrying handle. You can stand on the kickplate because it is strong enough. This gives you more ways to ride. It’s also a nice handle if you need to light this monster.

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11

Who Are the People That Will Buy the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11?

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 is perfect for riders who want a powerful and robust electric scooter that can take on tough terrain. It’s an excellent choice for commuters who want to zip through city streets and recreational riders who want to tackle off-road trails. 

It’s also great for riders who want to feel the thrill of riding at high speeds while also feeling safe with the scooter’s hydraulic brakes, electronic anti-lock brake system, and powerful dual-motor system. Whether you’re a commuter or an off-road enthusiast, the Wolf Warrior 11 is an electric scooter that can meet your needs.

Is Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 Waterproof?

The Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 is not waterproof, but it is water-resistant. It has an IP54 water resistance rating, which means it can handle a bit of water, but it should not be submerged in water or exposed to heavy rain. The Wolf Warrior 11 is made with an aircraft-grade aluminum frame, which is designed to protect the internal components from light rain and splashes. 

It also has an anti-corrosion coating that helps protect the scooter from rusting. However, to be on the safe side, it is best to keep the Wolf Warrior 11 out of the rain and store it indoors when not in use.

Is Kaabo a Good Brand?

Kaabo is a relatively new electric scooter company, founded in 2013. They manufacture a wide range of electric scooters, from entry-level budget models to high-end and performance models. Their scooters are known for excellent quality and reliable performance, and the brand is backed by strong customer service and after-sales support. 

Kaabo scooters are used by commuters, adventurers, and off-road enthusiasts alike, and they have earned a very positive reputation in the electric scooter market. Kaabo is definitely a good brand, and their scooters are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable electric scooter.


The Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11 is a powerful and robust electric scooter that can tackle tough terrain. It has a dual-motor system that can generate up to 5,400 watts of power and an impressive range of up to 60 miles. It can reach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour and has powerful hydraulic brakes that can keep you safe. 

Its sturdy design and components make it a great choice for commuters and off-road enthusiasts alike.


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