VSETT 10+R Scooter — Your Quick Guide

The VSETT 10+R is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to get around town quickly. This scooter features a lightweight design, powerful motor, and impressive battery life, making it the ideal choice for commuters, students, and anyone else who needs to get around quickly. 

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at what makes the VSETT 10+R stand out from the competition and why it might be the perfect transportation solution for you.

Speed and Acceleration

The 10+R is in the same league as heavy-hitting, high-performance scooters such as the Wolf Warrior, as well as models such as the Dualtron Thunder and the Dualtron Ultra – both of which make the 10+R’s relatively modest price seem like pocket change. Indeed, the 10+R is a swift customer. 

However, there is a catch: you can only reach the maximum speed of 50 mph for up to two minutes at a time. When you need a quick shot of rocket fuel, pressing the blue Sport button on the left side of the handlebars activates a 2-minute injection of 5 additional Ah of power. While the 10+R and Wolf Warrior share the same top speed, the 10+R’s acceleration rate is significantly faster. This is due to the larger 1400W dual motors.


The 10+ nearly matches its predecessor’s range (74 miles) and solidifies its position at the pinnacle of long-distance rides. The VSETT 10+R has one of the greatest ranges ever recorded by humans. If you want to ride for days rather than hours, this scooter is the only option.

vsett range

It is essential to note, however, that the 74-mile range is contingent on ideal riding conditions, including a 165-pound rider, flat terrain, and the lowest speed setting. This is true of every electric scooter. Realistically, you should be able to see between 37 and 42 miles. This is the most important piece of information you need to know.

Hill Climbing

The 10+R can handle ridiculous 35-degree inclines. This is largely due to the dual 1400W motors’ performance. The amount of power and torque generated by the motors is the perfect compromise between the 1200W motors of the Zero 10X 60V and the dual 1600W motors of the Zero 11X. 

Simply put, that is a great deal of power. And that’s not even counting the Turbo Boost mode, which gives your motors a shot of adrenaline to help you conquer the most challenging slopes.


The 10+R strikes the ideal balance between the VSETT 9’s spring suspension and the 11’s combination of hydraulic and coil-over shocks by combining a front spring with an adjustable rear hydraulic coil-over shock. In conjunction with its swingarms, the system enables a substantial level of suspension.

Consequently, it is ideally suited for urban terrain and can withstand the rigors of forest trails, dirt tracks, and hiking paths. If extreme off-roading is more your style and you intend to traverse rugged, rocky terrain, Wolf Warrior is a good choice. It is slightly less expensive but features a superior motorcycle-grade inverted hydraulic suspension system in the front and dual springs in the rear that are optimized for cross-country courses.

vsett braking

Notably, the INOKIM OXO, whose price matches that of the 10+R, features a fantastic rubber suspension system that is fully adjustable. However, when comparing the VSETT 10+R and the INOKIM OXO, the VSETT comes out on top, primarily due to its superior hydraulics.

Braking System

It is equipped with a pair of front and rear Nutt hydraulic brakes, which are operated by levers on the handlebars, and has exceptional stopping power. Diverse reports indicate that the brakes are easy to use and lack the jerkiness that can be found on other high-performance scooters.

In addition, the 10+R shares the VSETT 11+’s electronic anti-lock braking system (E-ABS). This prevents the brakes from locking up, preventing skidding and loss of control when braking at high speeds.

Charging Time

It takes approximately 14 hours to fully charge the battery, which is 2 hours less than the 11+ and 3 hours less than the Wolf Warrior. Using an additional charger reduces the charge time to seven hours.


In contrast to its older sibling, the 11+, and both Wolf models, it has foldable handlebars and a hook at the top of the stem that locks into the kickplate. This makes the 10+R extremely portable. It is ideal if you’re looking for a high-performance scooter that you can store and lift with relative ease due to its increased portability.



With a width of 25.5 inches, the handlebars are comparable to those on the VSETT 9+R and other high-performance models such as the Varla Eagle One. Although they are not as wide as the ultra-wide 27.5-inch handlebars on the VSETT 11+, the handlebars fold, a feature their feature-packed successor lacks.

In addition to being fully collapsible, the handlebars and stem are extremely secure when locked in place. You can thank the scooter’s triple locking mechanism for this. This is not the same as the dual collar clamps found on the 11+. The level-like mechanism enables you to ride with confidence, devoid of the irritating stem wobble that has been observed to compromise the ride quality and comfort of other high-performance models.

Some of the scooter’s finest features are located on the handlebars, which boast a curved, ergonomic design that is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the shoulders. Here you will find the QS-S4 display, integrated throttle, dual brakes, and motor controls, as well as a Turbo Boost button for added power.


The 10+R’s frame is constructed from an aerospace-grade aluminum alloy. The 10+R retains the same overarching design principles as the 9+R, which are black with colorful accents to add personality. However, the 10+R abandons the airy aquamarine tones of the 9+R in favor of an eye-catching, industrial yellow.

