Scooter Handlebars Height:
How High Should Scooter Handlebars Be?

Rider comfort and functionality are equally important when buying an electric scooter. So if you want to get your money’s worth, the basic rule of thumb is to buy one with the perfect handlebar height. 

But with different models out there, what kind of handlebars should you choose? Let our team give helpful tips through this detailed post especially curated for new users like you. 

How High Should Scooter Handlebars Be?

You should be able to control your electric scooter with minimal effort, so the ideal handlebar height should not be on the same level as your belly button. In other words, the easy answer to this question depends on how tall you stand on the deck. 

Whether the scooter is for adults or kids, you’ll have a hard time standing and riding it if it’s not the right fit for your body type.

Segway Ninebot ES4 Electric Kick Scooter

Try standing on the deck. If your scooter handlebars were placed 1 to 5 centimeters under your belly button, that’s the general rule our experts would recommend in terms of handlebar height. 

While you do the test ride, you should also ensure that the forearm and upper arm angles are inclined between 100 to 120 degrees. Hang tight as our scooter experts discuss more of these bar height considerations below. 

How to Get the Best Scooter Handlebar Height For You

There are a few tricks you can try to know if the bar height of the scooter suits your needs. Check out the list below to see how our resident scooter experts and pro riders discuss these deck riding requirements. 

#1: Below the Belly Button

If you ask other scooter riders, they’ll point out that the bar height should be above your hips or on a similar level as your waist. However, this rule of thumb can get vague when riding the deck. 

The Smartkick X7 Pro Electric Scooter

The best bet our team could recommend is measuring the bars below the belly button of the rider. As previously discussed, it would be ideal if the scooter handlebar was one to five inches below the said body part. 

But regardless of whether you based it on the waist or belly button measurements, doing both could give the rider better control over the scooter. 

#2: Based on Your Elbow Angle

The next tip has nothing to do with the bar or waist height. But if you want a scooter deck that’ll cater to your own size, bars should be based on the elbow angles. 

You don’t need to stand on the deck or anything. All you need to do is go next to a wall and make measurements according to the arm angle you’re comfortable with. 

You can try different postures around three or four times according to your comfort level. Most of the time, riders feel at ease when their elbows are angled around 100 to 200 degrees. 

The Levy Electric Scooter

Don’t change your angles right away after trying them. Our resident e-scooter riders recommend spending a few seconds in that position just to pin it down and ensure that it’s really comfortable. It should be in a natural position and have no excessive pressure on your arms. 

Once you find the right arm angle, ball your fist and lean it against the wall. Make sure to mark the position with a pencil to know your bars’ accurate height and width. 

#3: Based on Your Height

One of the tricks that never gets old is basing the handlebars according to your overall height. In fact, there are standard bar height guides on the internet that one can use. However, keep in mind that the height of the rider isn’t the only factor that affects the handlebar height.

kid riding scooter

Every rider comes in different shapes and sizes[1], so even the height of your shoulders should matter if you’re aiming for scooter handlebar accuracy and safety. Even children have different height and weight growth, so they certainly don’t have the same arm length for that matter.

Scooter Handlebar Height Guide (Children, Teens, Adults)


If you’re buying scooters for your child who has a height range of 150 to 160 centimeters, models with smaller bars are the best option for you. Scooters with a bar height of 79 to 90 centimeters should be good for kids in this height spectrum. On top of that, it has less total scooter weight that will give the rider portability perks. 


For kids or teens who are in the taller range from 161 to 175 centimeters, the acceptable bar height could sit around 85 to 102 centimeters. Scooters with this bar height measurement typically have a wider deck and bar as well. 


Adult riders who are over the height range we mentioned can consider a bar height between 102 and 123 centimeters. But of course, all these should depend on their body type and proportion. 

Man riding Shino Scooter

Our experts would also like to remind you that the higher the bar and the wider the deck, the harder it is to do a bri-flip and any other tricks with your unit. So if you’re buying a scooter for this sole reason, you have to consider factors other than your own height. 

Some people may miss these height considerations, especially if they won’t be using the unit on a day-to-day basis. However, the effects of riding a deck with the wrong bar height will definitely show during long periods of usage. 

Importance of Scooter Handlebar Height

Handlebar Too High

Most parents would choose larger scooter handlebars for a child, thinking they can grow into it, but the truth is it can put the young riders at risk. Taller bars tend to make your arm muscles and body very tense, making an electric scooter rider easily tired in the process. 

Most taller size bars also cause awkward shoulder angles, which limits control during the ride. As you know, the combination of a tensed body and uncomfy posture while riding the deck can not only affect your scooter’s performance but also put the riders in unprecedented danger. 

Average Scooter Handlebar Height

Many scooters in the market have a handlebar height of 39 inches. Most scooters in this bar size are common because it suits the height of adult riders who are not in the tall or small height spectrum. 

Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter

If you’re uncertain which height spectrum you belong to, one of the tricks we’d like you to consider is buying ones with adjustable handlebars. With this feature, the rider can freely add 1 to 4 inches and subtract 2 to 10 inches from the actual handlebar height. 

Scooter Handlebar Width

The bar height isn’t the only dimension that could determine the performance of your scooter deck. There’s also the handlebar’s width. A newbie rider like you wouldn’t know it, but our electronic riding experts recommend getting a scooter that comes with a handlebar as wide as your shoulder width. 

If the width of the handlebars is wider than the shoulder width, any rider may find it hard to control the scooter. Naturally, the arms will hinder you during the ride, making your muscles easily tired.

Spin Scooter handle

The same scenario applies if the handlebar is too narrow compared to the shoulder width of the rider. The bar steering control can pose more challenges, especially because narrow bars can make the deck and wheels go around in bigger circles even when you intend to do smaller turns. 

No worries, though. Some scooter bars allow the rider to adjust both the height and width of the unit. 

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How high should handlebars be on a Micro Scooter?

The handlebars on a micro scooter should be around 24 inches or 60 centimeters high. This standard bar height is specifically recommended for children who are 80 to 110 centimeters tall. The bars should rest somewhere in between the kid’s mid-chest and belly button for enhanced control and safety.


Buying a unit with the right scooter handlebar height does not only make your purchase worth it but also assures you that you can ride your scooters with ease and utmost control. And while it’s easier to buy scooters according to your height, our experienced riders highly discourage disregarding your other body proportions as this may hinder your overall riding experience in the long run.


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