EMOVE Touring — Your Quick Guide

EMOVE is a popular brand of electric scooters that has gained a lot of popularity due to their quality and performance. The EMOVE Touring is one of their most popular models, designed to provide users with a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience. This scooter is ideal for commuting, running errands, or exploring your neighborhood. 

It features an impressive range and speed, making it a reliable and convenient option for anyone looking for an efficient mode of transportation. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the features and benefits of the EMOVE Touring to help you determine if it’s the right choice for your needs.


The Touring boasts a 500-watt motor that can accelerate from 0 to 24 km/h in just 3.9 seconds, outpacing all other scooters in the mid-range commuter category, as well as premium commuters like the Apollo City and Zero 9 in terms of speed. This means you’ll be able to swiftly maneuver in and out of traffic as needed. 

To put it into perspective, this acceleration time is much faster than that of a typically shared scooter, which typically takes between 6 and 7 seconds to reach 24 km/h and has a top speed of between 24 and 29 km/h. Despite the motor’s decent power, it doesn’t produce a particularly loud noise.

Hill Climb

Despite having a smaller motor compared to the 600W motors of the Apollo City and VSETT 8, the EMOVE Touring can still hold its own when it comes to hill climbing. It can handle inclines of up to 15 degrees, which is a respectable feat considering its less powerful motor. In fact, it outperforms the Turboant X7 Pro and its 350W motor when it comes to gradient-guzzling ability.

emove hill climb

However, it’s worth noting that even the relatively larger motors found on the VSETT 8 and Apollo City are not the largest or most powerful in the market. While no scooter in the EMOVE Touring’s class can offer exceptional hill-climbing capabilities, they are sufficient for gradual slopes.


The EMOVE Touring scooter is capable of a maximum range of 25 miles, but the actual range may vary depending on factors such as the terrain, riding mode, and throttle usage. Generally, users can expect to get around 17 miles of range from a single charge.


The EMOVE Touring boasts the most superior suspension system among commuter scooters. It’s also the world’s first electric scooter to feature a triple front suspension system, which includes a spring at the base of the stem and a pair of coil-over-springs on either side of the front wheel. 

This revolutionary design, combined with the dual rear springs, offers ample travel and effectively dampens the bumps and irregularities of city roads.

The Braking System

The EMOVE Touring features a rear mechanical drum brake as its sole braking system, which provides a stopping distance of 4.9 meters from 15 mph. While it would be preferable to have a dual braking setup, this performance is to be expected from a scooter with only a rear-wheel brake. 

emove braking

Additionally, only 31% of scooters in the same price range as the Touring offer dual mechanical brakes. Two of the top alternatives to the Touring are the Apollo City and VSETT 8 (15.6Ah), both of which have dual drum brakes. The VSETT 8, in particular, can bring you to a stop in just 3.2 meters from 15 mph, a whole 35% faster than the Touring. 

Similarly, Apollo City has a front disc and rear drum brake system that can stop you in just 3.1 meters.

Charging Time

The EMOVE Touring has a charging time of 8 hours, which is typical for a battery of its size. In comparison, the Apollo City, which also features a 48V 13Ah battery, takes approximately 6 to 8 hours to charge.


The EMOVE Touring is a highly portable electric scooter that’s designed to be the perfect commuting companion. Thanks to its intuitive folding mechanisms and lightweight frame, it can be easily carried wherever you go. The stem can be lowered using a lever on the neck of the scooter and then locked into place parallel to the deck. 

While it may seem tight at first, using downward pressure on the back of the deck can give you enough room to push the lever down and fold the stem. The Touring’s foldable handlebars and telescopic stem are the key features that make it so portable. 

emove portability

The handlebars collapse down beside the stem, and the stem shrinks to just 38 inches when folded, giving the scooter a narrow profile that’s easy to carry. Overall, the Touring is one of the most convenient scooters to carry with you on the go.


The Touring scooter features straight handlebars that can be folded, which may not have been designed for ergonomic efficiency like curved ones, but they make the scooter highly portable. This makes it very easy to collapse and store the scooter or carry it on public transportation.

Located on the left side of the handlebar is a dial-type switch that turns the headlight on and off. Beneath it is a yellow button that activates the horn, and above it is a lever that controls the rear drum brake. On the right side, the Touring scooter boasts a QS-S4 display and finger throttle that displays your trip distance, battery life, and riding mode, as well as regulates your speed and acceleration. 

Interestingly, the EMOVE Touring scooter allows you to replace the finger throttle with two other options that may be more ergonomic for you: a thumb throttle ($59) or a twist throttle ($69), both of which still come with a QS-S4 display and enable you to ride in the manner that is most comfortable for you.

The Frame

In terms of the frame, there are a few notable differences between the EMOVE Touring scooter and other portable scooters such as the Apollo City, Zero 8 and 9, and Horizon 10 and 13. It even bears some similarities to its predecessor, the EMOVE Cruiser, with its telescopic stem and foldable handlebars. 

emove frame

Additionally, the Touring scooter shares the same rubber hand grips as its counterparts, which are long-lasting and offer ample space to rest your palms for greater control. However, the Touring scooter distinguishes itself through its visual appeal. Available in a range of bright colors, it adds a playful element to what would otherwise be a relatively simple, utilitarian design. 

