Levy Scooter — Speed, Battery Power, and More

Levy scooters have become a popular way of getting around in the last few years. They offer convenience and a great alternative to cars that can help reduce traffic congestion and air pollution. Whether you’re looking for a green option for transportation or just want to have some fun cruising around town, a Levy scooter might be just the thing for you. 

In this review, we’ll take a look at the specs, features, and performance of these electric scooters to help you decide if Levy scooters are the right option for you.


The Levy has an extremely responsive accelerator with no discernible lag. In zero-start mode, when the accelerator is depressed, the scooter immediately comes to life and offers brisk acceleration. It can reach 24 kilometers per hour in 6.1 seconds. Just a hair faster than the most popular Xiaomi M365 (6.3 seconds).

This superior acceleration is due to the more powerful 350-watt electric motor and how the controller has been tuned. Even at full throttle and under extreme stress, such as during hill climbing, the engine is surprisingly quiet despite its excellent acceleration.

Hill Climb

The Levy climbs hills as well as any other scooter in its price range and weight category. The Levy scooter completed the 60-meter, 15% grade hill test in 22.1 seconds at an average speed of 10.0 kilometers per hour. Comparatively, the M365 was slightly faster (20.8 seconds at 10.6 km/h).

levy scooter hill climb

Top Speed

The maximum speed of the Levy scooter is 30.6 km/h. This is sufficient for the typical urban commute. Scooters in this price range typically have top speeds between 24 and 31 kilometers per hour.


According to the manufacturer, the Levy scooter has a range of 24 kilometers in Eco mode and up to miles in Sport mode for stop-and-go city riding. The scooter is powered by a 230 wh battery pack composed of Panasonic cells that is easily removable and replaceable. The Levy was the only electric scooter with a removable battery until recently. 

Simply replacing the battery will increase the range to at least 14 kilometers in performance mode.

The Braking System

The brakes were already calibrated and did not require any adjustments. The Levy has a stopping distance of 6.5 meters from 24 km/h to 0 km/h. This scooter is comparable to others in its price range, which typically falls between 5 and 7 meters. The regenerative and disc brakes are controlled by a single brake lever.

A slight depressing of the brake lever activates the regenerative brake. Additionally, pulling further will engage the disc brake. There is a third brake available in case of an emergency or if you prefer to ride with only one foot firmly planted on the scooter. While you do not anticipate using the foot brake during normal operation, you will commend Levy for installing this backup system. 

levy scooter braking

Motor and Battery

The Levy electric scooter is equipped with a 350-watt front-wheel-drive motor. Peak capacity is 700 watts, but riders should be more concerned with nominal power. It provides sufficient torque for 5 to 10% inclines, depending on factors such as rider weight and environmental conditions.

The 36-volt lithium-ion Panasonic e-scooter battery is located in the handlebar stem and is designed for high capacity. The highlight of this battery is that it can be easily swapped out for a longer range per ride. Using the charging port located on the battery’s casing, battery packs can be charged outside of the scooter in two to three hours. The batteries weigh just over 3 pounds, making them backpack-friendly.


The Levy is about as portable as scooters in its price range, weighing 12 kilograms. The only distinguishing characteristic of the Levy is its foldable stem. The folded dimensions are 104 centimeters by 43 centimeters by 43 centimeters, which is comparable to the Xiaomi M365. Because the battery is stored in the stem, the scooter’s balance is not as good as those with a deck battery.

The Levy has a sturdy folding mechanism for its stem. The handlebars and stem of the scooter, when unfolded, do not wobble or flex excessively while riding. Its larger diameter makes it more rigid than other scooters with slender stems. The mechanism for folding consists of a black safety collar and a metal lever. 

To fold, pull the black safety collar to the side and then pull the metal lever downward. The scooter’s handlebar stem is equipped with a hook that engages with the rear fender, securing it in a folded position for easy transport.

levy scooter portability


Textured rubber handlebar grips of average quality. The brake lever feels solid. The braking action is linear, controlled, and smooth. There will be no excessive drag on the brake cable as a result of friction in the housing. The Levy has a thumb throttle made of rubber. Integrated into the throttle housing are power and mode toggle buttons.

The throttle feels very linear and smooth. The throttle controller also includes a cruise control feature that is ideal for long straightaways and is enabled by default.


The Levy is equipped with a single LED headlight and an LED taillight. The headlight is capable of emitting 348 Lux at a distance of 1 meter. This is sufficient for some visibility, but for nighttime cycling, you will want a much brighter light. Always recommended for increased safety is the use of additional lighting.


