NAMI Burn-E 2 — Your Quick Guide

Are you looking for a scooter that is lightweight, durable, and fun to ride? If so, the NAMI Burn-E 2 Scooter might be the perfect choice for you. This electric scooter is packed with features that make it a great choice for commuters, recreational riders, and anyone looking for a reliable ride. 

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the NAMI Burn-E 2 Scooter, its features, and how it fares in practical use. Read on to learn more about this scooter and decide if it’s the right choice for you.


The Burn-E 2 electric scooter’s acceleration from zero to 56 kilometers per hour exceeded all expectations, keeping pace with the world’s largest and fastest electric scooters. At speeds of 64 kilometers per hour and above, the larger scooters begin to separate from the smaller ones.

Top Speed

At top speed, the diminished performance becomes evident. With a maximum speed of 70.5 kilometers per hour, as certified by the ESG, the Burn-E 2 electric scooter is 24 kilometers per hour slower than its predecessor.


In high-performance mode, the Burn-E 2 can travel 79.1 kilometers. Under identical conditions, the original Burn-E electric scooter fell short by only 6.8 kilometers. Not bad, considering the Burn-E 2’s battery is 20% smaller.

nami burn e 2 range

Hill Climb

This scooter is a dream on steep inclines due to the Burn-E 2’s exceptional torque output. With the ability to create customized riding modes, you can even create a mode dedicated to climbing hills. Here, you could change the configuration of the motors so that more power flows to the front motor to assist with hill climbing, rather than the rear motor.


The real pièce de résistance of the Burn-E 2 is its formidable adjustable suspension, which provides an unrivaled level of ride quality that no other scooter in the industry can match. It makes the suspension configurations of its competitors appear antiquated. It offers an exceptionally luxurious ride.

Using the red dials at the top of each spring, the rebound level can be adjusted. It is best to consider suspension in terms of compression and rebound. Compression damping assists the suspension in absorbing jolts as the wheels roll over obstacles. The springs compress here. 

Rebound damping, on the other hand, assists the springs in returning to their initial position following compression. Rebound damping is used to regulate and control the rate at which the springs return to their original position, and is therefore essential for a comfortable ride.

Despite the shock system’s complexity, no other suspension system is as straightforward and intuitive to adjust. In contrast to other scooters, no tool is required. Simply adjust the damping level using the dial. Even novice riders will quickly adapt to it.

nami burn e 2 susoension

Braking System

The performance of the LOGAN hydraulic disc brakes, PMT tires, and adjustable regen brakes was exceptional. The scooter stopped from 15 miles per hour at an impressive 1.80 meters. With the completion of the brake tests, the NAMI Burn-E 2 proved to have the most powerful brakes ever tested.

Charging Time

The 72V 28Ah battery must be charged for six to seven hours. However, given its enormous charge capacity, this is a remarkably short waiting period. Notably, scooters with comparable-sized batteries require 16 to 20 hours to charge. Fortunately, NAMI offers a free quick charge, which is more than can be said for some of their competitors. 

Even the charger is high-quality, with an internal fan to regulate its temperature, in true NAMI fashion.


The NAMI Burn-E 2 electric scooter is only 2.0 kg lighter than its predecessor, but it still weighs 45 kg. It will not fit in your trunk or under your desk, and you will not want to carry it anywhere on your own. However, it can fit into an SUV. Some will criticize the non-folding handlebars and slow stem folding, but since portability isn’t the focus of this scooter, you will appreciate the focus on handlebar and stem feel. 

Adding foldable handlebars to this would have the same effect as adding foldable mirrors to a semi-truck. The stem latch mechanism is distinctive, well-made, and always results in a perfect fit. Just avoid lifting the front of the scooter by grabbing the frame closer to the stem. 

nami portability

Grab instead closer to the deck. Because of the scooter’s center of gravity, you will naturally want to hold on closer to the stem.


For a high-performance model, the handlebars were unusually narrow. They measured 24.4 inches, which was more than three inches shorter than the competitors’ products. At high speeds, the original did not feel as stable as other scooters. With community and reviewer feedback in mind, NAMI decided to release the NAMI Burn-E 2 MAX with wider 27-inch handlebars as their next scooter. 

Thankfully, the Burn-E 2 received this enhancement. In addition to a generous width, the handlebars on the Burn-E 2 are also slightly taller (0.5 inches) than on the original, making it an excellent fit for even the tallest riders. After NAMI added these upgrades to the Burn-E 2’s handling, you will notice a notable improvement. 

In addition, with NAMI pushing for further improvements, a bracket was added to allow riders to install a steering damper for enhanced control. The handlebars collectively provide crucial stability. Compared to other scooters, it was difficult to find one that offers the same level of confidence. 

In this regard, only the Wolf King GT with its dual stem and ultra-wide 29.5-inch handlebars can compete with the Burn-E. Other than the GT, the Burn-E 2 is superior to all other models, especially those from Dualtron with their notoriously short handlebars and unstable ride.

nami burn quality


This scooter is absolutely monstrous. Its chassis is unique among scooters. The carbon fiber stem has a beautiful matte black finish that exudes the quality you would expect from a scooter of this price. The Burn-E 2 achieves a design that is rich in texture and style alongside the imposing girders of aviation-grade aluminum welded into a single-piece frame


The Burn-E 2’s colossal deck provides ample space for any desired stance. For aggressive riding, you can stand with both feet side by side, one in front of the other, or, as you prefer, plant your dominant foot at the rear, angled up on the kickplate, followed by the other foot at the front of the deck.