It’s uncommon to find scooters that offer such a broad spectrum of color options, especially as you move up the performance ladder, so it’s fantastic to see so much variety available. The price of the Touring scooter is reflected in the quality of its construction, with each frame component, including the stem, deck, suspension, and fenders, being well-built and sturdy rather than delicate.


One of the factors that contribute to the EMOVE Touring scooter’s comfort is its deck. To begin with, the deck is long, measuring 22 inches in length and 7 inches in width. This makes it about 2.5 inches longer than Apollo City and 1 inch narrower. Furthermore, with a generous ground clearance of 5 inches, it’s effortless to clear curbs, resulting in a spacious and comfortable platform for riding. 

The primary advantage of this is that it provides enough room to assume a comfortable stance with ample space between your feet, which can significantly affect the quality of your ride. The second design element that ensures the deck keeps you firmly in place is the sandpapery-type grip tape applied liberally all over it.


The Touring features front and rear button LED lights located on the corners of its deck, as well as a low-mounted headlight that houses the electronic horn’s speaker. However, for improved visibility, while riding at night, it is advisable to use additional lighting such as a handlebar-mounted headlight or a blinking red light on your helmet or backpack.

emove lights


The EMOVE Touring is fitted with a 20.3-centimeter pneumatic tire at the front and a 20.3-centimeter solid tire at the rear. While these tires provide good handling on various urban surfaces, their small size may require extra caution when encountering potholes or obstacles that could cause the tire to stop suddenly. 

However, the Touring’s suspension system helps to alleviate this issue by allowing the tire to glide over bumps with ease. 

Build Quality

The Touring boasts exceptional construction quality and can support riders weighing up to 140 kg. One of the factors contributing to the Touring’s durability is its lineage from the MiniMotors Speedway Mini 4 Pro electric scooter. The Touring is an enhanced edition of the Mini 4 Pro, a scooter that has undergone numerous upgrades.

The Touring came out of the box with excellent quality, and the only pre-ride adjustment required was tightening the rear drum brake, which only took a few seconds. The folding components are all sturdy, with a rubber rod that minimizes stem play. The folding handlebars, in particular, are extremely stable, and they have adjustment screws that can be quickly tightened if they become loose. 

Although this may be a necessary adjustment during the initial setup, it should not be a common occurrence. The only drawbacks in terms of construction are fit-and-finish concerns that are common in hand-manufactured scooters on a smaller scale (e.g., essentially every scooter that isn’t a Xiaomi or Segway). 

emove built in

The kinds of issues that arise include screws that require tightening and pre-ride adjustments.

The Quality of the Ride

The Touring sets itself apart from other commuter scooters with its unique suspension system. Unlike traditional scooters that have a single spring at the base of the stem, the Touring has three springs to enhance shock absorption. The primary damping force comes from the dual-pronged set of coil springs located beside the front wheel, while the remaining vibrations are smoothed out by the rear springs and the single spring above. 

Not only are the front springs robust, but they also contribute to the scooter’s aesthetic appeal. The suspension is designed to adapt to various terrains and has a different spring rate for each set of springs. This feature gives the Touring a dynamic and responsive feel and helps prevent bottoming out. 

The long deck and handlebars provide excellent control, making for a comfortable ride. Additionally, an optional seat attachment is available for added comfort. One disadvantage is that the Touring only has a single rear drum brake, making its stopping power weaker than other scooters. 

However, given its 500W motor capable of reaching 24 mph, the brake is still reliable. If the motor were larger and the speed higher, a dual brake system would be necessary.

emove quality of ride

Is the Price Tag of EMOVE Touring Worth It?

The EMOVE Touring is generally considered a mid-range electric scooter, with a price tag of around $899 at the time of its release. While it may be pricier than some entry-level electric scooters, it is cheaper than some high-end models. In terms of features, the EMOVE Touring has a lot to offer, including a powerful motor, excellent suspension, long battery life, and foldable design. 

It also has a weight capacity of up to 140 kgs, making it a great choice for larger riders. Ultimately, whether the price tag of the EMOVE Touring is worth it will depend on your personal preferences and budget. If you value features like portability, comfort, and performance, and are willing to pay a mid-range price for a scooter, then the EMOVE Touring may be a good choice for you.

Can You Ride the EMOVE Touring in the Rain?

While the EMOVE Touring is water-resistant, it’s not recommended to ride it in the rain or other wet conditions. Like most electric scooters, the Touring is not waterproof, and riding it in the rain could damage its electrical components or lead to safety hazards such as slipping on wet roads. 

However, if you do ride the Touring in the rain, it’s recommended to take extra precautions such as wearing appropriate gear and being extra cautious. It’s also important to avoid riding through deep puddles or standing water, as these can pose a greater risk of damage or safety hazards.


The EMOVE Touring scooter is a well-designed and sturdy electric scooter that is ideal for commuting, particularly in urban areas. It is built with high-quality components, has excellent suspension, and has a long-lasting battery that provides a range of up to 25 miles. 

The scooter’s lightweight design, portability, and foldable components make it easy to carry around, and the bright front and rear lights ensure good visibility at night. Although the scooter’s top speed is not as high as some other models, its stability and durability more than makeup for it. 

With its reasonable price point and excellent features, the EMOVE Touring is a great option for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient electric scooter for daily use.


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