How to Slow Down on a Skateboard

When you’re skating fast, it can be difficult to keep your balance and control your speed. To maintain a slow pace, you need to stop and think about where you are going and how to get there. Keep reading for some helpful tips on how to slow down on a skateboard.

How to Slow Down on a Skateboard?

If you’re skating fast and find it difficult to keep your balance or control your speed, you can slow down by following these tips: 

  • Skate in Short Bursts. When you skate in short bursts, it’s easier to control your speed. You can start and stop more easily, and you’re less likely to lose your balance.
  • Use Your Brakes. If you have brakes on your skateboard, use them! Apply pressure to slow down gradually.
  • Skate in a Lower Gear. If you’re using a motorized skateboard, switch to a lower gear to slow down. You can also try skating downhill if there’s a hill nearby [1].
boy riding a skateboard
  • Practice Stopping. One of the best ways to slow down on a skateboard is to practice stopping. Get comfortable with using your brakes and coming to a complete stop. Then you can stop more easily when you need to.
  • Be Aware of Your Surroundings. When you’re skating, pay attention to what’s around you. If you see something ahead that you don’t want to hit, slow down in plenty of time.
  • Skate With Someone Else. Skating with a friend can help you stay safe and have more fun. They can also help you keep your speed under control.

Why Does My Skateboard Slow Down so Fast?

If your skateboard slows down quickly, it could be because of the following: 

  • Friction From the Wheels. The more friction there is, the more quickly your skateboard will slow down. You can reduce friction by lubricating your bearings and keeping your wheels clean.
  • Your Weight. Heavier riders will cause their skateboards to slow down more quickly than lighter riders.
  • The Terrain. If you’re skating on rough terrain, it will take more effort to keep your speed up. Smooth surfaces are easier to skate on and will help you maintain your speed.
  • Wind Resistance. If there’s a strong wind,  it can make it more difficult to keep your skateboard moving forward.
  • The Type of Skateboard You Have. Some skateboards are designed for speed and others are designed for cruising. If you want to go fast, make sure you have a skateboard that’s designed for speed.

How Do You Stop a Longboard?

If you need to stop quickly on a longboard, you can do the following: 

  • Use Your Footbrake. Use the footbrake if your longboard has one. Gently slow down, apply pressure to the brake.
  • Do an Emergency Stop. If you need to stop quickly, you can do an emergency stop. To do this, put your back foot down on the ground and use your weight to slow the board.
person riding RADLEY MT-V3S Electric Skateboard
  • Get off the Board. If you need to stop quickly and there’s no time to brake, you can get off the board. This is usually done by jumping off or turning the board over.
  • Use a Barrier. If you’re coming up to a wall or fence, you can use it to stop your longboard. Put your front foot down and lean into the barrier to slow down.
  • Practice Stopping. The greatest method to learn how to stop fast on a longboard is to practice. Make sure you know how to use your foot brake and emergency stop. You’ll be able to stop more readily if you need to.

What is the Best Way to Slow Down on a Skateboard?

Stopping is the most effective technique to slow down on a skateboard. Get used to applying the brakes and coming to a complete stop. You’ll be able to stop more readily if you need to. To assist you keep your speed under control, consider skating in a lower gear or on a smoother surface.


On a skateboard, there are a few different methods to slow down. You may practice stopping by using your brakes, skating in a lower gear, or using your brakes. The easiest method to slow down is to be aware of your surroundings and to practice stopping so that you can do it more quickly when necessary.


Lucas Travis
Lucas Travis
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