While the deck is not covered in rubber matting or grip tape from edge to edge, the placement of the two thick columns of grip tape provides sufficient traction to keep your feet firmly planted. In addition, the suspension system is so good that the only time your feet leave the deck is when you jump off the scooter. 

The same cannot be said for scooters whose suspension is bouncy and causes you to lose your footing, requiring additional grip tape or rubber on the model in question.


The NAMI Burn-E 2 unconventional scooter is equipped with a powerful headlight for nighttime visibility. It is not as powerful as the all-time champion Wolf Warrior series, but it is still very good. The new connector for the rear motor obstructs the view of the right turn signal and brake light, but other drivers will still get the message.

nami burn light


Standard equipment for the Burn-E 2 includes Nylon tires. These are the same tires found on the majority of other high-performance scooters. In NAMI’s quest to create the best electric scooters, the type of tires utilized was one of the areas of emphasis. To meet their requirements for dependability, safety, and durability, NAMI chose to collaborate with PMT. 

PMT is the acknowledged leader in the design and manufacture of racing tires. Standard nylon stock tires commonly found on high-performance scooters produce an unsettling amount of excess wheel spin as they struggle to bite and grip the ground, especially when the pedal is pressed to the floor. 

It can feel as if you’re accelerating on ice due to the inability of these tires to maintain traction. The PMT tires, on the other hand, have exceptional traction. Controlled wheel spin and tires that feel glued to the ground propel you forward with a sense of complete command.

Similarly, the rounded front-on profile of the PMT tires makes the Burn-E 2 more agile and effective at making sharp turns at high speeds. Something that models with standard nylon tires cannot achieve. This is further enhanced by astounding braking performance, the results of which stunned us.

The size of the tires is another important but often overlooked aspect of the tires. With dimensions of 11 inches in height and 3.5 inches in width, they are considerably larger than other scooters with comparable top speeds to the Burn-E 2. The vast majority of scooters that are capable of 45 mph utilize 10 x 2.5-inch tires. 

nami burn e2 tires

With the increased tire profile, no other scooter in this speed class comes close to matching the Burn-E 2’s level of control and stability.

Build Quality

In addition to using a smaller battery, the Burn-E saves money by utilizing generic battery cells. Long-term, generic cells will likely lose 5% more charging capacity over the course of 500 charges, but that still equates to about 25,000 miles, which is a significant distance for a scooter.

The NAMI Burn-E 2 electric scooter now comes with a single 5A charger that will recharge the battery from 0% to 100% in 6 hours. The fan alerts you when it is charging, but if you have to be in the same room, the sound can become annoying. Although the IP rating remains at IP55, the waterproofing has been significantly enhanced, and the fenders are as good as ever.

Now, the motors can be disconnected from the main harness, which is convenient during tire changes. It now has a steering stop that is more resistant to bending, although when installed, the damper acts as the steering stop. Minor enhancements are prevalent. The rotor bolts, deck bolts, and fender bolts have been upgraded with larger heads. 

nami burn tires

Quality of the Ride

NAMI is the Ferrari of the e-scooter industry. The Burn-E 2’s hand-welded frame, carbon fiber stem, adjustable shocks, Logan brakes, and new TUOVTT tires provide the best ride quality of any scooter ever ridden, including the original Burn-E. The shocks allow the rebound damping to be adjusted from bouncy to ultra-smooth. 

The Burn-E electric scooter is the only high-powered scooter with adjustable suspension and a welded tubular frame, which contributes to the excellent handling. The handling out of the box is exceptional. Below 56 kilometers per hour, it is difficult to distinguish the two variants in terms of raw power.

The sine-wave motor controllers provide ultra-smooth throttle control, even in “X” mode, and there are five customizable riding modes if you want to further tame it. The dead space in the throttle is still present on the scooter, but it is still easy to avoid. Anchor your thumb on the housing and move it into the lever by rocking it.

When your thumb is parallel to the housing, the throttle will engage. Anchoring prevents accidental throttle application when a bump is encountered. The width of the handlebars has been increased from 61 and a half centimeters to 69 centimeters, and the Burn-E electric scooter now includes an adjustable steering damper.

The wider and taller handlebars make this the tallest scooter in our database, making it suitable for riders between 5’7″ (1.7m) and well over 2 meters tall. The massive deck is suitable for larger feet and allows you to alter your stance during extended rides.

nami burn range

Can You Ride the NAMI Burn-E 2 in the Rain?

The Burn-E 2 is one of the few available scooters with two water-resistance ratings, IP55 and IP67. With an overall IP55 rating, both ingress protection and protection against low-pressure water jets from any direction are provided.

The IP67 rating, which has been applied to the electric scooter’s display, connectors, and controllers, is the highest and most comprehensive rating for water resistance. It provides protection against prolonged immersion in water.


The NAMI Burn-E 2 is one of the most powerful electric scooters on the market today. It is reliable, durable, and packed with features that make it a great choice for commuters, recreational riders, and anyone looking for a reliable ride. 

Thanks to its adjustable suspension and handlebars, powerful motor, and excellent build quality, the NAMI Burn-E 2 electric scooter is a great choice for riders of all sizes and skill levels.


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