How Much Is A Spin Scooter

Rideshare apps are spreading like wildfire in the cities, so it’s no surprise that electric scooters are joining the bandwagon. After all, if you want to skip the traffic, they’re an excellent alternative to urban transportation.

Spin is one of the big companies in the industry, putting rentable dockless e-scooters across major locations. Here, we explore how much a Spin scooter costs, how much you can make if you employ this as a side hustle, and other similar questions.

How much does a Spin scooter cost?

Spin’s electric scooters cost $1 to unlock and 15 cents per minute of ride time. So, a 30-minute spin will set you back by $4.50. This is significantly cheaper than other modes of urban transport [1] like cabs and buses.

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What is the price range for Spin scooters?

The price of a Spin scooter ranges from $399 to $1,199. The cheaper models have a lower maximum speed and range, so they’re more suited for light commutes. Meanwhile, the pricier scooters are dustproof and water-resistant. They also have higher top speeds, meaning you’ll be able to travel longer distances without needing to recharge them.

Is Spin or lime cheaper?

Lime is generally cheaper than Spin, with Lime’s electric scooters costing $1 to unlock and 10 cents per minute of ride time.

How do you charge for Spin?

To charge a Spin scooter, you will need to pay $5. There are two ways to do this – either through the app or at a charging station. Charging stations are located in public spaces like parking lots and garages. You can find these by opening the Spin app and selecting the ‘Charging Stations’ option.

How long does Spin hold your money?

Spin holds your money for 30 days. After that, it will be automatically released to you.

Are there any hidden fees with Spin?

Spin does not charge hidden fees, but it does reserve the right to change its pricing structure at any time. So, you should be aware of this before committing to becoming a Spin charger for a long period of time.

How much do spin Scooter chargers make?

Spin chargers make $5 per scooter, and they can charge up to 10 scooters per night. This means that a charger can potentially make $50 per night.

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What are the requirements to become a Spin charger?

To become a Spin charger, you must be over 18 years old, have a valid U.S. driver’s license, and have a credit or debit card. You will also need to have a smartphone and be within the Spin coverage area.

How much do you make if you work for Spin?

You can make up to $10/hour as a contractor for Spin. This includes the time needed to charge the scooters.

Do you need a driving license for a Spin scooter?

Yes, you will need a driver’s license to ride Spin scooters.

How does Spin compare with Bird scooter?

Spin is generally considered to be higher quality than Bird, but the price is also typically higher. So, it depends on what is most important to you – speed and convenience or comfort and safety.


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