How Fast Do Electric Skateboards Go? — Maximum Speed and Factors (2024)

Electric skateboards are light, fast, and portable. In fact, e-skateboards can give you speed and performance when you know what to look for. However, with the current e-skateboard market today, you’ll likely waste most of your time researching and finding the right one. To help you out, our team of experts will give you relevant information about how fast an electric skateboard can go.

How Fast Do Electric Skateboards Go 

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Electric skateboard models travel from 29 to 45 km/h or 18 to 28 miles per hour on average top speed. However, there are high-quality electric skateboards that can go beyond these numbers. Depending on the brand, components, specs, deck, motor and power, wheel size, wheel shape, and the rider’s weight capacity, these e-skateboards could exceed 65 km/h or 40 miles per hour top speed. 

There are also different deciding factors that could affect how fast electric skateboards go. These factors could be the pavement you chose to ride onto, the environment, the wheel sizes, and even your weight as the rider. Thus, compared to walking, jogging, or traditional skateboards, their motors are definitely quicker.

Fastest Electric Skateboards

According to the Guinness World Record, NGV Nextboard claimed the spot for being the quickest e-skateboard globally. It recorded a maximum speed of 68 miles per hour (110 kp/h) top speed when Mischo Erban used the NGV Prototype.  

However, aside from NGV, other electric skateboard brands can move almost as fast. The Aeboard AE2 can go up to 29 mph or 47 km/h. Whereas Baja Boards can go around 34 going 45 mph or 55 km/h – 72 km/h. Bioboards Thorium X model reaches up to 40 – 48 mph or 65 km/h – 77 km/h. 

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Eskating Dual Beast Evo model reaches 34 mph or 55 km/h. Evolve GTR reaches up to 26 mph 42 km/h. The Lacroix DSS50+ goes up to 33 mph or 54 km/h. These are some of the few electric skateboards with high speeds.  

However, for most riders, riding skateboards that are going around 25 miles per hour (mph) to 28 mph is already fast enough. Anything that goes beyond 30 mph is already crazy fast. Some riders stick to the 18 mph to 28 mph, though. 

Top Contributing Factors on Electric Skateboard Speed 

There are top contributing factors to electric skateboard speed that every rider must consider. Electric skateboard’s top speed in miles per hour (mph) or km/h is a crucial factor that encourages riders to buy or upgrade their electric skateboard. Going beyond 25 mph is fast enough, while riding between 10 to 15 miles per hour is ideal.  

Since the rise of e-skateboards emerged and hit the market, most riders only had two essential questions that demand answers regarding their motors. “How far will we go?” and “How fast will we go?” These questions clearly state that riders consider the skateboard speed per mph or kp/h in deciding whether they’ll buy one or not.


If you are after the 25 mph max speed and overall capability of e-skateboards, our team suggests giving your utmost consideration regarding their motor and power. It is always recommended to get boards with powerful motors to accelerate its maximum speed in mph. 

Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

The motor is the heart of the board, so it must be durable and come with high-quality to ensure a longer life span. The motor could also be one vital factor in determining the range and speed of electric skateboards could achieve, aside from its battery power. However, if you’re okay with cruising using your e-skateboard between 10 to 15 miles per hour, then it is still acceptable. 

Quality of Components

Our team also suggests that you consider the quality of the electric skateboard’s components to ensure it could surpass the 22 mph power speed. These components are crucial factors in determining the overall running quality of your electric skateboard. For a quicker electric skateboard, you need to have a high-quality motor to increase its power and maximum speed.  

Our team of experts also recommends checking the body and overall weight of the electric skateboard for its portability and speed. Its battery, wheels size and shape, power output, remote control, and gear availability also need to be considered.


The brand is equally important to some skateboarder fanatics as the other electric skateboard components when choosing an e-skateboard with a top speed of more than 22 mph to 25 miles per hour. Our experts somehow agree with this claim since electric skateboard brands advertise their products, showcasing their optimal abilities. They also disclose the materials used, shapes, and size of the wheels of the electric skateboard’s every part.

MEEPO V3 Electric Skateboard with Remote

These company brands make it easier for some to identify the special features of electric skateboards. You may also fact-check these claims through the comments from other electric skateboarders regarding their products. Electric skateboard speed is important, so most manufacturers improve their products to get their maximum high speeds.

Rider Weight and Balance

The balance and weight of the rider are also top contributing factors that need to be considered when buying an electric skateboard. High speed in an electric skateboard may be affected by the rider’s weight. Of course, the bigger and heavier the rider is, the slower the speed of the electric skateboard will be. Therefore, our team recommends determining the load you plan your board to carry to determine its speed. 

Moreover, bigger and heavier riders may find it harder to maintain their balance when the electric skateboard body is unfit to carry heavier loads on the board. Heavier loads may also affect the electric skateboard’s battery. 

It would require more motor and power to move, especially when driving on an uphill road. Therefore, our team of experts suggests buying an electric skateboard that has powerful motor power that can handle your weight range. Check-out the board shape and board size, too. 

Battery Charge

The battery charge is another contributing factor that buyers need to consider. If you love speed and always went in for the kill when riding your electric skateboard, then you pretty much need to find an electric board that has long battery life. Speed affects its battery charge, as it usually requires more energy when in use. 

Backfire G2 Galaxy Electric Skateboard - close up

Batteries also make the board heavier. Thus, if you want to have a longer battery life, expect your board to weigh heavier than usual, too. An electric skateboard speed motor power is built to use a lithium-ion battery that only requires a single charge. 

When our team tried to test out the lithium-ion battery of the electric skateboard’s motor power, we noticed that the speed of electric skateboard changed when it showed a low battery percentage. Therefore, our experts also suggest checking out the charging capacity of your electric skateboard. Some boards require riders to carry extra batteries and couldn’t keep up long-distance rides and speeds with a single charge.


