GoTrax G4 — Your Quick Guide

Are you looking for a reliable, affordable, and fun way to get around? Look no further than the GoTrax G4 electric scooter. This electric scooter is designed to give you an enjoyable and safe riding experience, no matter where you are. In this review, we’ll take a look at the features of the GoTrax G4, its pros and cons, and its overall performance. By the end, you’ll know if the GoTrax G4 is the right electric scooter for you.

Speed and Acceleration

With an impressive top speed of 20 mph, the G4 is unquestionably the fastest scooter in the GoTrax lineup. It is the only GoTrax model, along with the more luxurious GMAX, to surpass the 15.5 mph “speed barrier.” A boundary that the GXL V2, Apex, XR Ultra, and Elite were unable to surpass.

Even though it tops the speed charts for the GoTrax line, the G4 is still not the fastest scooter on the market. If thrill-seeking is a priority, you’re better off spending a bit more money on the Horizon 10.4’s 25 mph boost. As one of the more sedate models in the GoTrax lineup, the G4 is a kick starter, which should be considered in terms of acceleration. 

This means that acceleration may not be as quick as you would like, as it requires time to become effective. Reaching 20 mph from a stop will take approximately 12 seconds.


If you thought the GoTrax XR Elite’s 18.6-mile range was impressive, you’d better make sure you’re sitting comfortably because the G4’s 25-mile range blows away not only the rest of its predecessors, but also virtually every other scooter in its price range. A 25-mile range is typically found on scooters costing more than $750.

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Simply put, you will travel further for less money. However, there is a caveat. If your journey requires the battery to last for the entire 25 miles, do not push the G4 to its limits. You may end up kicking the ball halfway.

Hill Climb Test

In terms of features and specifications, the G4’s price tag exceeds its value. However, how does it perform on hill climbs? Well, its hill-climbing ability goes against the grain. GoTrax claims that the G4, which is powered by a 350W motor, has sufficient torque to ascend 15-degree slopes.

The stated 15-degree angle corresponds to San Francisco’s dangerously steep Lombard Street. This should immediately raise eyebrows. GoTrax must employ some form of witchcraft in the construction of their scooters if they are able to ascend one of the steepest roads you will ever encounter.

In practice, the G4 can climb hills with a 15% incline grade, which is considerably steeper than 15 degrees. This is the equivalent of 8.5 degrees, which is more than sufficient to handle the average inclines in your neighborhood.


Anyone familiar with the other models in GoTrax’s line of scooters should not be surprised by the G4’s lack of ‘traditional’ suspension. Nevertheless, given the price of this model and its undisputed status as GoTrax’s most expensive and feature-packed scooter, it is reasonable to feel a little short-changed.


Until then, you should examine the G4’s tires closely. The G4’s pneumatic tires compensate for the absence of shock absorbers. With a new and improved design that distinguishes them from other GoTrax models, the G4’s tires will adequately protect your knees and ankles from road impact. Stick to roads and sidewalks that are well-maintained for the best ride quality.

The Braking System

The G4 is equipped with dual brakes. This consists of a rear disc brake and an electronic regenerative brake that activates when the rear brake is applied. This strategy has both pros and cons. The handbrake, for example, is a convenient feature that provides greater control than electronic thumb paddle brakes found on other scooters. 

And regenerative braking, which uses the G4’s motor’s kinetic energy to power its brakes, is always a plus. However, there’s no getting around the fact that the braking power is less than if both wheels were equipped with brakes. All of the G4’s stopping power is directed to the rear wheels, which is not ideal when traveling at 20 mph on a city street.

If you shift your weight to the rear of the scooter, however, the G4’s brakes will allow you to stop at high speeds.

Charging Time

The G4 can be fully charged in four to five hours, which is about average for a battery of its size. Commuters, take note: that’s less than the time it takes to work a 9-to-5 workday, so it’s simple to have it charging at your desk and ready for the ride home. However, if you work from home and are seeking a scooter for weekend use and leisurely pursuits, the charge time should not be an issue.



The GoTrax G4 is an excellent budget commuter bike with a manageable weight of 16 kilograms and compact dimensions. The G4 has dimensions of 107 centimeters in length, 48 centimeters in width, 120 centimeters in height, and 51 centimeters when folded. Additionally, it has lightning-fast folding speed. 

The folding and unfolding of the G4 required approximately 5 seconds. It’s not ultraportable due to its weight and non-folding handlebars, but the well-made stem feels secure and locks easily on the rear fender, making it easy to carry up a few flights of stairs or store in a trunk.


The cockpit of the G4 is comparable to that of other GoTrax models, with textured hand grips, fixed positions for the thumb throttle and brake lever, and a centered LED display on the stem. Even under direct sunlight, the G4’s display is large and readable. The height of the handlebars, 101.6 cm, is suitable for the majority of riders.

The Handlebars

As with the rest of the GoTrax lineup, the G4’s handlebars are a comfortable and practical component of the scooter. In contrast to GoTrax’s other budget scooters, such as the GXL V2, Apex, XR Ultra, and Elite, the Elite’s handlebars are wider. This is an improvement because it provides increased stability and control.

