Kaabo Mantis — Is it Any Good?

The Kaabo Mantis is one of the most popular electric scooters on the market and has been praised by riders for its impressive performance and features. If you’re looking for a reliable and powerful electric scooter, the Kaabo Mantis is a great choice. In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the Kaabo Mantis, including its features, performance, and overall value.


Dual 1000-watt electric motors and a 25-amp controller propelled it to 24 kilometers per hour in 2.5 seconds, 32 kilometers per hour in 3.9 seconds, and 48 kilometers per hour in 7.7 seconds. The motors have tremendous torque. Both wheels can easily spin at full throttle.

The throttle response is a touch sluggish. This refers to the interval between depressing the throttle and feeling the motors activate. The lag on the Mantis is a fraction of a second, but noticeable when compared to other high-end scooters.

Hill Climb

The Mantis is capable of climbing 30-degree inclines. Comparable to the Mantis Pro and Pro SE, this is one of the best hill climbers in its price range. Perhaps the only significant difference between the Mantis and the Mantis Pro and SE is that, due to the Mantis inferior battery, steeper hills drain your battery faster.

kaabo mantis hill climb


The Mantis, like the Mantis Pro and Pro SE, features a dual spring swingarm suspension. While these springs are adjustable, their stock tension provides some of the best shock absorption and allows them to handle both on- and off-road terrain with ease. These are supported by 10 x 2.5-inch pneumatic tires. 

These are flexible and absorb effectively the vibrations and impacts of uneven surfaces because they are air-filled.

The Braking System

The Mantis is equipped with a set of nifty, cable-operated, semi-hydraulic disc brakes, which offer excellent stopping ability. In comparison to other scooters with hydraulic braking systems, the Mantis has an average stopping distance of 3,4 meters at 15 mph. In addition, the hydraulic braking system belies its low cost.

Despite this, the Mantis brakes fall short of the exceptional capabilities of their larger siblings. Both have complete hydraulic brakes. The Mantis Pro (and Pro SE) have superior stopping power to the Mantis, with a stopping distance of only 3.0 meters from 15 mph. 

Given that the Pro SE is only $250 more expensive than the Mantis, the additional stopping power it provides makes it a worthy contender for the additional cost. The Mantis Pro and Pro SE are also equipped with an effective anti-lock braking system (ABS). The additional safety provided by this technology, which prevents your wheels from locking up and skidding when you brake, makes the upgrade worthwhile.

mantis braking

However, not everyone should have an ABS. Specifically because its activation causes a trembling sensation throughout the scooter. The Mantis also features a regenerative braking system that extends the battery life of your scooter and improves its stopping power. 

Additionally, it is simple to adjust the strength of the signal via the QS-S4 display’s user interface. Each of the five available settings provides a stronger electrical braking force.

Charging Time

The Mantis 60V 17.5Ah FST battery has one advantage, despite being comprised of cheaper Chinese cells and being less durable than its LG counterparts on the Pro and Pro SE. Specifically, its shorter charge time of between 10 and 12 hours is a three- to four-hour improvement over the Mantis Pro’s 13 to 16-hour charging duration.

Still better, a 60V fast charger reduces this waiting time by up to fifty percent, allowing you to return to the road in no time.


Even when folded, the Kaabo Mantis is heavy and imposing in size. However, the stem’s locking mechanism makes it highly maneuverable for occasional lifting. The Mantis weighs 29 kilograms and has 61-centimeter handlebars that are uncomfortably wide for transporting onto a crowded commuter train during rush hour.

kaabo mantis portability

Even when folded, the Mantis measures 122 by 61 by 48 centimeters, which is approximately 15 centimeters longer and 15 centimeters wider than the average 12 kg budget scooter. Nevertheless, the Mantis has two noteworthy portability features: a high-quality folding mechanism and a locking stem. 

The mechanism for folding the stem is simple to operate and rock-solid once locked in place. The mechanism for folding the Kaabo’s stem is rock solid. The clamping mechanism is equipped with two opposing quick-releases that are easy to use and do not necessitate annoying adjustments. 

Once the stem is secured, there is no wobble and no bending or creaking when the handlebars are pushed. Finally, once folded, the folding stem locks into place. The handlebars have a latch that secures them to the rear fender when the scooter is folded, allowing it to be carried by the stem. 

This makes the Mantis portable enough to be thrown into the trunk of a car or carried up a short flight of stairs.


The Mantis’s comfortable handlebars are made from the same durable aluminum alloy blend as the stem. However, with a width of 24 inches and the inability to fold, the scooter requires a considerable amount of storage space. Regardless of whether you’re cruising at 15 mph or reaching the top speed limit of 40 mph, their solid construction and wide profile instill confidence and allow for greater control over the steering column, regardless of their size. Thanks to the robust stem locking mechanism, the handlebars are also largely unaffected by stem wobble.

kaabo mantis handlebars


There is no visual distinction between the Mantis and the Mantis Pro. The Mantis aims directly for the hearts of the majority of scooter enthusiasts with its matte black color scheme. Red accents are used to highlight the treads of the tires and the suspension springs.

While the frame’s design does not contribute anything new to the aesthetics of the performance world, it will also not alienate anyone. The similarly priced VSETT 9+R may have polarized some riders with its bold aquamarine color palette, but at least it exceeded expectations.


