NAMI Burn-E — Top Speed, IP Rating, and More

NAMI Burn-E (a.k.a the ‘Viper’) electric scooter is one of the latest and most advanced electric scooters on the market today. It is a stylish, compact, and sleek scooter that offers a great riding experience for both adults and children. With its powerful motor and high-quality parts, it is designed to provide a safe and reliable ride. 

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the NAMI Burn-E and its features, so you can decide if it’s the right electric scooter for you.


Even the Wolf King is unable to beat the Burn-E out of the gate. In fact, the Burn-E set new records for acceleration in every category, and more importantly, it does so without making you feel as though you’re about to lose control.


While Burn-E is the fastest scooter that has ever tested from 0 to 94.7 kilometers per hour, it is not the fastest. The Wolf King retains the title of the fastest scooter with a top speed of 95,6 kilometers per hour. This is due to the square wave motor controllers used by the King, which are capable of delivering slightly more power at the extreme top end than sine drive controllers.


When it surpassed ESG’s long-standing all-time range record and continued for another 5 km, the scooter defied expectations by being both incredibly quick and incredibly long-ranged. The Burn-E completed 85.8 kilometers of city driving in its highest performance mode.

charging time

The Burn-E has the largest battery ever tested on a scooter, but that’s not the whole story. Some of its astounding range can be attributed to its sine wave motor controllers’ inherent efficiency and smooth throttle control. The Burn-E provided 28% more range per watt-hour than the Wolf King, which is equipped with conventional square wave motor controllers and a relatively abrupt throttle.


The NAMI Burn-E has been engineered with a pair of adjustable 165mm hydraulic coil-shocks to provide superior levels of shock absorption. The Viper can travel anywhere, just like its namesake snake, whose habitats range from mountains and fields to rainforests and deserts.

The KKE hydraulic coil-over shocks on the Viper feature rebound adjustment. This type of suspension was originally designed for motocross and is intended to provide greater levels of control and comfort on a variety of terrains. It allows you to adjust the rate at which the Viper’s shocks ‘bounce back’

Despite the shock system’s complexity, no other suspension system is as straightforward and intuitive to adjust. In contrast to other scooters, no tool is required. Simply adjust the damping level using the dial. Even novice riders will quickly adapt to it. It is remarkable. In the case of the Viper, the hydraulic rebound damping relies on oil moving through a circuit to control the rate at which the suspension extends following compression. 

Without the ability to adjust the rebound, your expensive electric scooter will become a glorified pogo stick if the rebound is set too low. The Viper’s industry-leading suspension is ultimately designed for rider comfort, and it delivers in spades. It is one of the best scooter options for off-road enthusiasts due to its adjustable configuration and the extent to which it can be customized for less dependable terrain.

the suspension

The swingarms, which were forged from aluminum as opposed to being cast, are another area that merits consideration. In addition to having a better surface finish than cast swingarms, aluminum forgings are also more durable because their strength-to-weight ratio is significantly greater than that of castings.

The Braking System

Even though the NAMI Burn-E’s dual hydraulic disc brakes are something expected from an ultra-performance scooter of its ilk, that doesn’t make them any less impressive to admire and use. The Viper’s brilliant braking system, which, to get technical, consists of NUTT hydraulic brakes and 160mm discs, is extremely precise and precisely calibrated. 

To the point where you’ll want to use only the lightest touch when handling them. Because applying the brakes disables the Viper’s formidable motors, you will likely come to a stop sooner than anticipated. The Viper’s hydraulic brakes are supplemented by a regenerative brake that engages once the mechanical brakes are applied. 

Essentially, this technology recirculates the kinetic energy generated during braking back into the battery, allowing you to not only brake more effectively but also conserve your scooter’s energy to achieve its maximum range. Predictably, the Viper’s regenerative brake has five strength settings, which can be toggled via an industry-leading interface located in the center of its handlebars.

