Segway ES2 Review — Discover What This Electric Scooter Can Offer (2024)

Who doesn’t like to ride around on a transportation tool that is not only environmentally safe but also won’t take strenuous effort? 

In this Segway ES2 review, our team will lay out why it’s a good investment even for uneven terrain. We’ll also show you how the Segway ES2 compares to other products to save you the trouble of purchasing the wrong model.



Segway ES2 Design

The Segway ES2, also referred to as the Segway Ninebot ES2, is one of the best electric scooters like Razor E325 and E300 on the market today. It has a super lightweight design that folds down easily to half the profile. Keep in mind that the handles do not fold, but they are helpful to carry the scooter around.

In this Segway ES2 review, our team found the ES2 comes with comfortable anti-slip rubber handles, but what stood out to us was the LED display. The lighting is also excellent on the screen and you can see the speed and battery level even on a bright sunny day.

For your safety, the Segway ES2 has an LED headlight and a tail light to keep you visible no matter what time of day you take the scooter out for a spin. These lights are adjustable as are the LED lights that illuminate the bottom of the electric scooter. As a digital machine, the startup of the electric scooter is also super easy with the power button.

Next, we move onto the tires, which are heavy duty for their size. Both the front and rear tires are airless, so you never have to worry about flat tires. Once the grooves have been worn down, both the front and rear tires can be replaced.

The deck is also well built and can withstand water. The deck of the electric scooter is slightly elevated, which improves ergonomics and enhances deck space.

Segway ES2 Features

Speed and Acceleration

When considering the Segway Ninebot ES2 electric scooter, among the biggest factors are top speed and acceleration. The top speed is advertised to have the speed of 15.5 mph, but our team managed to push it to about 16.

If you are familiar with the ES4, this figure might be a bit disappointing. The acceleration doesn’t exactly redeem the speed, and to go from zero to the maximum speed takes a long 7-8 seconds. However, our team believes this can be a good thing as the scooter will reach new speeds gradually, which makes the ride quality better and safer.

It’s also worth it to note the ES2 has three speed modes if you do want to give yourself more speed.

Segway ES2 Motor Power

As we previously mentioned, the motor power of the Segway Ninebot ES2 electric scooter has an impressive and high-quality 300w hub motor. The motor is similar to other high-rated electric scooters for young ones. Although that is quite a powerful figure, the Ninebot Segway ES2 still manages to be silent in operation, which is a plus in quiet neighborhoods

Battery Life

Other than the build quality of the Segway Ninebot ES2, which encompasses the inner components, the battery capacity is another factor in an electric scooter that can sway your decision. The lithium ion battery pack capacity is 187 watts, for speed and range that doesn’t translate to much. 

On a full charge, the range is relatively short for the scooter. You can get just under 10 miles in range per charge, which doesn’t make this scooter the best choice for long distance riding. However, there is a way around this with an extra battery pack. You can carry one with you to switch with the depleted one.

You also have the option to upgrade the battery life to hopefully improve the range the electric scooters offer.

The battery recharge time for these scooters is around 3.5 hours, which isn’t very groundbreaking. But again, these scooters are known more for their features rather than speed, range and charging time.

Weight and Ease of Use

The lightweight Segway Ninebot ES2 kick scooter is small and lightweight, thanks to the aluminum alloy body. Generally, this would mean it’s easy to tote around. While it can be easy to carry with you in terms of weight, the scooter is longer in length than other models and the handles don’t fold down. Because of this, it makes the scooter harder to maneuver in tighter spaces. 

The electric scooter is very easy to use, though. The assembly right out of the box won’t take you more than a few minutes. Just in case you run into any trouble when putting these scooters together, the ES2 comes with clear instruction manuals to assist you.

Segway ES2 Performance

What the ES2 lacks in range and speed compared to the ES4 is balanced by its performance. The electric brake of this kick scooter and the tire type really elevate our team’s overall impression of the ES2. The scooter has two different brakes, a front regenerative brake and rear wheel foot brake. For sudden stops, our team suggests taking advantage of both brakes.

If you just rely on the front wheel regenerative brake or rear foot brake, you are looking at a very slow and gradual stop. The slow stop these brakes offer are beneficial for downhill descents. You will be able to gradually descend even at peak power. Moreover, the high quality solid rubber anti-slip deck will give you more maneuverability for sudden braking.

The rubber tires are harder and more rigid than air tires, which can result in poorer grip on the asphalt. The tire grooves may also wear quicker, which will call for a replacement not too far down the line.

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One other characteristic the scooter features is a dual suspension system. The system is designed to cushion your overall ride, which will minimize the effects of each bump along the road. However, the hard material of the tires also work against the suspension system and highlight the bumps even more. For these reasons, our team suggests the Segway ES2 for smoother asphalt rides as the front and rear shock absorption could be better.


The sturdy build of the aluminum body allows the scooter to handle a maximum weight of 220 pounds making it one of the top pick electric scooters for heavy riders. The high weight tolerance makes this electric scooter one that can handle you and anything else you carry.

Water Resistance

Since we cannot control the weather, there is a good chance we may be caught outside during a downpour with the ES2. How much damage will rainwater do to the scooter? 

The scooter has an IP54 rating [1], which deems it to be a water-resistant model but not waterproof. This means sprays and moderate rain won’t damage the scooter, but submersion or heavy downpours will affect it. Furthermore, damage from prolonged water exposure will not be covered by the Segway Ninebot warranty.

Other Features

The Segway ES2 scooter features Bluetooth connectivity and wheel covers as extra features. You can download the Ninebot app onto your smartphone and monitor your trips.

Price and Warranty

What our expert team appreciated was the inclusion of a warranty. Some scooters out there do not protect the consumer, so this is where Segway wins by a mile. The body of the scooter is covered for up to a year and the battery life for half that amount. Segway even goes as far as to cover wear and tear to the scooter’s appearance for 3 months.

The warranty justifies the price even more, as do the special features and the featured technologies such as the braking and suspension system plus the lighting display.

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Is Segway ES2 waterproof?

No, the Segway ES2 is not waterproof, but it is water resistant with an IP54 rating. This rating means the scooter can resist splashes and light rain but not submersion or a heavy downpour.

How fast does the Ninebot ES2 go?

The Ninebot ES2 goes up to 15.5 to 16 miles per hour at max speed. It may not be as fast as some other models out there, but the speed increase is gradual and gives you more control over the scooter.

Segway ES2 Review Conclusion

Our experts’ Segway ES2 review ends on a positive note. While it isn’t the fastest or most powerful electric kickscooter out there, the ES2 does provide its fair share of special features, which is what it focuses on. You can enjoy the Bluetooth connection with the app to monitor your trips and ride safely at night with the bright 16 LED light display.

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