Along the length of the deck’s sides is a strip of white LED mood lighting, which is likely to be the first thing anyone observing it will notice. The deck also incorporates sets of front and rear button lights. They illuminate the Mantis deck from below, similar to stage lighting in a theater, though they don’t contribute much to its visibility.

The platform of the EMOVE Cruiser is covered in anti-slip rubber that is easy to clean and more grippy than other scooters that use only a few strips of grip tape. Intriguingly, the matting can be peeled up at the edges, which is not the case with all scooters. While it appeared that this would be a distraction while riding, it remained firmly in place, and it’s fortunate that you can remove it. 

It has been designed to allow you to unscrew and remove the battery for servicing. The kickplate located at the rear of the deck is another great feature of the board. This reinforced metal platform is ideal for placing your rear foot while riding. It aids in maintaining stability and increasing traction when reaching top speeds and braking on a scooter.

kaabo mantis deck


The deck side LEDs on the Mantis will make you more visible to motorists at night. The deck’s side lights are white, not blue. The Mantis is equipped with LED side deck lights, front button lights, and red rear button lights. None of the lights are exceptionally bright, nor are they mounted at a height. For nighttime riding, you’ll need more lighting to improve your visibility.


The Mantis is equipped with two large pneumatic tires measuring 10 x 2.5 inches each. Together with the front and rear dual swingarm suspension, these air-filled, rather than solid, tires provide a stable, comfortable ride by absorbing much of the impact from the terrain underfoot.

They also allow the Mantis to traverse forest paths and dirt trails, as well as the well-paved surfaces of the city, in comfort. Possibly the only complaint is that Kaabo does not currently offer a set of interchangeable off-road tires for the Mantis. 

This means that it is ultimately less suitable for off-roading than scooters designed specifically for this purpose, or models that offer an additional set of off-road tires, such as the Mantis Pro or the Wolf Warrior for extreme off-roading.

The Build Quality

Kaabo has constructed the Mantis using many of the same materials as the popular Wolf Warrior and Wolf King. The Mantis frame is composed of a durable aviation-grade aluminum alloy, with reinforced plastic used for consumables such as the rear fender.

kaabo mantis quality

The Mantis has been subjected to rigorous testing to ensure that it can withstand the rigors of everyday use. The primary concern is that the Mantis, like the Pro and Pro SE, lacks a water resistance rating. This places the Mantis behind some similarly-priced rivals, such as the Apollo Ghost and the VSETT 9+R, which both boast IP54 ratings.

It is also important to note that the rear bumper is a bit too short. This won’t be an issue on dry, sunny days, but it will become a problem when riding through wet and muddy terrain. At the conclusion of your ride, your back will be splattered with mud and water. Thus, it is important to pay attention to the riding conditions.

The Quality of the Ride

Dual spring shocks provide the Mantis with one of the best tested suspensions ever. The scooter has outstanding suspension and a stable, agile feel. It performs well on nearly every terrain. The turns on The Mantis are thrilling. Due to the rounded profile of the 25.4-centimeter by 6.4-centimeter pneumatic tires, the contact patch between the tire and road remains constant as the vehicle leans into a curve. 

This makes the Mantis very agile and quick to maneuver. This scooter is significantly easier to control than other large-tire scooters with vague steering input. The dual spring suspension provides a firm ride on smooth roads while being soft enough to absorb rough terrain or potholes with ease. It is not only highly functional, but also completely silent. Overall, this suspension system ranks among the best ever examined.

Can You Ride Kaabo Mantis in the Rain?

The Kaabo Mantis is not waterproof and should not be used in wet or rainy conditions. While the Mantis is built with durable aluminum alloy and reinforced plastic, it does not have a water resistance rating and is not designed for riding in the rain. 

The lack of a waterproof rating also means that the Mantis’s electrical components may be compromised if exposed to water, resulting in potential damage to the scooter. For these reasons, it is not recommended to ride the Kaabo Mantis in the rain.

How Does Warranty Work for Kaabo Mantis?

The Mantis comes with a 6-month limited warranty provided by the scooter’s primary distributor, FluidFreeRide. FluidFreeRide guarantees to cover labor expenses and any problems with your Mantis. Assuming they are the result of manufacturing defects and not your own carelessness.

However, the FluidFreeRide warranty contains a fair amount of fine print. For example, “wear and tear” and any damage resulting from a collision or accident are not covered. Your Mantis’ “consumables” (tubes, tires, brake pads, etc.) are not covered by the warranty. Therefore, you’ll need to be financially prepared to replace these components.

Environmental damage will also not be covered by this warranty policy. This includes ultraviolet exposure, sea salt abrasion, and, most significantly, water damage. Remember that the Mantis lacks a water-resistance rating, so it is essential to store this scooter indoors when it is raining. 

Likewise, you will need to provide your Mantis with regular maintenance and care. Its warranty will be voided if it is overloaded, abused, or if misguided attempts are made to modify its programming. Regardless of these restrictions, FluidFreeRide’s warranty is reasonable.


The Kaabo Mantis is a great electric scooter for those who are looking for a reliable and powerful ride. It has a maximum speed of 40 mph, a dual-spring suspension system for a comfortable ride, a powerful motor, and a long-lasting battery. The Mantis also has a sturdy frame, an LED light system, and an anti-slip deck. It’s also relatively portable and comes with a 6-month limited warranty. 

All of these features make the Kaabo Mantis an excellent value for the money and a great choice for those looking for a dependable and powerful electric scooter.


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