How to Make Your Electric Scooter Faster? — A Guide to Bolster Your Ride’s Speed (2024)

An electric scooter comes with a max top speed set by the manufacturer and some even have a speed limiter, but most of us want to get to our destination as quickly as possible. To help you decrease the time it takes to get around, our team will teach you how to make electric scooter faster.

How to Make Electric Scooter Faster

Increasing the pace of an electric scooter is more than altering the internal components and removing the speed limiter, it also entails an overhaul on the entire design to make it more ergonomic and aerodynamic. Our experts say it’s also safer to increase the size of the deck and to even add a seat so you can keep your balance if you want to make the electric scooter go faster.

There are many different methods you can try to make it go faster, and our team will dive into them in a bit. But first, let’s start by identifying the advantages to making an electric scooter go faster.

Advantages of Increasing the Speed of Electric Scooter

Other than saving precious time, what are some other advantages to making an electric scooter go faster? Most of us use electric scooters for shorter distances and to run small errands. It’s unlikely that you will use your ride for commuting purposes unless your workplace is very close to home.

Wouldn’t it be great if your electric scooter could become your main transportation tool? Instead of having to drive your car, find parking, pay for parking and increase your carbon footprint, an electric scooter like Segway ES2 could replace your current mode of transport. Most electric scooters can reach a maximum of anywhere between 5-20 mph, but wouldn’t it be better if you are able to change the maximum speed?

Swagtron Swagger 5 Elite Electric Scooter

That way, you can save on parking, hop on public transit if needed, and help the environment. Not to mention, an electric scooter also takes less effort to ride around as the motor will do most of the work for you. But before we set ambitious goals for these transportation tools, we must first learn how to make electric scooter faster.   

Methods to Speed Up Your Electric Scooter

In this section, our team will teach you how to make your electric scooter including top speed Razor E325 and E300 faster without sacrificing your safety. 

Remove Speed Limiter

The first and most important thing to do is to remove the speed limiter. This device serves as a controller for your scooter to make sure the speeds don’t exceed the battery capacity so it isn’t overpowered. The limiter is also what prevents you from reaching the top speed of your dreams, which is why we must first remove it.

Our experts will caution that it may be against regulations where you live to remove the speed limiter, which is another reason why they exist in the first place. Removing them shouldn’t be too difficult, but it also depends on the electric scooter model.

Some will allow you to remove the speed limiter from the display on the handlebars. In doing so, you will need to manually alter the scooter’s software, which could take more time for the inexperienced. However, knowing that this limiter is keeping the motor from reaching its full potential may be enough of a push to get most riders to bypass the system.

Scooter Speed Limiter removal

There is another way to keep the speed limiter on and to still increase the speed at the same time. You need to trick the limiter into thinking you’re traveling at a slower speed when in fact, you are not. To do this, you need to alter the magnets for the sensors. The sensors are what notifies the speed limiter of how fast you are going. 

Our experts say to keep in mind that the speed for the scooter can go as fast as the motor will allow, which could put your safety at risk, so proceed with caution. 

Increase Battery Power

Your default battery from the manufacturer will most likely be less impressive than the battery you can find on the market. A general rule of thumb for how fast electric scooters can go hinges on the motor and the battery. To reach a high pace, you need both of these components to work together and be relatively restrictionless.

To increase the power of the batteries, the easiest move is to replace them with more powerful ones. You will most likely see 24 volt batteries on your electric scooter, so just replace them with ones that have a higher voltage, like the 48 volts. In theory, a stronger battery voltage will bring more power to your scooter.

Scooter battery

It may sound simple, but the actual replacement process is quite complicated, so you would want to put in enough research before attempting it. The controller mechanism is another component to be aware of when switching out the battery. It is what dictates how much power from the battery goes to the motor.  

To avoid a larger voltage battery burning out the controller, you can either get rid of it and connect the battery directly to the motor, or you can configure the controller to allow a larger voltage to pass.

Increasing the maximum speed of your scooter isn’t easy especially when you are using top electric scooters for heavy adults, and this is another method that if done wrong can destroy your entire vehicle. So again, our experts advise you to take the necessary steps to ensure things are done correctly.