This type of braking system is essentially the best available. It also demonstrates that the NAMI Burn-E is concerned with safety in addition to speed and distance.

nami braking

Charging Time

The NAMI Burn-E will ship with two included chargers. The Viper will be fully charged in approximately 6 hours if both are plugged in at the same time, whereas it will take 12 hours if only one is connected. Although it is not an essential feature, the location of the charging ports is the best.

Some scooters have their ports on the side of the deck, but these can become deformed and damaged if they come into contact with a curb. Other scooters position the ports on the deck’s top – typically in the front. This method eliminates curb damage, but leaves them vulnerable to water damage from precipitation. 

If these types of ports do not have watertight seals, they can be removed and eventually suffer. The Burn-E, on the other hand, places its two charging ports on the reinforced plate that spans the scooter’s neck. In addition to keeping them out of the way of stray foot placements, they also have watertight seals. Small details like this make a significant difference.


Portability is an area where the Burn-E falls short. With folded dimensions of 64 cm wide by 135 cm long by 64 cm tall, it will not fit into the trunk of the majority of cars. It turns out that the manner in which you pick up the Burn-E is crucial. If you place your forward hand near the steering head bearings while lifting, there is a potential pinch point. 

The front end can pivot, trapping fingers between the swingarm’s upper portion and the frame’s neck. Regarding daily riding and portability, the Burn-handlebars E’s do not fold, the stem does not lock, and it weighs 46 kilograms more than it appears

nami portability


The Viper’s 24.4-inch-wide handlebars are more than three inches narrower than those on the VSETT 11+ (27.5 inches) and the Wolf Warrior (24.6 inches), as well as the Dualtron X  (24.8 inches), which has been discontinued. Contrariwise, scooters with lower specifications and fewer features, such as the Zero 10X and Apollo Pro (26.7 inches each) and the Varla Eagle One (25.5 inches), have longer handlebars than the Viper.

Despite this, the Viper proves to be a highly enjoyable ride, despite its handlebars’ narrower width. In addition, the lack of size of the Viper’s handlebars is compensated for by the variety of features and functionality they provide. In the center of the Viper is its industry-leading, water-resistant smart display, which serves as its brain.

You can view your speed, the total distance you’ve traveled, and a basic representation of your Viper’s remaining battery life from this screen. You can also use this screen to toggle between the Viper’s five riding modes, including the turbocharged ‘Turbo’ mode for extra fun and frazzled nerves, as well as a plethora of other settings, such as the power of the Viper’s dual motors and the intensity of its regenerative brake. 

On the right-hand side of the Viper’s handlebars is its motorcycle-grade horn. Additionally, the Viper’s hydraulic brakes are manually operated. Finally, the handlebars of the Viper are extremely comfortable. With a form designed to reduce the strain on your posture during long journeys and a pair of ergonomic rubber grips, the Viper’s 100-mile maximum range will be utilized to the fullest.


This thing is absolutely monstrous. With its matte-black, industrial design, the NAMI Burn-E appears to have stepped out of a dystopian film and brought with it a sliver of a foreboding future. With a carbon fiber stem and aviation-grade aluminum girders fused into a single-piece frame, the Viper has a visual impact commensurate with its commanding array of features and industry-leading specifications.

the frame

In fact, it bears a striking resemblance to the Dualtron line, especially the X II’s imposing frame, which weighs 145.5 pounds. Even the formidable lighting system of the Viper possesses a sinister quality. With an ultra-bright headlight, turn signals, and strips of lighting – which, embedded into the sides of the Viper’s deck, appear to be imprisoned by the metal bars of the scooter’s frame. 

You will impress and terrify onlookers when you ride this bad boy at night. And, despite the fact that the lack of color options is a bit disappointing, black is the only hue that would complement the insidious, implacable image of the Viper’s frame.