The Deck

At 27 inches in length, the deck is slightly shorter than the 11+, and at 8.5 inches in width, it is slightly wider than the 9+R, its younger sibling. There is sufficient space for a comfortable stance. As with the rest of the VSETT lineup, the deck has a silicone surface, making it superior to grip tape found on comparable scooters such as the Varla Eagle One and Zero 11X.

vsett deck

The design of the 10+R’s deck also makes it easier to clean than the 11+’s; unlike the 11+, the 10+R’s surface is not covered in difficult-to-reach crevices. The design of the 10+R’s charging ports, which are located at the front of the deck, is another way in which it surpasses the 11+. 

The 11+R’s ports have sliding covers that are frustratingly prone to falling off during use, exposing them to environmental damage.


The VSETT has noticeable lighting improvements in comparison to the Zero 10X, most notably turn signals that are so simple to use. The actual signals are exceptional. When activated, the front deck lights and rear lights each blink 30 times before turning themselves off.

They are visible from the side of the scooter as well. Overall, this implementation of turn signals on a scooter is unparalleled. The headlights are activated by pressing and holding the + button for three seconds and are significantly brighter than the 10X. 

The lights are mounted low and cannot be aimed, but they are still adequate for nighttime riding at 32 km/h with caution. Any faster and you will be required to install an accessory light.

vsett lights


Other late-model light-heavyweights, such as the Phantom, use tires of the same size and tread pattern, but with a different brand and softer tread compound. The profile of the tires is nicely rounded on the sides and slightly pointed in the center, which improves steering. The recommended tire pressure in the manual is 50 PSI, which is printed on the tires. 

Running the tires at 50 PSI feels somewhat stiff, and 45 PSI seems to be the tire pressure of choice among riders.

Build Quality

As with the rest of the VSETT family, the frame is made from a durable, but crucially lightweight, aerospace-grade aluminum alloy. Specifically, it is the same content utilized on the VSETT 11+ and Wolf King. It is known as 6082-T6 and is utilized in the construction of highly stressed applications, bridges, and other heavy-duty structures.

The shaft, which is made from a special carbon-chromium alloy steel called SCM400, is extremely durable, while the rear fender is made from durable reinforced plastic. The deck has a silicone finish, while the grip-enhancing handlebars are covered in a rubberized material. In addition, it has an IP54 water resistance rating.

In addition, the 10+R dispenses with the unreliable collar clamp and employs a secure triple locking mechanism to secure the stem. This is an excellent safety feature that eliminates the risk of your scooter’s handlebar stem wobbling when riding at high speeds. The unique shape of the 10+R’s handlebars may be the only complaint regarding its construction. 

vsett build quality

This can make mounting accessories such as a GoPro or phone holder difficult, but it is unlikely to be a deal-breaker.

The Quality of the Ride

With the exception of the Wolf Warrior, the VSETT 10+R provides the most comfortable ride for the price. Alongside a set of 10 inch pneumatic tires that scream comfort, the 10+R’s front spring and rear hydraulic suspension provides superior levels of ride quality, while the smooth yet responsive hydraulic brakes inspire confidence.

The VSETT 10+R achieves this by combining the best of both worlds. The scooter’s coil-over-shocks (which could almost give the Dualtron X a run for its money) absorb the most brutal tests of rough terrain, while its swingarms play a crucial role in facilitating a high level of suspension.

The VSETT 10+R should be in your sights if you still desire the design, specifications, and swagger of a top-tier scooter along with a comparable riding experience.

How Does the Warranty Work for VSETT 10+R?

The 10+R, like the rest of the VSETT lineup, comes with a 12-month warranty. This 12-month warranty covers only manufacturing defects. This only applies to damage caused by the manufacturer; any damage you cause to the scooter is not likely to be covered. This includes normal wear and tear as well as issues caused by accidents, collisions, misuse, or modifications to the scooter.

Labor may incur additional expenses. Therefore, even if the damage itself is covered by the warranty, you may still be responsible for any replacement or repair costs. This is typical for warranties on electric scooters.

Can You Ride the VSETT 10+R in the Rain?

The VSETT 10+R has an IP54 rating, which means it is protected from dust and splashing water. However, it is not designed to be submerged in water, and riding it in the rain is not recommended. If you do ride it in the rain, be sure to dry it off as soon as possible to prevent any corrosion or damage to the electrical components. 

It is also important to check your scooter to ensure that all connections and components are tightly secured and not corroded.


The VSETT 10+R is an impressive light-heavyweight scooter that provides great performance and comfort at an affordable price. Its speed, range, and hill-climbing capabilities make it an ideal choice for urban commuters, while its suspension, braking system, portability, and build quality ensure it will remain a reliable and capable scooter for years to come. 

If you’re looking for a scooter that can handle anything you throw at it, the 10+R should be at the top of your list.


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