The hand-held remote control of the electric skateboard is also essential, so you better consider its design, portability, and comfort too. This small device controls every start, stop, and pause you need to make to your electric skateboard. It needs to be built ergonomically for easy and comfortable gripping, as you may be holding the device to control the movement of your electric skateboard. It also controls the speed of the electric skateboard.

Alouette Electric Skateboard for Adult 16 MPH Top Speed 12.4 Miles Range, 5000 mAh Lithium Battery Stylish Colorful Electric Longboard with LCD Screen Remote

Some remote controllers are built in the form of a wristlet wrapped around your wrist. Simultaneously, some controls come with a band that secures it from the hand to avoid slipping. Remember, the remote is connected to the electric skateboard through a Bluetooth connection. So, if you suddenly dropped or lost it, your electric skateboard may slow down even if it is fully charged. 

In the case of the majority of remotes, a trigger would maintain and command the skateboard’s speed [1].

Wheel Shape and Size

The wheels’ shape and size of the electric skateboard are also essential. You need to determine the wheel’s size because it may affect the performance of your electric longboard. Simply put, larger wheel sizes have slower acceleration and less torque. However, they also have higher top speeds. 

On the contrary, smaller wheels have more torque and quicker acceleration, but they have lower top speeds. The shape of your electric skateboard’s wheels may also affect the comfort of your ride. If the wheel is equipped with all-terrain or off-road wheels, it may increase your riding comfort and makes it go faster. However, it may also decrease the electric skateboard’s top speeds, lower its range, and even cause its drag.


Believe it or not, gears are essential factors in achieving your electric skateboard’s top speed. Its powerful motor is significantly different from car engines or combustion engines when it comes to speeds. It has a different motor power/size, depending on the size of the electric boards.  

Fast & Furious FT001 Skateboard

Electric skateboard motors only need a single gear to function and make your boards drive fast. Just ensure that this single gear can rev well up to 20,000 revolutions per minute or RPM. It must be efficient to handle any RPM and produce torque to accelerate well.


The condition of the environment you plan to ride your electric skateboard with is also a crucial contributing factor in making it go faster than 22 mph. 

Therefore, our team suggests that you determine the terrain first to determine the boards’ top speeds. Most manufacturers state their products’ motor top speed performances. However, they must have recorded the electric skateboards’ highest top speed, even going beyond the 25 mph speed. 

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Thus, you shouldn’t be surprised to experience a slower speed than what they had originally advertised. Certain things could slow down the speeds of your electric skateboard. These things could be ramps, hills, and other inclines, along with rough surfaces and rocky roads. Riding your electric skateboard into an uphill or a slope, its top speed will automatically slow down. It may even drain your electric skateboard’s battery faster, as it would definitely require more power. 

Weather conditions may also play a significant role. If strong wind occurrences surround the place, your electric skateboard may have a slower or faster top speed. Going against strong winds would slow down your electric skateboard. 

On the other hand, riding and moving along the wind will make it move faster. Our experts also suggest taking a smooth and high-quality pavement if you want to test your electric skateboard to get its maximum top speed performance.

Safety First

We all get it. The faster the top speed, the more exciting the ride is. Sometimes, breaking away from the hectic schedule of life makes you want to run free as the wind. Electric skateboard doesn’t only give you the commodity of having a portable ride to wherever you want to go. It is built to provide you with a thrilling sensation.  

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However, it would be best to note that excess max speed may also result in a crash. And the faster you go, the harsher the collision would be. Therefore, our experts recommend using appropriate safety gear that could protect riders in these kinds of situations. You may use special pads to protect your knees and arms amidst the speeds. You may also use hand gloves to protect your hands. And if you are going to the extremes, putting on a durable helmet would be the best decision. 

Our team also suggests riding your electric skateboards on a long, unbusy, and sleek street where you can smoothly have a safe ride. This tip is essential to beginners who want to practice how to control their balance when riding their electric boards. 

It is always best to ensure that the electric skateboard’s battery is fully charged. Sudden stoppage due to its low battery may cause an accident, so you have to be careful. Mounting large wheels on your electric skateboards could also lessen the risk of unwanted accidents.

(Want to build your own one? We have this DIY electric skateboard guidelines, too!)

Ways to Control Electric Skateboard Speed

There are various ways to control electric skateboard speed. You may use its hand-held remote control to control the speed of electric skateboards. The rider’s body weight-shifting between the rear for regenerative braking and front of the board for forwarding motion may also be used to control your electric skateboard’s speed.  


You may also take advantage of the terrain or place you plan to ride your electric skateboards to control its speed. Riding in a sleek and unbusy street could make you ride your personal transport quicker. However, if the road or terrain is rough or filled with rocky bumps, then your transport’s speed will slow down. 

Besides the terrain, taking advantage of the weather condition could be used, too. You may go against or move along with the wind to lower or fasten your electric skateboard’s speed in a place with a strong wind.


What is the fastest electric skateboard?

The fastest electric skateboard is the Nextboard, manufactured by the Next Generation Vehicles (NGV)  company. This electric skateboard claimed the number one spot in being the fastest electric skateboard ever to exist. It chronicled a record-breaking maximum speed for the Guinness World Record, reaching the top speeds of approximately 70 miles per hour.


Determining how fast electric skateboards are is one way of determining the device’s full potential in the pavement. It may help you control your electric skateboard’s top speed and identify the foremost contributing factors you need to consider in owning one. 

Trying out different transportation methods is customary nowadays, making the rise of boards on the market a huge success. In most urban places, owning electric skateboards is ordinary. Most people chose electric skateboards because of their portability, affordability, speed, and flexibility.

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