How Fast Does a 150cc Scooter Go? — Is this Scooter For You?

Mulling over purchasing a 150cc scooter soon, but skeptical of its true speed? If you want to spend your hard-earned money on a scooter that’s for you, it is paramount to research and weigh in all your options. In this post, our team answers everything you need to know about a 150cc scooter and its speed.

What Is a 150cc Scooter?

In general, scooters are helpful for those who have to ride routinely on highly congested streets, although with some limitations.

Among all of the scooters available, 150cc scooters are best known in the market today for their quality and physique. In fact, a lot of countries regard the 150cc to be a more powerful scooter as opposed to a regular motorcycle!

Advantages of a 150cc Scooter

Of course, the 150cc isn’t the best of the scooters available for no reason. Here are a few reasons why scooter owners love the 150cc scooter models so much.

Less Gas Mileage

If fuel consumption or gas mileage is your main concern with vehicles, you’re better off with a 150cc. With better performance and reasonable speed, our experts would say that 200 miles per tank for a scooter isn’t bad at all!

150 cc scooter


First of all, scooters are much smaller than motorbikes and most definitely even smaller than four wheelers.

But that makes a 150cc much more convenient, it’s lightweight physique makes it easier to maneuver with the right gearing. It’s no wonder young riders love 150cc scooters so much with this feature.

Above that, they’re also extremely convenient in terms of parking. Even on city streets with tons of motorcycles and regular cars!

Automatic Transmission

150cc scooters are also paired with automatic transmission, which simply means that a 150 doesn’t have any gears or clutches which have to be manually adjusted. Transmission speeds are great too, so your driving habits could now go on their own. 

Cheaper Prices

How fast does a 150cc scooter go? Reasonably fair.

vitacci spark 150cc scooter

But for a ride that could go up to higher speeds with a bit of tweaking, the 150cc has a cheaper down payment as opposed to cars or bikes. Even insurance and maintenance costs are lower! So you’re paying to save gas, the fuel economy [1], and keep up speed at a small price.

Indeed, you’re paying less for extra power with a 150cc.


With 150cc scooters, you don’t particularly need a separate motorcycle license either! Having a regular driver’s license should be fine with any of these 150cc scooters.

Who Can Use a 150cc Scooter?

Before we explain how fast does a 150cc scooter go, who do you think would choose to purchase a relatively low top speed in exchange for less gas, convenience, and without the larger engine?

150cc scooters are mostly sold to young riders who don’t have yet to get experience with motorcycles and scooters with more power.

seat of 150 cc scooter

Here are a few more of the consumer demographic:

That said, we hope you can tell that it’s unadvisable to ride a 150cc on the main highways, especially if there are any uphill climbs involved!

How Fast Can It Go?

To exactly answer that question could depend on a lot of factors, but generally, it could go up to 50 to 60mph. However, you could also get it up to 70 mph, even if the top speed says otherwise.

Unless there are changes with two up to whatever parts until we’ve reached the right gearing for much higher top speeds.

tire of 150 cc scooter

For example, the Vespa Primavera 150 has top speeds of around 61 mph, but you could get it to over 70 with the change of two parts in transmission.

Contributing Factors to 150cc Scooter Speed

Of course, we’ve got answers to how fast does a 150cc scooter go with the factors in place, too!

Scooter Maintenance

Like all other equipment, if your ride is lacking any maintenance services, expect it to go slower than expected. That is, even your engine rpm could fluctuate here and there with poor maintenance!

Weight of the Scooter

The weight of the scooter is more likely to affect the acceleration of the 150cc scooter as opposed to the speed it could reach.

seat of quantum 150cc scooter

When compared to lighter electric scooter models, a heavier model is going to have bigger motors, wider bases, and larger tires. You could more easily increase the acceleration of your scooter when you’re riding a lighter model. But keep in mind it won’t guarantee you a higher top speed!


When we’re talking about a 150cc scooter, you and other drivers are bound to find yourselves choosing between a 2 stroke or a stroke single cylinder 4 stroke engine.

In general, a 4 stroke engine will start slower, but you’ll be able to reach higher top speeds! On the other hand, a 2 stroke means a faster start, but a lower top speed. It’s all a matter of preference, so choose wisely.

Rider Weight

Here’s the mass which could actually faster the speed of your automobile. The heavier the rider is, the more durable the scooters have to be. It should go without saying that it’s going to slow down the scooters itself, too.


With the same logic as the one from the rider weight, you should also think thoroughly about the terrain you’re riding on.

person riding 150 cc scooter

If you’re going to ride on a terrain that is relatively flat, there’s no need to worry about the speed at all. On the other hand, if you’re bringing your new favorite ride somewhere with uphill climbs (which we do not recommend) expect it’s going to be a painstakingly slow and dangerous ride.


In the simplest way, we could inform you that aerodynamics matter.

In fact, there are instances at which there could be a drop of 5-10 mph on light winds. But sometimes, the wind could give you a little push, and require less effort to accelerate.

The wind will affect the speed, but in an uncertain manner. On that note, however, something you could do to reduce the changes in the speed of the wind is to prevent the use of add-on accessories.

quantum 150cc scooter close up

More than just adding to the mass, it could also affect the wind resistance of your scooters.

Best 150cc Scooter Models

Some of the best 150cc scooters in the market include the following:

Aprilia SR 150

This favorite model is sharp, aggressive, and fun at just spot-on pricing.

Honda PCX 150

Equipped with key Honda features, this model combines both practicality and design with its improved handling and new frame.

Vespa 946 Bellissima

The Bellisima might be a bit pricey, but it is pretty with its dual disc brakes.

Vespa Primavera 150 iGET ABS

Innovation? Say no more with the Vespa Primavera’s equipped anti-lock braking system and modified engine.


How can I make my 150cc scooter go faster?

If this is in terms of top speed, you could make your 150cc scooters faster with a few modifications to your gear ratio and overall gear.

If we’re talking acceleration, you could do so by lessening the mass you put on your scooters, as well as lessening add-on accessories.

Is a 150cc scooter freeway legal?

Yes, anything less than a displacement of 150cc, however, is not.


Now that you’re aware of how fast does a 150cc scooter go, you may now be convinced to look for some models that will suit your style and speed to add to your collection. Or even better, to find yourself types of vehicles which suit your taste and preferences all throughout. Nonetheless, our team always reminds to always stay safe while you’re at it!


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