How to Hold a Skateboard

There’s a lot more to skateboarding than just grabbing a skateboard and going. You need to know how to hold the board so you can stay balanced and control your movements when riding it. 

If you’re new to skateboarding, chances are you’re not used to holding the board yet. If you’ve been skateboarding for a while, it might be time for an upgrade in your skateboard-handling skills. Check out these tips on how to hold a skateboard so that you can ride it confidently and improve your skating technique at the same time.

How to Hold a Skateboard?

There are a few things to keep in mind when learning how to hold a skateboard. The first is to grip the board with your hands in an overhand position, meaning that your palms should be facing down and your fingers should be wrapped around the edges of the board. You can also try gripping the board with an underhand position,  which is when your palms face up and your fingers grip the underside of the board.


What Other Things Do You Need to Remember When You Hold a Skateboard?

Keep your feet shoulder-width apart when you’re standing on the board, and bend your knees slightly so that you have more control over the board. When you’re ready to start skating, push off with one foot and then glide on the other foot. You can also use your feet to turn the skateboard in the direction you want to go.

How Do You Hold a Skateboard Without Looking Like a Poser?

The first thing to consider is how you position your feet on the board. You want to be in a stance that gives you good balance and stability, so make sure to place your feet shoulder-width apart. Once you’ve found your balance, start pushing off with your back foot and propelling yourself forward. As you gain speed,  lean into your front foot to keep the board level and steady.

What Makes You a Poser Skater?

There are a few things that can make you look like a poser skater. One is if you grip the board with just your fingertips or your palms facing up. Another is if you keep your legs too straight when you skate, or if you try to do tricks that are too difficult for your skill level. If you want to avoid looking like a poser, focus on perfecting your technique [1] and skating with confidence.

How Do You Pick Up a Skateboard?

If you need to pick up your skateboard for any reason, make sure to do it correctly so you don’t damage the board. To pick up the front of the board, grip it with your front hand and place your back hand on the ground to support it. For the back of the board, grip it with your back hand and place your front hand on the ground. Once you have a good grip on the board, lift it up and away from the ground.


Now that you know the basics of how to hold a skateboard, you’re ready to start practicing your moves and showing off your skills to your friends. Just remember to stay safe on the streets and have fun.


Lucas Travis
Lucas Travis
Lucas is far from your regular skater boy—he is knowledgeable beyond riding basics and tricks; he knows the technicalities and specifics of every type of modern skateboards, bikes, and scooters. His passion for skateboarding inspired him to bring together a team of skateboard-lovers and experts to test new and popular models and come up with recommendations that will help every skateboard, bike or scooter enthusiasts like them.
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