Razor E325 vs E300 — Which Scooter Is Better?

Scooters are electric-powered bicycles that facilitate easier transportation within a vicinity. Two of the best electric scooters from Razor, namely, E325 and E300 are known for their exceptional performances,  but which of the two surpasses the other? However, purchasing a suitable option is not easy due to the array of products floating on the market, making arriving at a decision confusing.

In this comparison review, our team of experts will assess the features of two of the best scooters out there, the Razor E325 vs. E300, to see which is a better choice.

Razor E325 or E300?

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Features of Razor E325 and E300

The Razor E325 and E300 are popular, powerful electric scooters that are quite similar in terms of features, even though the E300 series are somewhat older. Although they are alike in almost all aspects, some slight differences exist between them.

Due to their massive similarities, the Razor E300 vs E325 debate has become more popular than ever amongst riding enthusiasts. Pre-teens and teens wanting to explore their neighborhood are more confused on which scooter is the best option to cash in on.

Design, Weight, and Size

There is not much of a difference between E300 and E325 with respect to design. Similar to high speed Segway ES2, they are constructed with steel material for more durability and resistance to wear and tear. The Razor E325 and E300 also have the same hand-operated front brakes for minimizing the scooter’s speed when necessary. And they measure 42.5-inch height.

The difference between the two scooters, however, lies in their weight and size. While E300 has a width of 20.5-inch, E325 has a larger width of 40-inch. This difference is due to the larger deck size that E325 possesses.

In terms of weight, E300 measures 19.5 lbs, while E325 measures 43 kg. 

Considering their weight and size, Razor E325 is bigger, meaning it will be more accommodating for the rider.

Deck Size of Razor E325 and E300

Razor E325 features a slightly bigger deck size than E300. This means the rider will enjoy riding more comfortably and safely since a more massive deck translates to more standing room. 

Because of the larger deck size, E325 is better suited for teens and pre-teens than E300. 

Weight Capacity of Razor E325 and E300

Razor E325 and E300 have the same max payload of 220 lbs making them the ideal electric scooters for heavy adults, as well. As our experts earlier pointed in this review, E325 is heavier than E300 due to the increased deck size. The difference in weight is relatively huge, making riding it slightly challenging for a child with low weight.

Razor E325 and E300 Tires

Razor E325 and E300 have pneumatic tires [1]. However, E325 has a bigger wheel size than E300. This translates to more balance. 

With the few extra inches, it means you can ride E325 without issues since it features slightly bigger tires.

Battery Life and Power

The battery life and power of these two scooters are impressive. They lasted long enough while our experts were testing them. Both come with a 24V sealed lead acid rechargeable battery that provides a run time of almost 45 minutes when fully charged.

Speed and Acceleration

E325 and E300 go pretty fast. They travel at a max speed of 15 MPH and feature a speed throttle for minimizing and maximizing speed. If you want them to exceed speed limits, there are still ways to enable your electric scooter faster. However, the throttle isn’t the most durable, as it’s made of plastic.

Razor E325 and E300 Charging Time

Both are relatively fast in charging as they charge for approximately 12 hours. Thus, both are tied for this section. 

Razor E325 and E300 Handlebar

You can’t extend the handlebar of E325 and E300 beyond their maximum length. However, the handlebar in E325 is collapsible, while that of E300 isn’t. Users will find storing E325 more straightforward than E300 because you can collapse the scooter into a compact size, making storage easier.

Razor E325 and E300 Price

Razor E325 and E300 come at fair prices and considered as the best affordable electric skateboard today , although E325 is somewhat more expensive. This is because E325 has more features than the E300 scooter.

Warranty of Razor E325 and E300

Their warranty is the same. Both scooters have a manufacturer warranty of approximately a year.


What is the difference between the Razor E300 and E325?

The difference between the Razor E300 and E325 is the deck size. E325 features a slightly bigger deck. Other differences lie in their handlebars, weight capacities, tire sizes, and prices. E325 has a collapsible handlebar, heavier, has larger tires, and is more expensive. 

How fast does the Razor E325 go?

Razor E325 goes as fast as 15 MPH. However, the state of the tires can affect the speed. 

Overall Winner: Razor E325

Deciding which scooter is better between the E325 and E300 is pretty difficult due to their outstanding qualities. However, our experts conclude that Razor E325 is the better choice in this Razor E325 vs E300 comparison review.

It has a bigger deck size, making riding more comfortable and accommodating even for a child. Also, it has bigger tires, maximizing maneuverability and reducing the chances of getting injured. Interestingly, you can fold it into a compact size for storage, thanks to its collapsible handlebar.

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