How to Make a Skateboard

Making your own skateboard is a great DIY project for anyone who enjoys crafts and wants to try their hand at something new. It’s also a great way to save money if you’re looking to get your hands on some raw materials. Keep reading for more information about how to make a skateboard and all of the supplies you will need in order to do so successfully.

How to Make a Skateboard?

Below are the instructions on how to make your own skateboard.

  • Cut the Plywood to Size. You will need to cut the plywood into two pieces that are 29” long and 7.5” wide. If you don’t have a saw, you can ask the hardware store to make the cuts for you.
  • Sand the Edges of the Plywood. Take your sandpaper and smooth out any rough edges on the plywood. This will help to prevent you from getting splinters when you’re riding your skateboard.
  • Glue the two Pieces of Plywood Together. Apply a generous amount of wood glue to one side of each piece of plywood. Place the two pieces of plywood together, lining up the edges as best as you can. Use the clamps to hold the two pieces of plywood together while the glue dries. 
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  • Drill Holes for the Trucks. Once the glue has dried, you will need to drill four holes in the plywood [1] for the trucks. Two of the holes should be drilled at an angle, while the other two should be drilled perpendicular to the first two. The holes should be 7.5” apart.
  • Attach the Trucks. Screw the trucks into the holes that you just drilled. Make sure that the trucks are tight so that they don’t come loose while you’re skating.
  • Attach the Wheels. Screw the wheels on the trucks. You may need to use a wrench to tighten them.
  • Apply Paint or Grip Tape. This is entirely up to you and is mostly for aesthetic purposes. You can either apply paint or grip tape to the top of the skateboard. If you choose to paint it, make sure that you use non-toxic paint so that it won’t be harmful if you happen to ingest any of it while skating.

What Are the Materials You Need to Make a Skateboard?

Below are what you’ll need in order to make a skateboard.

  • 1/2” Birch plywood (4’x8’)
  • Skateboard trucks (2)
  • Skateboard wheels (4)
  • 450 Grit sandpaper
  • Wood glue 
  • Clamps (4)
  • Paint or grip tape
  • Ruler or a measuring tape

Can You Use Plywood to Make a Skateboard?

Plywood is a great material to use for skateboards because it is sturdy and durable. It is also relatively inexpensive, which makes it a good option if you are on a budget. You will need to make sure that you get the right kind of plywood, however.

What Material is Best for Making a Skateboard?

Birch plywood is the best type to use because it is strong and resistant to warping. You can also use maple plywood, but it is more expensive.


Making your own skateboard is a great way to save money and get creative. With the help of this guide, you’ll be skating in no time.


Lucas Travis
Lucas Travis
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