Kaabo Mantis 8 Pro — Top Speed, Range, and More

The Kaabo Mantis 8 Pro is the latest electric scooter from Kaabo, a trusted name in electric vehicles. This model is designed to provide a comfortable and stylish ride for commuters, adventurers, and families alike. Its combination of power, speed, and range makes it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient way to get around. 

This review will discuss the features and capabilities of the Kaabo Mantis 8 Pro and provide an overview of its performance.


With maximum settings and a finger’s worth of throttle, the Mantis 8 Pro has arm-pulling acceleration — without the mud-splattering front wheel spin of other performance scooters. As a zero-start device, the 8 Pro is as fast as possible while remaining approachable.

It is also slightly faster than its larger sibling, the Kaabo Mantis (10), from 0 to 56 km/h, reaching top speed in just 11.9 seconds.

Top Speed

The Mantis 8 Pro is relatively fast. It has a top speed of 57.8 kilometers per hour, 14 kilometers per hour faster than the Mantis 8. This is more than fast enough to keep up with traffic and merge if necessary, as well as compete with other high-performance scooters on the road.

mantis 8 top speed


The Mantis 8 Pro has approximately the same range as the Mantis 8, with a tested range of 44.4 kilometers. Consider that conservatism in driving and tuning will likely increase your range.

Hill Climb

Due to its pair of 800W motors, the Mantis 8 Pro can ascend a slope of up to 30 degrees. This impressive output is comparable to several of the 8 Pro’s fellow Manti models and surpasses comparable models such as the Apollo Ghost, which is matched at 25-degree slopes.

If you want to race up hills faster than the Mantis 8 Pro, the Wolf Warrior X and the VSETT 10+ are both excellent options. Both of these models are equipped with motors and torque to conquer slopes of up to 35 degrees, so they can handle almost anything you can throw at them.


The Mantis 8 Pro employs a straightforward suspension design. Its front and rear springs, along with its swingarms, feature a classic design that is engineered to be effective in both urban and off-road environments. Though the 8 Pro has not been designed specifically for challenging off-road courses, the Wolf Warrior X is a better option for challenging terrain at a comparable price. 

It features interchangeable off-road tires and a dual stem hydraulic suspension of superior quality. On unpaved roads and forest trails, it still offers adequate shock absorption. Obviously, this is aided by the pair of 8-inch pneumatic tires, which cushion your wrists and ankles against the jarring effects of less predictable terrain.

the suspension

Ultimately, the shock absorption package of the Mantis 8 Pro is effective. It is comparable to what is found on the Apollo Ghost and other Manti models. For the best suspension and ride quality in the 8 Pro’s class, however, you have a couple of options. For starters, there is the VSETT 10+’s magnificent combination of an adjustable front spring and rear hydraulic coil-over shocks. 

Alternatively, there is the aforementioned Wolf Warrior X, which, by emulating the hefty hydraulic setup of its older sibling, the original 11+, offers the most durable and dynamic suspension available.

The Braking System

The pair of brake levers activate the front and rear Zoom hydraulic disc brakes. These perform admirably and guarantee a safe and secure stop in just 3.4 meters from a speed of 15 mph. Additionally, the 8 Pro is equipped with an anti-lock braking system. This cool additional feature, which can be deactivated via the EY3 display, prevents your scooter’s brakes from seizing up. 

In the end, this prevents you from skidding and spinning out during aggressive braking, and it goes a long way toward preventing injuries.

Charging Time

The Mantis 8 Pro requires twelve hours to fully charge. However, this only applies if you use the included standard charger. If you choose to upgrade to a fast charger, you can be back on the road within six hours. The relatively long charging time is exacerbated by the device’s single charging port.

charging time mantis 8

In contrast, scooters with comparable specifications, such as the dual-port-equipped Apollo Ghost, can charge more quickly.


The Kaabo Mantis 8 Pro is relatively portable for a dual motor scooter weighing 27 kilograms, with folded dimensions of 114 by 61 by 48 centimeters. As with most extreme performance scooters, the handlebars do not fold, but as with the Manti family, the stem clips to the deck when folded for easier transport. 

The simplicity and weight savings of non-folding handlebars outweigh the ergonomic benefit and cleaner cockpit of folding handlebars.


The handlebars have a wide, comfortable profile that will accommodate riders of varying heights, sizes, and shapes. This is not a problem, as the majority of performance scooters lack this feature. The MiniMotors EY3 display is mounted on the handlebars and serves as both a finger throttle and display screen.

Here, you can get a quick overview of your riding mode, speed, traveled distance, and remaining battery life – but more on this in the ‘Extra Features’ section. The handlebars also feature a series of tactile buttons for controlling the lights, turn signals, and switching between single and dual motor operation.

mantis 8 handlebars

Despite being 2 inches shorter than the Mantis Pro and Pro SE, the handlebars inspire riding confidence. If Kaabo upgraded the grips to have a rubber profile that accounts for space to rest your palm, that would be the only area for improvement. Instead, Kaabo equipped the Manti 8 Pro with the same rounded foam grips as the rest of the Manti series.


Consistent with both its predecessor (the original Mantis 8) and the other Manti models, the 8 Pro exudes a minimalistic appearance and feel. Unusually for a high-performance electric scooter, the 8 Pro is almost entirely black, with a few red accents on its springs and handlebars.