Add One or Two Extra Batteries

Your next option is to add one or two extra batteries to the scooter. As you may have noticed, maintaining top speeds is difficult and your scooter will only hold for as long as the battery can sustain the high speed. If you add an extra battery or two, you keep at the newly acquired speeds for longer.

scooter battery

This option is not only easier than switching out the battery to a more powerful one, but it’s also safer. You won’t run the risk of destroying the entire system. Most scooters can accommodate an extra battery, but if you plan on adding a third, which will give even more power to your scooter, then you might need to purchase an extra port. 

While adding a battery might seem very enticing, there is a drawback to this method. Adding the batteries can increase the overall heaviness of the scooter. As you know, weight is a factor that can slow down the top speeds. Even your bodyweight can quicken or slow down the scooter. How much you carry with you will also determine the speeds you can reach that day.

Our team has one more trick up their sleeves that will help increase the power but hopefully not add too much weight. Instead of adding a third battery, you can just add a second one that has a bigger charge reserve for a longer battery life. Just pay attention to the compatibility the battery has with your electric scooters.

Replace Sprockets

Another method to increase the speed of your scooter is to replace the sprockets. Sprockets are seen on a bike as well, and they have a big role to play in the miles per hour you get at top speed, so making them more efficient is the next item to keep in mind.

Scooter sprocket

What you will find on your scooter are pretty evenly-sized sprockets on the front and rear tires. To make your sprockets more efficient and to provide a higher miles per hour for your scooter, modify the scooter by placing the shorter and smaller sprockets in the back and the larger longer ones in the front. 

This is a hands-on method that won’t require the upgrading of firmware and rewiring of your scooter. However, to manually replace and switch out the sprockets to get faster speeds might require some minimal research on your part to know how to do it safely.

Rewind Motor

Another way to increase speed and add miles per hour is to rewind the motor. What does that mean exactly? This actually refers to the coils within the motor rather than the motor itself. 

You will need to manually go in and rewind the coils. When you do that, it decreases the winds the coils create and reduce overheating. In doing so, you will also limit the torque. If you want more torque, you will need to do the opposite and increase the revolutions of each coil.

Rewinding the motor is a popular way to reach higher speeds, but you may want to hire a professional to do it for you as this is an intricate task. If it’s not done correctly, you might risk damaging your entire scooter. 

Electric Scooter Motor

Another way is to upgrade the motor altogether. However, much like with replacing batteries to reach faster speeds, you need to make sure the more powerful motor you are getting is compatible with everything else.

Important Reminders

All of the steps you take to increase the speed of your electric scooters come with risks. In this section, our experts have organized all the things to be aware of to make sure you stay safe and don’t ruin your scooter.

A speed limiter is essentially what keeps you safe and within regulated speeds for your scooter model. Once you remove that, your safety is in your own hands. A faster speed for your scooters also means your battery drains much quicker. Our team also advises to wear all the necessary safety equipment once you enhance the speed.

You would want to invest in a proper helmet, the right shoes and maybe even elbow and knee pads if you are going at very fast speeds. 

Don’t attempt to tinker with the software and motor without taking the time to understand the scooter model you have and doing the right research. The time you take to learn about the scooters can be the difference between success and failure.

Swagtron Swagger 5 Elite Electric Scooter closeup

When adding new components to your scooter, make sure you are picking the right size and the right model. Keep in mind that the weight [1] will make a big difference when you’re trying to get to a faster speed. Not only will weighing down your scooter drain battery power, it will also make them slower, which might result in more time getting around. 

When you find something confusing or difficult to carry out, our team suggests going to an expert. These professionals will be able to help you alter your scooters and make sure they don’t damage in the process.

Sometimes your attempt to keep safe will increase the weight of the scooter. Like we mentioned before, it’s more secure to add a seat if possible to the scooter, to give you more control and a better balance. It’s important not to compromise your well-being for a speedier scooter, which brings us to our final point.

fat-tire electric scooter

One last reminder from our experts is to acknowledge that these changes are all done at your own accord, which can compromise your welfare. Many people forget to stay safe and find themselves in unfortunate situations. This is why our team stresses to still focus on the security aspect and not only how quickly you can go.

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How do I change the speed on my e scooter?

You can change the speed on your e scooter by removing the speed limiter, adding more batteries or one with a higher charge capacity, rewinding or upgrading the motor, and changing the sprockets to get a faster speed. You may find one method more effective than another, so focus on your scooter model and what works best for it.


If you like higher speeds and are not satisfied with the default limit scooters provide, then you will find all the above methods our team suggested to be useful tips. However, our team will always remind you to still keep security and protection in mind by not attempting to adjust the pace without proper research or the help of a professional. 

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