Both the bell and handbrake are conveniently located, allowing for easy access when stopping or passing other vehicles. Similarly, the thumb throttle is conveniently located, allowing you to easily control the speed and acceleration of the scooter. The G4’s commanding LED dashboard is positioned atop the handlebars.


The screen between the handlebars displays all the information you need at a glance, including your speed, battery life, and cruise control status. More later on the dashboard.


The G4 flaunts a matte-black body with red and white accents, making it an absolute stunner. With its black color, the G4 is related to the GoTrax family. Nonetheless, the scooter has its own unique personality thanks to its striking accents and robust design. It closely resembles the GoTrax XR Elite in terms of color scheme. 

One with less discernment could even mistake them for identical twins. The G4 eliminates the awkward manner in which the XR Elite’s exposed brake cable runs along the stem. Better still, its LED dashboard has more in common with the Apex’s enlarged display than with the GXL V2 and XR Ultra’s more compact versions.


The GoTrax G4 has excellent lighting overall, with a bright headlight mounted at handlebar height and a blinking tail light mounted on the fender. This is an improvement over previous models, such as the GoTrax XR, which had only a rear reflector. In addition, there are six reflectors on the front, back, and both sides of the wheels.

For riding at night, increase your visibility with additional lightings, such as a blinking light on your helmet or backpack.


The Wheels

On this GoTrax scooter, the pre-slimed 25.4 cm inner tube pneumatic tires are the biggest improvement. They are the primary reason why the G4 has a more comfortable ride than its predecessors, as they improve handling in poor road conditions. With air-filled tires, flats are common, especially on the rear tire, which bears the brunt of the rider’s weight.

With pre-slimed tires, even punctures are less likely to cause problems, as the slime will keep them sealed.

The Deck

The G4’s deck is approximately 3.8 centimeters shorter than previous GoTrax models, but it still provides sufficient standing space. The rubberized deck is 44.5 centimeters long and 17.1 centimeters wide, with a ground clearance of 10.8 centimeters. It is a straightforward, all-black design with the brand name centered across the front.

Build Quality

The G4’s fit and finish are excellent, and its quality and durability surpass those of previous GoTrax models. It has the largest battery capacity of any scooter under $500, with a capacity of. The G4’s cable routing is superb, with cables running down the stem, through the folding mechanism, and into the deck with minimal cable exposure. 

This is a feat accomplished by few scooter designs, and it gives the G4 a very finished, clean appearance. The IP54 rating and rubberized deck make it safe for riders weighing up to 90 kilograms to travel in light rain, and the kickstand is perfectly sized to keep the scooter upright.


The cable lock is a thoughtful addition that greatly enhances usability, whereas the digital lock leaves something to be desired. The digital lock only functions when the scooter is powered on, so a thief could easily roll or carry the scooter away if it is turned off. 

When the scooter is turned on and the incorrect code is entered, the display will beep for 20 to 30 seconds, the lights will flash, and the electronic brakes will engage, making it harder to roll the scooter forward. If the correct code is not entered before powering off, the display will remain on for up to 30 minutes.

Check all the screws on your G4 for optimal performance, especially the stem screws near the folding mechanism.

The Quality of the Ride

The G4 has class-appropriate acceleration and a more comfortable ride than earlier Gotrax models. The biggest, baddest difference between these and the G4 is the addition of innertube tires measuring 25.4 cm. They are capable of quick turns and provide adequate damping without suspension.

The length of the G4’s rubberized deck is approximately 3 to 1.3 centimeters shorter than that of previous Gotrax models. The G4’s brakes feel safe enough for general riding, but are not particularly powerful. It is comparable to riding a faster, cheaper Ninebot Max. The G4 is an excellent budget commuter, but it takes a little longer to get moving.


It takes approximately 10 seconds to bypass the digital lock, which is significantly longer than the time required to start the majority of budget scooters. Before you can ride, you must enter a three-digit code using the plus, minus, and power buttons each time you turn it on. However, it can be disabled by holding the power button and “+” button simultaneously for 5 seconds.

You cannot disable the cruise control, but you can deactivate it each time it activates by tapping the accelerator or brake. The cruise control mode is indicated by a low beep and the display, alerting the rider that the feature is active. Some low-cost scooters do not indicate when the cruise control is engaged, which can be dangerous for novice riders.

What is the "Walk Assist" in GoTrax G4?

Walk Assist is a notable feature of the Gotrax G4. To activate, hold the minus button while riding or walking alongside the deck, and the scooter will travel at approximately 5 km/h. The speed will decrease slightly when traveling uphill and will increase slightly when traveling downhill, but is otherwise constant. 

It is a useful feature if you’re riding with a friend who is walking and you want to match their speed by maintaining a steady, slower pace.


The GoTrax G4 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable, affordable, and feature-packed scooter. With its powerful 350W motor, 25-mile range, and impressive hill-climbing ability, it is worth the price tag. The G4 also offers plenty of other features, such as its comfortable ride, good build quality, walk assist, and LED dashboard. 

If you’re looking for an affordable commuter scooter that offers a lot of value, look no further than the GoTrax G4.


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