Ultimately, the 8 Pro’s design is rather conservative. It won’t alienate anyone, but it won’t ignite the passions of many riders, either. Fortunately, the Mantis Pro SE may be a better fit for you if you’re the type of scooter enthusiast who desires a little more passion and flair. It shares the robust design of the 8 Pro but adds regal gold accents to the handlebars and swingarms.


While the undercarriage lighting or button LEDs may be the first thing you notice about the Mantis 8 Pro’s deck, I’m most excited about the matting. Similar to the original Mantis Pro, anti-slip rubber is applied to the 8 Pro’s deck. This material is an excellent illustration of the 8 Pro’s build quality, as it provides more traction than grip tape and is much easier to clean. 

Obviously, some riders may find fault with the 8 Pro’s deck covering’s edges, which, because they aren’t glued down, can flap up while riding. Fortunately, this is not a significant problem. Considering how simple it is to remove the 8 Pro’s battery when it’s time for repair or replacement, this design quirk can actually be viewed as a benefit.

the deck

The kickplate is another component of the 8 Pro’s deck that contributes to the model’s superior construction. This is a small raised platform at the back of the deck that, when your back foot is placed against it, allows you to lean into the ride for increased traction and comfort.


Even though the Mantis 8 Pro comes standard with white front deck lights, orange rear deck lights, and white LED under-deck or swag lighting, it does not provide sufficient illumination for safe navigation. In fact, you will not be able to see potholes or other obstacles until you are practically on top of them due to the poor lighting.

Turn signals are a nice addition but don’t work quite as expected. Unfortunately, there are no indicators in the cockpit letting you know if your headlights or turn signals are on (or if you’re in dual motor mode), so you’ll have to look down at the deck (and rev the throttle) to determine whether or not they are on.

Another disadvantage of the turn signal configuration is that the brake lights are also used as turn signals, so when they are on, there are no brake lights. The turn signals are still a benefit, but using them means drivers or riders behind and in front of you may not be able to tell the difference between turning and braking.

In order to ride a scooter at night, you can install additional lights, such as a high-mounted headlight for enhanced visibility and a light that attaches to the back of your helmet or backpack.

the light


The 8 Pro is distinguished by its 20.3 cm-diameter, 8-centimeter-wide tires, which are approximately 1.3 to 3 centimeters wider than the tires on other high-performance scooters with 25 cm-diameter tires. The 8 Pro’s tubeless pneumatic tires have a great profile, are designed for the road, and are fun to ride over ruts, but do not provide as much damping over large bumps as 25 cm tires.

The Build Quality

The construction quality of the Kaabo Mantis 8 Pro is quite exceptional. It has an all-black, stealthy appeal that flies under the radar, as it doesn’t necessarily look like a scooter that hits 56 km/h speeds. However, many Manti owners have customized their vehicles to produce awesome, often colorful, and striking results.

Kaabo elevated the Manti to new heights (and speeds) by reinforcing the stem, which in previous models could be brittle or unstable. With stronger and more welds along with durable, heavyweight components, the Mantis 8 Pro feels like a confident riding machine built for everyday travel.

With such a sturdy construction, you will enjoy a quiet and comfortable ride, and the hydraulic brakes will reduce your stopping effort. The dual spring suspension is very firm and offers excellent damping for riders weighing up to 120 kilograms. As with all Manti scooters, the 8 Pro has a single charging port with a GX16-3P connector located in the front left corner of the deck. 

The kickstand is on the same side, and keeps the Mantis upright. The Mantis 8 Pro, like all other Manti, lacks an IP rating. Therefore, riding in the rain is not recommended. If you decide to do so, you risk invalidating your warranty.

mantis 8 built

The Quality of the Ride

Regarding ride quality, there is much to appreciate and little to criticize. The Mantis 8 Pro is roughly 3 kg heavier than the Mantis 8 base (based on ESG-measured scooter weights), but it feels just as fun and playful as the base because both are designed for confidently jumping over speed bumps.

The dual suspension is one of the best spring-based suspensions ever ridden, allowing you to easily navigate corners and accelerate with comfort. In addition to wider-than-usual pneumatic tires, the 8 Pro features excellent damping for a relatively silent ride.

The stem is rock solid with no wiggle, and the handlebar shape provides wrist comfort with just the right amount of pullback. The rounded hand grips, which are the Mantis standard, can easily be upgraded. Keep in mind that the combination of EY3 throttle and Zoom hydraulic brakes always results in a slightly uncomfortable distance between the throttle and braking fingers. 

This is true of all scooters that use this extremely common combination of throttle and brake. In comparison, the vertical distance between the QS-S4 throttle and brake lever on the Mantis 8 is only 1.35 centimeters, whereas it is 4.45 centimeters between the EY3 throttle and Zoom brake lever. 

It may not be an issue for most, but if you prefer to always cover your brakes for safety, the reach will be slightly longer.

quality mantis 8

What is the Difference Between Kaabo Mantis 8 and 8 Pro?

The Mantis 8 Pro has all the popular features of the Mantis 8, but with a motor’s worth of additional power for only 6 pounds more weight. The Mantis 8 Pro is considerably more powerful than the Mantis 8, accelerating from 0 to 15 mph in half the time of the Mantis 8. It requires a bit of experience to operate.


The Kaabo Mantis 8 Pro is a great electric scooter for commuters and adventurers alike. It has plenty of power and speed, a long-range, and a comfortable ride. Its construction is solid, its performance is promising, and its aesthetics are attractive. All in all, the Mantis 8 Pro is a great scooter for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient way to get around.


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