The NAMI’s headlights are extremely bright and mounted high. The output is very wide from side to side and narrow from top to bottom, so you must aim it properly. You’ll also want to bring your tools with you when aiming it, as simply grabbing the headlight and moving it by hand will cause the mounting bolts to loosen, resulting in a headlight that points downwards within two miles. 

Once retightened with an Allen wrench, the headlight will remain in place. The beautiful swag lights that run the length of the Burn-E’s deck transform into impressive sequential turn signals when the rubber-covered turn signal switches are activated with the right thumb. However, the signals would be considerably more impressive if they were visible from the rear of the scooter. 

As configured, only the brake or tail lights, not the turn signal, are visible from the rear, and even the brake lights are partially obscured by the rear wheel and fender. A further peculiar feature of the Burn-E is that honking the horn wh

nami burn light


The Burn-E is equipped with the same tubeless 27.9 x 8.9 x CST-branded road tires as the Wolf Warrior and Wolf King as standard equipment. Due to recent supply chain issues, other tires, presumably of comparable quality, have been substituted. Tubeless tires are less susceptible to pinch flats, provide a better road feel than tubed tires, and are more compatible with tire sealants. 

Since split rims cannot be used because they are not airtight without a tube, the primary disadvantage of tubeless tires is the increased difficulty of tire replacement.


This deck is awe-inspiring, limitless, and has inspired a brand-new stance. At first glance, the deck appears to be nothing more than two strips of off-the-shelf grip tape adhered to a matt-black aluminum plate in the shape of an elongated stop sign. Once the ride began, however, everything made sense. 

When you press the accelerator and feel the entire planet being pushed backwards beneath you, it is crucial to have a solid footing. The expansive deck allows you to place your feet as far apart as possible for front-to-back balance. The charging ports are located just in front of the front foot, but are elevated on an aluminum plate that prevents them from being stepped on. Simple to connect and difficult to damage.

The Quality of the Ride

Control is nothing without power. What makes the Burn-E truly unique is the ease with which terrifying amounts of power can be controlled. One of the most frequent complaints about the throttles on the fastest scooters is that they feel like they’re on a hair trigger, and the slightest throttle input causes the scooter to jerk forward.

nami burn quality

On the Burn-E, it is simple to ride cautiously or recklessly without having to switch performance modes. The dead space at the start of the throttle is not ideal. The dead space is eliminated, however, if you anchor your thumb on the housing and rock it into the throttle. 

Anchoring also increases the precision of throttle control by a factor of three compared to when the thumb is allowed to float freely while pushing the throttle. Along with the progressive, smooth throttle. The adjustable hydraulic suspension and spacious deck make it simple to customize the performance of this potent scooter.

The suspension felt very good right out of the box, but you will notice that if you accelerate to a high speed and then cut the throttle, the steering could develop an unsettling wobble. To enhance the high-speed stability, you can follow a standard motorcycle road racing setup.

Step one was to reduce the steering angle, which increases trail and stabilizes the front end. To accomplish this, two full turns of preload were added to the front spring and one full turn was removed from the rear spring. As shipped, the shocks are inadequately damped, allowing road imperfections to cause scooter oscillations.

Is NAMI Burn-E Worth the Investment?

The NAMI Burn-E is an electric scooter that is definitely worth the investment. It has a powerful motor, a long-range battery, and adjustable suspension that make it an ideal choice for both adults and children. Its handlebars are equipped with a smart display and a motorcycle-grade horn, and its frame is made of a combination of carbon fiber stem and aviation-grade aluminum. 

The Burn-E also has a bright headlight and LED turn signals, and tubeless tires for better road feel and less pinch-flat susceptibility. The Burn-E is perfect for those who want a reliable and powerful electric scooter that is designed for both urban and off-road riding.


The NAMI Burn-E is an incredibly powerful and highly adjustable electric scooter. It combines impressive acceleration and top speed with excellent range and remarkable suspension. The NAMI Burn-E offers a great riding experience that is both comfortable and thrilling.


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