The Levy has dual pneumatic tubeless tires measuring 21.6 centimeters. Although this type of tire is becoming more prevalent, it is typically found on high-performance scooters. Tubeless tires are more puncture resistant than their tubed counterparts. They should be more easily repairable with slime than pneumatic tube tires in the event of a flat.

With the exception of extreme tire damage, you should not need to remove the tires other than to replace them when they wear out.

levy scooter wheels


The standing area on the deck measures 45.7 centimeters by 14.6 centimeters. This is comparable to scooters of comparable size and cost. The rubberized coating provides excellent traction for standing. The deck’s ground clearance is 10.1 centimeters. The distance from the deck to the handlebars is just under 100.6 centimeters.

The Build Quality

Overall, the construction quality is exceptional. In particular, the robustness of the folding mechanism is due to the stem’s large diameter. The scooter is securely assembled with all pivots and moving parts tight. The ride on the scooter is generally smooth and quiet.

The Levy scooter has an IP rating (water resistance) of IP54, which indicates that it can withstand splashes of water but not submersion. This means you’ll be fine if you get caught in the rain, but submerging the scooter is not permitted.

The Quality of the Ride

It rides exceptionally well for a scooter without suspension. The Levy electric scooter has pneumatic tires, which you will appreciate greatly. So many scooters are now utilizing airless tires. Despite the fact that airless tires have no flats, they make for a rough ride on anything other than perfectly smooth, well-manicured paths.

The air-filled tires on the Levy electric scooter allow me to ride over bricks and cracks in the sidewalk without my teeth falling out of my head. On uneven surfaces, you will still feel vibrations, but it will feel more like standing on a vibrating massage chair than a rock tumbler.

levy scooter quality

In addition, the pull on the Levy is very nice. Upon acceleration, the 700 W peak motor is felt to be pulling very strongly. This is still not going to be a massive hill climber, but it has enough power to climb smaller hills without losing too much speed. The lights are sufficiently bright, but you will certainly not blind anyone. You will be highly visible at night. Nobody will miss out on seeing it.


The Levy electric scooter comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee and a 6-month warranty. The warranty provides complete protection against any manufacturing defects, and riders will receive free replacement parts for up to a year after purchase. Customer service is available via phone and email seven days a week.

Levy also offers scooter rentals in New York City. To initiate this process, you must download the Levy application. The app allows users to locate and reserve nearby scooters, pay for them, and unlock or lock them.

Who Should Buy the Levy Scooter?

The Levy electric scooter is a great option if you want a long range without paying an exorbitant amount of money. The detachable battery is extremely convenient for a variety of reasons, including air travel and charging the battery away from the scooter. Also, having a removable battery means that when it (one day) dies completely, you don’t have to get rid of the whole scooter. Simply change the battery.

wires in a battery

Why is the Levy Scooter's Removable Battery Such a Big Deal?

The Levy electric scooter’s removable battery is without a doubt the most popular component. The display cover pops up and the battery can be removed directly from the top of the waterproof stem enclosure. This provides several substantial benefits. 

First, you can leave your scooter in the garage, bike rack, lobby, or anywhere else while carrying only the battery into your apartment, home, or office for more convenient charging. No need to transport the entire scooter to a charging station. Simply wrap a strong U-lock around the deck and your scooter will be waiting for you when you return.

Additionally, you can travel further by carrying an extra battery. The item weighs only a few pounds, so just throw it in your backpack and forget about it. Then, if the battery is running low, swap it in. No more fear of distance. Having a second battery is therefore a welcome addition.

Lastly, the detachable battery helps prevent e-scooter theft or at least reduces its severity. Typically, the battery is the most valuable component of an electric vehicle. If you still have the battery after an e-bike, e-scooter, or e-anything is stolen, it will be less expensive to replace the vehicle. 

And the vehicle is less likely to be stolen if it is difficult to ride away. That won’t prevent someone from stealing it, but they won’t be able to flee as quickly. No one can run quickly while carrying twenty or so pounds of an electric scooter.

Is Levy Scooter Worth Buying?

The Levy electric scooter is an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable and powerful ride. It is surprisingly fast, offers a great range, and is easy to transport with its folding stem and removable battery. The scooter has a robust build quality and is equipped with features like a triple-redundant braking system and pneumatic tubeless tires. 

The removable battery is a great bonus for those who want to charge away from the scooter or travel further. With its reasonable price tag and excellent performance, the Levy electric scooter is definitely worth considering.


The Levy electric scooter is a great option if you are looking for a scooter that is fast, efficient, and portable. It has a strong motor, detachable battery, and great ride quality. The only real downside is the lack of a suspension system, but that is to be expected from a scooter in this price range. 

All things considered, Levy electric scooters are a solid option for both commuters and recreational riders alike.


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